Catscratch (anime style)
Format Anime
Writer(s) SuperSaiyanKirby
No. of episodes 26 per episodes
Run time 11 minutes per episode
Rated TV-Y7
English Network Right Stuf Network
Starring Seth Green, Quinton Flynn, Mike Pollock, Janyse Jaud, Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett, Phil LaMarr and Mark Hamill

Catscratch (anime style) is an anime version of the Nicktoon.


Mr. Blik, Gordon, and Waffle were raised in one big mansion, but they are having a crazy life like a giant octopus raiding Waffle's bedroom, a thousand year old woolly mammoth thinking Mr. Blik's his mother, and an uncatchable mouse named Squeakus.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Mr. Blik Seth Green
Waffle Quinton Flynn
Gordon Quid Mike Pollock
Katilda Janyse Jaud
"Human" Kimberly Tara Strong
Hovis Jeff Bennett
The Chumpy Chump Brothers Phil LaMarr & Mark Hamill
Kraken Seth Green
Squeakus Samuel Vincent
Barkmeat Sean Schemmel

Episodes Edit

Chaos, Cards, & Kids on Adventures/The Tail