Chaotic (Anime Style) is an Anime Rendition/ Sequel to the Now-Defunct Cartoon/Cardgame created by 4kids and Bardel Entertainment. It is currently being produced by Dannix Japan and the Rightstuf International and currently being shown on The Rightstuf Network. Dannix also has broadcasting rights and will premiere the show on the new Dannix "Ani-Kidz" Block n Fall 2012!


Tom, Kaz, Sarah, and Peyton discover a new breed of chaotic creatures that reside in a secret dimension other than Perim. While uncovering it's mysteries and befriending the creatures of Metropia the four chaotic players are sworn to secrecy while trying to prevent Klayborne and Krystella from knowing about their existence. But what happens when a new Chaotic player wants a scan of these mysterious monsters, and Sarah of all people tends to fall for him.


Main Characters:


  • Jason Anthony Griffith As Tom Majors (Credited as Adam Caroleson)
  • Darren Dunstan as Kazdan "Kaz" Kalinkas
  • Veronica Taylor as Mrs. Kalinkas
  • Rebecca Soler as Sarah Cornwell
  • March Thompson as Peyton Touhey, Klayborne Small
  • Emily Williams as Krystella Small, Jycella Small, Susana "Black Eyed" Rosewood
  • Dan Green as Clyde Rosewood
  • Marc Dirason as Mr. Rosewood
  • Katie Lonvei as Mrs. Rosewood, Meredith Pearce
  • Veronica Taylor as Cherri " Cherry Blossom" Rosewood
  • Amy Birnbaum as Lilly "Tiger Lilly" Rosewood
  • Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as Sunny "Sunflower" Rosewood
  • Danielle Owens as Florida "Flora" Rosewood
  • Lacey Chabert as Dorinda "Florie-Dorie" Rosewood

Codemasters :

Amy Birnbaum as Codemaster Amzen

Marc Dirason as Codemaster Crellan

Kether Donahue as Codemaster Chirrul

Dan Green as Codemaster Imthor


  • Sean Schemmel as Maxxor
  • Jason Griffith as Frafdo, Zhade,Yokkis, Prinzker
  • Kelly Ray as Takinom, Stellarka
  • Mike Sinterniklass as Greano, Stelliwatt
  • Dan Green as Mezzmarr, Chaor, Cromaxx, Merodett, King Zamir, Zharc
  • Rachel Lillis as Intress,Steadra
  • Mike Pollock as Heptadd, Najarin, Klinkoe
  • Katie Lonvei as Queen Yamitia
  • Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as Harmonique