Welcome to the Elemental Shift Role-play series, Balance Academy! This RP will take place at the most prestigious Shifter academy, Balance Academy. This is a private school environment with uniforms, and dormitories. This academy is co-ed, so boys and girls share classes, and if requested, rooms. Don't ask why, I just decided to make it that way. Anyway, here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

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Time-skip! One week before Prom Night Edit

Yes, Hunter got Hailey to go to Prom with him, Naya and Anthony are going together, and Carl hasn't got a date because Angel was already asked and said yes. This is one week before Prom night, and some guys aren't happy. Particularly Keith and Joe. Oliver is just annoyed with Carl and dislikes him. So Hunter and Hailey, Naya and Anthony, and Carl and Angel are hanging out in the food court.

Hunter: Huh. Can't believe Prom's so close.

Hailey: Yeah, just a week away. I really hope nothing bad happens.

Suddenly, a bunch of people break through the skylight, all wearing armor resembling the Avalon from Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Assailant 1: Everyone on the ground now!!! He forms an Earth construct of an Assault Rifle, aiming it at Hailey as everyone gets down but Hunter, Anthony, and Carl I said get down!!!

Hunter: Sighs Baka. The fire on his forehead appears, followed by his red gloves forming, then igniting with fire

Assailant 2: Get the fuck down before I blow your brains out!!! Aims a Lightning SMG at him

Hunter: You guys wanna help? He talks calmly everytime this happens, the flames getting bigger as the weapons are aimed at him

Anthony: Naya, I'll try to send this as quick as possible.

Carl: I hope this means prom gets cancelled. But... He makes vines wrap around his arms then prepares a stance

Hunter: Good. Hailey, stay hidden, stay safe. Run if you need to.

As he says this, some other guys wearing similar suits break down the front door, then head to the school's maximum-security vault, containing every weapon of every Divine Hero EVER. Meaning there's about 115 Divinitanium weapons. The First Divine Hero's weapons were dual katanas, hidden in the very back. The assailants try to break in, succeeding, and take the First Dual Katanas, as they are referred to nowadays.

Hunter: Let's make this quick. Senses the other assailants breaking in and taking the weapons *Shit, they broke into the vault. What do they think they're gonna do with them though? They can't use them without their powers overloading and imploding on themselves.* Prepares a stance too

Assailant 2: You guys are some stubborn idiots. Aims his weapon at Carl

Assailant Leader: Kill them.

Assailant 1: With pleasure. Shoots Hunter with his rifle

Hunter: Really? Uses the fire to boost himself next to him, then melts the armor off and hits his nerve, temporarily paralyzing him. Not fatal, if that's what you were thinking Who's next?

Assailant 3: Loser!!! Charges Hunter with a War-axe made of Wind

Hunter: Sighs Fine.Binds Assailant 3 to where he last took a step. Hmm. Melts through the armor again and hits another pressure point, making him go unconscious

Some guy in armor is about to slash at Hunter, when Anthony shifts the ground under the guy to make him fly away.

Anthony: Watch your back bro. Another guy shoots at Anthony with a lightning rail gun but he makes an ice wall which explodes on impact and then he recovers by doing a windmill on the ground and getting up. He then uses air to boost himself around the gunfire and lands behind the guy grabbing his neck and slamming him into the ground.



Anthony's badass move with the grenade.

Assailant 5: GOT IT!! He throws a metal grenade with LOTS of fire in it at Anthony, but he senses it, runs at the grenade, jumps at the grenade and does a sideswipe using the metal in it to send it back at the Assailant. It then explodes taking out several Assailants.

Anthony: Whoa! I just controlled metal?! Wait, that felt like earth though.... *How did I...*

Assailant 4: FUCK YOU! He throws his water sword that's ice at Anthony while his back was turned, but he catches it, and hurls it at another guy sending it through his chest and punches the Assailant on the ground in the face breaking his nose and knocking him out.

Anthony: Whew... *Can't let my guard down..*

Carl: Okay. My turn now? a man fires a ball of fire at Carl without him noticing. Carl does a backflip and just skims the fireball and lands behind it as it hits the wall WOAH!!! How did I do that?!? I didn't even know that was there!!

Another ball of fire gets shot at him and he blocks it with his arms covered in hard petals. Carl then forms Wild Force and throws it at him, it his him in the chest but it doesn't dig deep enough to kill him. He uses lightning to call the axe back to hand

Suddenly, the Assailants all get an order to retreat, which they respond to a leave the school.

Hunter: Hmm. Something's not right. They must have stolen something from the Divinitanium vault. Nothing else would make sense. But why would they?

Anthony: Who knows? They were pretty crappy though. We need to check it out. Runs to where the girls are Naya you alright?

Naya: Y-yea I'm good. She gets up and looks around Geez... Villains...

Carl: Shit, Angel? You okay?

Angel: Yeah. Who were they? Where are the teachers?

