This is a made-up anime and realistic story/world created by me, TheSuperiorOne. I also had help from my friend Thecryingwolf3553. You must read an additional page that I will make to understand and make an OC.

Backstory Edit

Cerebrum: The Next Step or just Cerebrum, is a story about a world with people called Primes, with brains that can achieve their highest potential with limits. These people release their limiters within their mind and extend their physical abilities beyond their limits. But there are people who can develop superhuman type abilities, if they are special enough. These people are extremely rare but these abilities can be anything from changing their eye color to sonic screams. Every Prime has the basic brain abilities (enhanced speed, strength, ect) but certain Primes have powers (heat, electricity).

No one knows how Primes originated, but they have recently come into notice in the past 50 years. The government first brutally experimented on them but a new law came to stop that. Instead, a school was made for the kid Primes to monitor their activity and test their brains.

Current story Edit

This story follows the life of a boy named Kai West who's grandfather ran the school that they currently go to. It is the only school to house and train Primes so it's a very big and prestigious school. The name of this school is The American School For Primes. We will follow Kai's actions as he attends this school he will also meet new friends, allies, enemies, and, of course, love interests. This is a Role-Play so feel free to make a character following this, and it has to be verified by us that it makes sense for your character to have that power. If you want to join, you must also set up a skype account to contact you through. :)

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1:

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