Best Friends Unite: Boys vs The Traitor is the Fifth Episode of The Adventures Of Cillian Darcy. Cillian and Taro

Episode SummaryEdit

Nanao Accept the Boy's Offer to Get Cillian Back from the Dream World and Hired Him as Yae's Employee, and She Head off With Him as Her Boyfriend with her New Number Card. so then At the Dream World, Cillian and Taro are Tag Dueling with their Opponents for Fun. so then Yae Appeared and Happy to See Him and Gave him a hug but Cillian Rejecting her because She Betrayed him. a Boy Appeared in Front of them an it's Reveal to Be Eddy Cillian's Old Best Friend who Arrived to Japan to Protect Him with ed and edd. Yae Saw Him and Really Mad at him Betraying Him so She Decide to Duel Him but Cillian Gave Him Glimmack Puppet Numbers for Him to Keep. so Yae Also Going to Duel Cillian and Taro as the 3v1. So Cillian and Taro Accepted their Challenge to Save Him. at the Mansion Lorcan Meet Up with Kotori and Reunited with Edd to Save Them and the World From the Red Kings Swordsmen. Nanao Appeared in Front of them and Challenge Him into a 3v1 Duel so Lorcan Accept. Lilly Woke Up from a Coma and Meet Lala Deviluke and Reunited With Ed and Saw Her Father Front of them to Face Them in a 3v1 Duel But Lala Can't Duel so it Can Be 2v1.