Blazefire Konorai

Age: 17(season 1 and 2) 18(season 3) 19(x series) 20(crusaders)21(N.E.O.S.-2) 22(The forgotten Blades onward)
gender: male
species: one third elf,human,and arrancar.
  • Jet-Black spiky Hair.
  • white skin.
  • sky-blue eyes.
  • Phoenix and Demon wings
  • Red armor w/helm(season 1)
  • Red light armor(season 2-Season 3)
  • Black Cloak(season 3-X series)
  • Spiked light phoenix armor(N.E.O.S-N.E.O.S.2.)
  • Black Cloak(The forgotten blades)
  • Black Jacket,Blue shirt and Black Pants(The last stand)
  • Xanith(permanent fusee)(disbanded,still has his powers of darkness)
  • Cloud Frest(genetic relative)
  • Zanek Konorai(Brother)
  • Zack Konorai(son from the future)
  • Omni Zeta
  • Master of Time and Space
  • Fool
  • "this world needs to be reset"(stopped using after x series)
  • "It's over"
  • "It's Go Time!"(disused,replaced by:"it's over")
  • flame swords(disused,Replaced by:Ktundra and Excalibur)
  • Ktundra and Excalibur(disused,Replaced by:Ultima Judgement Blade and Darkma Punisher)
  • Ultima Judgement Blade and Darkma Punisher(disused,replaced by excalibur 3 and deathcalibur)
  • Buster sword(fusion bankai only)
  • Vanargand(fusion bankai only)
  • Excalibur 3 and deathcalibur(Disused,well you know the drill)
  • Xcalibur and Blade of memories
  • Celestial Blade(Xanith team move only)
  • pistol(on his motorcycle,the dragoon)
  • fire
  • ice
  • dark
  • light
  • Firemancy
  • Armored Phonomenon(armor broken,can't be used)
  • Midnight Blue
  • Final Inferno Blast(ultimate fire power)
  • Xanith's curse seal
  • Dark powers
  • control over dark swords
  • Time travel
  • Space distortion
  • reality warping
  • Judgement
  • Getsuga Tensho(bankai only)
  • Dark crusher
  • Crystal Ice mirrors
  • Sharingan
  • Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Shinigami sharigan(ultimate final sharingan)
  • Amaterasu
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Susanoo
  • Claw Rush(fusion bankai only)
  • Fervid Blazer(fusion bankai only)
  • OBJECTION!!!!!!!(spin-off attorney series only)
Super forms
  • super saiyan
  • supersaiyan2
  • supersaiyan3
  • supersaiyan4
  • Xanith fusion(dna melding,permanent,now disbanded)
  • Curse seal mode
  • Omni Zeta form
  • Xanith fusion(fusion dance,Non-permanent)
  • Phoenix form(2,4,and 6 winged forms)
  • 8-winged-seraph form
  • Bankai(amplified with Xanith's,see fusion bankai)
  • fusion bankai
romantic interest's
  • Crystal Raizen(ice girl)(girlfriend/wife in future)
Voice actor
  • Yuri lowenthal(english)
  • Noriaki Sugiyama(japanese)
  • The dragoon(gets upgraded twice)
  • Airships(normal,upgraded,and the Eclipse)
  • Phoenix
  • Ships(normal,submarine,and The Mirage)

story:season 1Edit

Blazefire is first introduced as a student of the legendary Fire sage,slashing a dummy in half. when his brother Zanek konorai shows up,they talk for a bit when a huge hole is blown in the wall. the fire sage tries to protect his students from the shadow soldiers,but is quickly gunned down(Zack fair anyone?) Afterwards,he sets off to defeat the shadow emporer,who is ten years old. He meats up with Cloud Frest a warrior and ninja from the wind temple.they team up and defeat the emporer. They free the princess of the ice Realm,Crystal Raizen from a cage in the shadow palace. She teams up with them and falls in love with Blazefire. They then are attacked by an ice soldier who tries to take Crystal hostage.They then go through the four lairs of the legendary beasts to obtain the power to destroy the ice sage.they obtain three airsips,three ships,and a phoenix before dueling with the royal ice MAGE,not the ice SAGE.The ice mage retreats to the castle of 1000 spires(the ice realm castle)(the ice sage is the king of the ice realm)(not the ice king from adventure time).Blazefire uses a phoenix feather to bring back the fire sage for a day.he obtains new powers from him.the team then advances to the castle.after fighting an army of ice soldiers(pointy spears and scouters included)they fight the ice sage, who then captures Crystal and tries to steal her energy(what a crummy dad)then Blazefire promply slashes him across his face.however the ice MAGE shows up, revealing himself to be Xanith,Cloud's evil older brother who killed his whole family.(lol itachi)Xanith causes the ice sage to activate his demon form. turning into a colossus of ice.Xanith pays homage to an infamous quote here when his scouter reads Blazefire's power level.Blazefire kills the Ice sage once and for all.And then he sword duels Xanith.After defeating disarming, and burning Xanith Blazefire finaly immolates Xanith in a tornado of flame,killing him....or did he?????