Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance is an anime movie based on the Capcom video game.


Violence and crime run rampant on the dark streets of Las Sombras. The Zanetti family is the most powerful crime organization within the city limits, and they have five of the deadliest people around taking care of their dirty work. Then one day, they get an order from the head of the Zanetti family himself to shut down a rival group's drug deal that's supposed to go down. And so they move in to carry out their assault.

However when they arrive, what they find waiting for them is actually a room strewn with the bloody corpses of rival gang drug dealers. And as they stand there, puzzled by the sight before them, the Zanetti family moves in to finish them off. They realize that they were set up to look like they were the ones that committed the murders, and now are running from the same crime family that sent them there. With the police also on their trail, they see that there is no other option but to split up and lay low.


Protagonists English VA Japanese VA
Aaron Liam O'Brien Tetsuya Kakihara
Gina Jessica Straus Asami Imai
Jason G Beau Billingslea Kenji Nomura
Lola Wendee Lee Yu Asakawa
Raven Steven Jay Blum Tomokazu Sugita
Supporting English VA Japanese VA
Chester Steven Jay Blum Hiroaki Miura
Melvin William Knight Naoki Tatsuta
Tracy Jessica Straus Maki Tsuchiya
Norma Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Hitomi Nabatame
Antagonists English VA Japanese VA
Wendel Bob Papenbrook Wataru Takagi
Fatima Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Hitomi Nabatame
Ignacy Steven Jay Blum Takashi Hikida
Eugene Crispin Freeman Yuichi Nakamura
Gregorio Beau Billingslea Kenichiro Matsuda
Quincy Beau Billingslea Akira Ishida
Zanetti Jamieson Price Chikara Ousaka
Wallace Richard Epclair Hiroki Yasumoto