FA: Hi! Bra-Girl Episode 3, named My Only Friend?

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Chichi and Miku walking to Miku's house-

Miku: have no friends?

Chichi: ... ._. Isn't it obvious?

Miku: -shrugs- Now you have one! -they walk into Miku's house-

Miku's Mom: Hello, Chichi-san!

Chichi: Hello!

-Miku's little brother walks in-

Miku's Bro: Why does that lady have big boobs?

Chichi: ...-turns to Miku- What's his name?

Miku; ...John....

Chichi: Isn't that an English name?

Miku: My dad is English, so my last name is Jefferson...

Chichi: Ah...

John: Big Boob Lady, how much do you weigh?

Mrs. Jefferson: John! Go to your room!

John: It's not my fault she has big boobs... -shrugs, and walks to his room-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Miku: Let's go to my room! -they walk to a room, and looks like a bedroom-playground-

Chichi: Cool! -runs up the ladder up the bunk bed, and slides down to slide to the ground-

Miku: Nice, isn't it?

Mr. Jefferson: -knocks on door, and peeks head through- Sorry...but....Miku, can I talk to you?

Miku: Sure...-walks out with Mr. Jefferson-

-screen turns blue with Chichi dancing-

Miku: -walks in, white faced-

Chichi: What's....wrong?

Miku: Get out...-Chichi stays where she is- ...Get out... -Chichi still doesn't move- GET OUT YOU BIG BOOBED LADY!

Chichi: -thinks- Miku.... -walks out of the house, and into the light rain-

Chichi: What's wrong with her...? Why was she mad?

-a little boy walks by with his mom-

Boy: Why does she have big boobs?

Mother: -pulls boy in front of her- Don't look at her! Or you'll get big ones too!

Chichi: -sighs- Guess I was born not to have friends...

-a police man walks up-

Policeman: -into radio- We got the child...I repeat...I got the child...

Chichi: -thinks- EH?!

-Ending plays-

-End of Episode 3-

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