Bloody Light is an anime by Mizuki Aso 23:12, July 18, 2011 (UTC) . It's a story about a 14 year old who was betrayed by her best friend, and she starts murdering people. This anime was slightly inspired by Elfen Lied.


Bloody Light follows the story of Hikari Yuri, a 14 year old girl who was betrayed my her best friend when she moved away, without saying a word. Shortly after Hikari finds that out, she starts murdering anybody she sees, including her own parents, who were actually the first people she murdered. In the middle of this, she meets a boy named Osaka Saki, who she loves, but she can't because she might just end up murdering him.


Hikari YuriEdit

Yuka WatersEdit

Osaka SakiEdit

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