Cillian Darcy: Best Life is the 30 Minute Epilouge Film After Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water In the 3rd World.


After Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water Ended. It's Been 3 Years After the Adventure Ended. Cillian and His Best Friends, Neo Rei Hideto Sigma and Mari are At the Beach With the Gasai Family While They're Having Fun, Misaki Azami and Kasumi Appeared Spying on Sigma But then They Choses Hideto. So then At the Bakery That Kuu Work, Cillian Reunites with Steve and Koda. Neo Shocked that He Knows Steve. He Told Him That He's His Friend For a Long Time since Their Adventure. Yuno Actually Remember that Day Cillian Agrees Yuno That Day, Kasumi Told Hideto to Come In the Special and then Kuu Walked to them And Ask them What They Want, So then in the Special Room Hideto Fell into a Trap by Misaki and Kasumi Kirisaki and then Azami Mistaken Hideto as Sigma who Freaked that Hideto is such a Pervert. Kuu Berate at Cillian and the Boys Chatting about the Past, Neo

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