Carl: If I was raiding a school I would first eliminate anything that could screw up our plans. The teachers. They most likely killed them. But let's check first.

Anthony: Yup, we should go. Takes Naya's hands and begins to walk fast to see the wreckage and where everyone is at.

Carl and Angel follow

Hunter: Well... we got nothing better to do. Hunter and Hailey follow, with Hunter's flames still there, the gloves also still there

Everyone walks around, then Hunter opens a room where all the teachers are, bound and restrained with odd-looking handcuffs.

Hunter: How did they get access to military-grade equipment? These cuffs aren't regular, they're used for those super dangerous criminals, they use the Shifter's powers to keep them subdued. It's a fool-proof system.

Hailey: How do you know that?

Hunter: One of my ancestors was in the military, invented a prototype to the current series.

Anthony: Didn't you grow up not knowing ANYTHING about your ancestors? Meh, whatever. I wanna try something... Anthony walks up to a teacher and feels the metal on the handcuff Hope this doesn't hurt you. He punches the handcuff hard making it ring out. Hmmm... Lemme see if I can.. He then concentrates on the handcuffs and it falls off the teacher's hands. Whoa... I am going to be maining Earth now! He does this to all of the teacher's handcuffs. There, now we gotta figure out WHY they came in and did this...

Hunter: Whatever, let's check the vault.

Everyone goes to check the vault, where they see the broken open door, and some equipment left on the floor.

Hunter: Whoever did this had access to the plans to the Academy, and some military-grade equipment. It's weird. And what did you mean by "maining earth" earlier? Sounds weird. His sword appears in his hand

Anthony: Still checking himself out Huh? Oh, when I meant that, I meant I was gonna use earth as my main power from now on, I just discovered metal-shifting. It's pretty cool how I found it!

Carl: Congrats Anthony. Only a few people know metal shifting. He walks into the vault

A brown haired man in a suit is in the vault looking around

Anthony: Hey.. You there... What are doing... Sees the suit *He must be related..* I never seen someone like you around.

Man in Suit: Well, I'm a student here. I came to the vault as soon as possible to see what was going on.

Hunter: And your name? Grips the sword a little bit harder, then levels the blade at him

Man in Suit: Evan. Evan Robinson. You?

Carl walks towards Evan before Hunter says anything

Carl: He's Hunter Kaji, that's Anthony Pierce and I'm Carl Gaizer... Okay good. Let's move on. What did they steal from the vault?

Anthony: Looks like... some weapons... Sees weapon holders empty on floor scattered around Dammit, they're gonna be pretty fuckin' OP.

Carl: Asks random teacher Hey what was in this vault before?

Hunter: Yeah, this is gonna suck.

Teacher: Oh, this vault contains every weapon that every Divine Hero has ever used. This includes ones like the First's Katanas, or the 20th's Revolvers.

Hunter: Wait. Goes to the very back to check the First's Katanas, and sees them missing Shit. They stole the First's katanas.

Anthony: Tch, well that's fun isn't it...

Carl: Why the fuck was this all being kept in a school?!? Why not in a high security museum or something?!? Do you know what would happen if they harness the energy of those weapons?!?

Teacher: Mr. Gaizer, language. As for the weapons, this vault is one of the most secure in the world, and each Divine Hero gives us their weapons willingly.

Hunter: Yeah, this is gonna be so fun. <--Sarcastic sentence is sarcastic Did you get a look at them?

Teacher: No, they restrained us, locked us in that room, and I guess broke into the vault.

Hunter: But... why would they need to take the First's weapons?

Hailey: Maybe they're gonna use it for something, like a Weapon of mass destruction, or a ritual.

Anthony: That's dumb, why would it be a ritual? Where does that idea even come from?

Naya: Whispering Hey! Be nice...

Hunter: Some Corrupt Heroes have been known to use rituals to enhance their powers, or lengthen their life span. Some of these rituals required a sacrifice, such as a weapon or something.

Anthony: That's weird. Maybe we should find some weapons and do this with ourselves. Oh wait, ALL THE WEAPONS ARE GONE. I wonder what their motive is...

Naya: I feel like they might try to destroy some important places or kill some important people...

Carl: Maybe a big global take over. Or start a war. Hopefully not. We have to retrieve those weapons.

Hunter: How were they able to steal all 115 weapons? Those weapons should've overloaded their powers. Even if they survived that, what are they planning? What ARE they planning?

Anthony: Well we won't know by just standing here.

Teacher: Correct. We'll notify the government about this. See what they can do.

Carl: We should search for these guys. They couldn't have gone far.

Anthony: True, I can try to use my seismic sense to locate them but they might be far, you never know. Everyone goes outside and Anthony uses an earth pillar to launch himself high in the air and land on his feet, shaking the ground a little and feeling the ground. I CAN FEEL THEM A LITTLE, THEY'RE ENTERING SOME KIND OF VEHICLE!! WE GOTTA GO NOW!

