MA: Sorry! Female Girl is gone because she was sleeping in the snow, and she's sick.

MA: So...Time for Bra-Girl! Episode 2 named...Uh.....Speedy Mistakey....

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Chichi outside a big, white building-

Chichi: Man...that woman sure has a ton of money....

-a short, red haired girl runs up-

???: Come on! You gonna miss running race!

Chichi: Ok.... -thinks- Wait..Wait! Don't I have the Speed Bra on! Perfect!

-??? pulls Chichi to the field-

-the coach is already ready to start the race-

Coach: Ready....

???: Wait! Chichi-san is here!

-the runners whisper to each other, and they giggle-

Coach: Get in the lane then, Big Boobs!

Chichi: -.-" -walks to the starting line-

Coach: Ready...-??? is standing next to Coach-

Coach: Set.....GO! -Chichi sprints off-

-the other runners try to run as fast as they can, but they can't get to Chichi-

Chichi: I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

-the screen switches to a rock, where Chichi is just 10 feet away from-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Chichi: I'm doing it! I'm do- -trips over the rock- Wah!

-everything is slo-mo at the moment-

???: Chichi-san!

-Chichi lands face-first, into the ground, just 5 inches away from the finish ribbon-

-slo-mo stops-

???: You ok, Chichi-san?! -the runners run right around Chichi-

Chichi: -lifts up face, which is completely red, with peebles in it- I don't know...

-the runners laugh-

Chichi: -gets up, and brushes peebles off face- Idiots...

???: -walks up- name is....Miku...

Chichi: Miku...? Oh..that's a nice name...

Miku: Thank you! -the bell rings-

-Ending Starts-

-End of Episode 2-

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