"Want this relic key thingy, you have to get past us!"-Jack Rippin Jack

The CP-6 are the World Government's (One Piece Universe) asassin squad that replaced the CP-9, they fight the Retro Ace Corps while the boss Retro Ace had a rumble with Adimral Kizaru in retriving the relic key from the tyrants.


Jack Rippin Jack-Has Zoan Devil Fruit Hakai-Hakai Fruit which is Tazmanian Devil themed, he fights Blair and Sebastian and loses

Drake-A huge man in a old diving suit, fights Franky and the scouts

The Totem Triplets-Bark, Oak, and Ivy all share the Logia Devil Fruit Totem-Totem Fruit, can join into one being and seperate Fights Degroot, Doe, and Soul and Maka

Lisa-A Mistress Swordswoman, fights Zorro, Brook, Black Star, and Tsubaki

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