The second episode of Christina's Pokemon Adventure.


While exploring Route 1, Christina is having some trouble on trying to catch a Caterpie. That's when she meets a girl named Lila Green, who teaches her how to catch a Pokemon, and gives her some more Pokeballs. Afterwards, Lila leaves for her journey. Christina finally manages to catch the Caterpie, along with a Pidgey and a Weedle. Later, in Viridian City, Christna finds that a Pikachu is on the run, and, using Caterpie, manages to catch it! She is then announced a hero, and is warned of an illness that her Squirtle can catch. Afterwards, she leaves for Pewter City.



Lila (debut)
Shelby (guest appearance)


Squirtle (Christina's)
Charmander (Lila's)
Caterpie (Christina's; debut)
Pidgey (Christina's; debut)
Weedle (Christina's; debut)
Pikachu (Christina's; debut)

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