"I am not just a immortal man, I am one of a new race of demigods!"-Bara Kira

Bara Kira is the Machine Beast form of the Kira entity created by Bara Neah after extracting Kira from The Original Light's corpse.

Race:Machine Beast


Occupation:General and the king's personal financal advisor

Enemies: Light Yagami & Misa Amane(from the Alternate Reality Death Note Universe),Nostalgia Critic, Shinigami Light


he seems to have a robotic version of black buisness suit,and sythe blade for a left hand,his face is metal and has a jagged Kira smile. Also Bara Kira and Bra Neah can combine to form Bara Buster "Kira and Neah,BARANOIA GATTAI!!!"

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Laser Eyes

Death Smog breath

Sythe Slash

combine with Bara Neah to form Bara Buster

Eat weapons

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