Big Time Grammy's is a fan-made episode of the fan-made show called "Big Time Rush (anime style)".

Starring: Dan Green, James Maslow, Jason Griffith, Frank Franksen, Laura Bailey, Mike Pollock, & Rachael Lil

Guest Starring: Scott McNeil as Jak Zefon, Chuck Huber as Ryan Cook, Chris Cason as Lil' Wayne Wayne, Seth MacFarlane as Lil' Wayne Wayne (singing), Veronica Taylor as Ginger Bell Fox, & Katie Griffin as Ginger Bell Fox (singing)


The boys head to the Japanese Grammy Awards for a Grammy nomination. The other nominated artists are Lil' Wayne Wayne and Ginger Bell Fox. Jak Zefon and Ryan Cook present the award for "Artist of the Year". And suddenly, Big Time Rush won. They we're so happy.


  • Jak Zefon is a parody of Zac Efron
  • Lil' Wayne Wayne is a parody of Lil' Wayne
  • Ginger Bell Fox is a parody of Lady GaGa
  • This episode is exclusive to the anime version of Big Time Rush

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