Bokutachi no Saishunen
Created by HaruNinfia
Writer(s) HaruNinfia
No. of episodes 26
Run time 24 minutes
Animation Studio A-1 Pictures
Network Tokyo Broadcasting System

Bokutachi no Saishunen (僕たちの最終年 "Our Final Year") is an anime series.


A wise and bright highschool student Michiko Amachi suffered from coma because of a car accident. The school owner agreed on her to not to repeat classes but in exchange she needs to attend the Class 3-F, the class full of failures and slackers.


Michiko AmachiEdit

Michiko Amachi (天知 美智子 Amachi Michiko) is the protagonist in the series.

Mitsugu YuumeEdit

Mitsugu Yuume (夕芽 調) is one of the classmates of Michiko. He is a professional musician.

Sakiko DaichiEdit

Sakiko Daichi (大地 咲子) is one of the students of Class-F.

Mirai ShirokawaEdit

Mirai Shirokawa (白川 未来)