Calling The Twilight
Created by Agoji Montiga
Writer(s) Agoji Montiga
Director(s) Agoji Montiga
No. of episodes TBA
Run time TBA
Rated TBA
English Network TBA
Starring TBA
First aired TBA
Last aired TBA

Calling The Twilight is the first anime created, directed and written by Agoji Montiga.


A boy named Gale Wing is journeying the world of Sera, trying to defeat a entiny of pure evil. As he begins, he is sent through a plain, forced to walk through a world that is corrupted, altered and destroyed. With the power of the braclet of time, he will escapse the world of twilight.

Openings, Endings and Insert SongsEdit


  • Kimi ga ita Monogatai by SeeSaw