Ben 10 Alien Force (anime style)
Format Anime series
Created by Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle, ???
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Yuri Lowenthal, Greg Cipes

Ben 10 Alien Force (anime style) is an anime rendition of the show on Cartoon Network. It's a sequel to the series Ben 10. It will possibly be followed by the Anime rendition of Ultimate Alien.


(Coming Soon)


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Ben Tennyson Miyu Irino Yuri Lowenthal
Gwen Tennyson Minami Takayama Ashley Johnson
Kevin Levin Noriaki Sugiyama Greg Cipes
Max Tennyson Jouji Nakata Paul Eiding
Julie Yui Horie Vyvam Pham
Argit Kappei Yamaguchi Alexander Polynski
Vilgax Tetsu Inada Steven Jay Blum

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