"The strong survive, the weak have the potiental to become stronger, the rich and powerful must die." - Rioarcus's philosophy.  

No Title

Date of Birth

June 31, 2181 (Age 35)




6'1" (185 cm)


205 lbs (92 kg)




Green with cat like irises



Cale Rioarcus  is the main protagonist of the Civilization series. A former soldier of the Earth Remnant Army turned anarchist born from the Slum colonies, Cale holds a profound sense of animosity twords civilization and authority (namely Zeus's elliest government). Seeking justice and vengeance against the Zuecian empire, Quinton will stop at nothing to kill anything that's stands in the way of that.


Cale is a tall and muscular Black Man with dreadlocks, green cat like eyes, a beard, scars, a dark green face tattoo and black tribals tattoos all over his arms and body. His outfit consists of a green tank top, a brown crocodile leather vest,  camo pants, mountain shoes and a keffiyeh around his neck.


Cale is an agressive, sarcasstic and rude yet calm and level-headed individual with a strong hatred for things related to manners and ellitism. He adapts to a more tribal style of thinking, prefering to use his mind and whats he learned in order to survive. He also dislikes the color white as he sees it as a symbol of conformity, and  prefers to be in the dirt fighting. Despite his rebellious and cold attitude, Cale respects his former comrades from the Remants of Earth's military and cares for the welfare of his friends and people who are weak.


  • Cale's character is inspired by Blade from the Blade comics, Morpheus from the Matrix and Riddick from the Chronicles of Riddick series, yet he dosen't wear sunglasses or goggles. That feature was replaced with his trademark dreadlocks and green cat like eyes to create some orginality.
  • Unlike most anime heroes, Cale's character isn't a fresh faced youth and takes on a more western take.
  • He was also inspired by Darrius from the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Due to his savage, but honorable nature he may be considered a noble savage character like Riddick, Tarzan and Cohan the Barbarian.
  • Cale is voiced by Christopher Judge, who is best known for playing the Jaffa Teal'c from Stargate SG-1.

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