"Neah Walker The 14th is no more, I have been reborn as Baranoia's Musician, I AM BARA NEAH! Nya-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-NYA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"-Neah after being reconstructed

Bara Neah is the Machine Beast/Noah Hybrid form of Neah Walker and one of the main villains in The Anime Ace:The Rise of The Neo-Machine Emprie Baranoia!

Race:Noah/Machine Beast


Occupation:General and the king's personal muscian


After Allen tore himself free from Neah, Neah was sent to Hell,but he was towed out by Click and Clack with a portal, He was broguht to the new emperor King Bacchus-Neos (Bacchus Rage's younger brother), who made Neah The Empire's Musician. Seeing Neah's state of condition, Bucha's Neos. ordered Click and Clack to have Neah rebuilt, Click and Clack, placing a Neah in a machine called "The Bara-Matic" he is merged with his piano and cyberneticly enhansed, bent of his disire to have revenge against Allen, his vengeful anger caused the machine to explode from a overload of power,the smoke cleared and he was reborn as Bara Neah.

Rampage and EndEdit

Neah lead an attack on Exorcist Headquarters and constantly tried to Kill Allen for revenge,Later he kidnaps him and Lenalee and begins and Execution for Allen who Neah charges with "Stopping his reign of Terror",only to be stoped by The Anime Ace who is now upgraded to Anime Victory Ace,he was near death until Click and Clack powered him up enough to grow to giant size. Just as he was about to stomp on Allen and Lenalee and the others, the Ancient Mechas of Pangea(AKA the Choriki Mobiles) saved them. After fighting Buster Ohranger Robo and OhBlocker, Neah was reverted back to normal size and was forced to retreat back to the planet Baranoia after being sevierly damaged by the Ancient King of Pangea:King Pyramider. Later he encounters the Millenium Earl and the Noah family, The Earl is overjoyed and tries to convince Neah to rejoin the family,Neah of course refuses replying "For the last time,I never want to join the family again,EVER.", The Earl of course along with the family ingore this and still watch him and the rest of the Machine Empire seeing it as entertaining and to root for Neah dispite how much he dispises them. In the final battle he, Bara Kira, and Bara Kara are blown apart and back to normal and as the castle begins to fall apart and explode with 2 of the generals crushed and Neah about to be engulfed in the blast he screams out "BUT I AM THE 14TH! I AM THE NEW EARL! I AM PER-FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he is caught in the blast and is assumed dead,but when a evil ultraman named Kaiser Belial finds Bara Neah's arm twitching and squirming among the ruins,he takes it and flies off with it saying "another servant for my army"


He appears to have a mechanical version of his clothes, made up of with musical instruments making him a music themed machine beast with jointed Claranet's for arms, accordians for legs, a pipe organ for a lower torso and 2 small pianos to make his uper torso,his face is that of his shadow form, his hair is metal and so is his skin, he has big blocky boots and has a mechanical verison of his Noah smile, which can turn upside down or right side up and his eyes can adjust to reflect his emotions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Control Musical Devices

Sonic Opera Singing(sings Ode to Joy)

Shoot a beam from his Noah Smile

natrual Noah abilities

Super Streangth

Mimic voices

Exploding music note shurikens

Music Score Wires

creating Machine Beasts out of evil entities

Combining with Bara Kira to form Bara Buster


Neah back on the planet Baranoia, usaly is seen either playing the piano or conducting an Chorus sung by a group of Barro Hei or praticing on his own singing.


"Look kid, This is between me and my nephew if you know what's best run along and play, or how about taking a nap?"-Neah while pushing the Ace gently aside and breathing a cool sleeping mist in his face

"Allen Walker,you have been charged of ruining my plans and refusing to obey,you plead,GUILTY! SAY BYE-BYE NEPHEW!"-Neah before he attempts to behead Allen

"Why do you want me to fight you! Your just some nobody who came out of nowhere!!"-Neah muffling while Ace grabs him in a head lock

"He gave Allen the power to choose what he wants to be, just like the rest of you!? Bah! HE DOESN'T DESERVE A CHOISE!"-Neah replies on the Ace about "The Man Upstairs" gave Allen the power to choose his destiny like the rest of humanity

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