Anthony then uses his wood powers to push away the trees out the way

Anthony: THERE!

Carl jumps really fast from tree to tree then lands near Anthony

Carl: Woah... Let's get them!! Hunter! Stay here and search for evidence!!! He says this as he chases the vehicle with Anthony

Hunter: Right. Hailey, would you mind helping?

Hailey: No problem. Goes around the room, looking at everything carefully, using gloves from a nearby box

Hunter: Thanks. Sighs, then sits down to meditate, concentrating on the room, when Hailey finds something

Hailey: I found something! I think it's piece of some duffel bag. Probably got ripped off.

Hunter: Opens his eyes Yeah, with what's happened so far, I been thinking that they tore the sign off to make space in the box. What's it say?

Hailey: It says "Gaizer Products". Isn't that Carl's family? Gaizer?

Hunter: Yeah, odd. Maybe they bought a bag from they with anyone noticing.

Hailey: We'll need to tell Carl.

Hunter: Right. Did you get anything else?

Hailey: I saw a couple more things on the floor, maybe more tags.

Hunter sees a random piece of paper on the floor.

Hunter: What's this? Picks it up, then flips it over to see part of a ritual circle It looks like some ritual circle. Maybe a piece of it.

Hailey: I'll see if I can identify it later. Can I get a plastic baggie please?

Teacher: Sure, just give me a sec. Goes to get a plastic bag, then comes back and gives it to Hailey

Hailey: Thanks. Puts the paper in the bag

Anthony and Carl are chasing down the vehicle. Carl is "vine swinging' across the buildings but is making sure to not get spotted. He stays quite high up. He watches the people in the car with enhanced eye sight

Carl: *How far are they going?*

Anthony: He's using his air to boost himself across rooftops and cushioning his fall against them and keeps running. Hey Carl! Why are we hiding from them?! Shouldn't we be stopping them?

Carl: Let's see where they're going first! It doesn't look like they have the weapons! Maybe this is one of many and the ones with the weapons are at their hideout! Carl reinforces his leg with plant materials and kicks off building to building to be at the same level of height as Anthony

Anthony: That's true! The continue along the skyscrapers as the vehicles start getting chased by the police Oho! Some action! That's when powers start coming out of the vehicles and taking down the police. Whoa.. Should we stop them?

Carl: No. We can't afford to get caught. The car disappears into the country side and into a forest

Carl: Why are they going there? Carl drops through the air and lands in the forest and disappears. He is seen standing by a tree and waves at Anthony to follow him

Anthony follows and boosts himself in the air and lands on the ground.

Anthony: hm... They're already really far into the forest from what I can see. Okay. Stealth mode?

Carl: They made a BIG mistake going into the forest. I can sense many of them. Should we call back up? Like alert the teachers or police.

Anthony: Dude... We got this! Begins to walk in

Carl: Alright. Carl creates a plant to cover him and pull him underground to travel next to Anthony

Anthony: Okay... We walks slowly sensing the people walking around and sense multiple vehicles. *Huh, they seem to be moving something...* He hides behind a tree and sees people moving crates of slightly glowing weapons to big vehicles. Then he whispers to Carl in the ground Dude... you seeing this?

A patch of grass carries the vibrations of Carl speaking

Carl: More than seeing. I can feel it. We should attack them now. Or call for help. But they might not be here if we leave...

Suddenly Anthony's hypersensitivity senses a rock coffin coming at him and hits him, making him land on the ground

Anthony: Oof! He breaks out easily and sees 5 people ready up in front of him. Uhh... How did you...

Earth Shifter: I sensed you... I know, pretty useful skill huh?

Anthony: I know it too... Anthony stomps on the ground making a boulder come up next to him then he punches it towards one of the shifters as he does the same thing and kicks the second boulder to the other shifters.


Anthony's way of blocking fire attacks

Another Shifter: Ha! The other shifter makes a giant fire blast to counter with the rock and explodes and punches a few more fire blasts at Anthony. At the same time, an lightning shifter comes up behind him at a safe distance with a water shifter and sprays water on the ground as the lightning shifter shocks it and goes towards Anthony.

Anthony: SHIT! He runs towards the fire shifter's blasts gathering earth from the floor and covering his arms with it. He then dodges a fire blast, using his rock covered arms, punches through 2 blasts, then moves out the way of the other and continues to run toward the fire shifter. He then boosts himself in the air above him and lands behind the shifter, kicking a giant column of air towards him so that he lands in the lightning water attack, originally made for Anthony.

Lightning Shifter: Mark! I'm sorry! This little bastard! He punches the ground making lightning appear so that it comes fast to Anthony while protecting his teammates.

Suddenly, the ground infront of Anthony explodes of soil and dirt as Carl boosts up with leaves blocking him. He blocks the lightning attack then uses vines to attach to the lightning shifter and pull himself towards him and drop kick him

Anthony: Carl! More shifters start running towards them and they start shooting lava, a dark water rocket, and storm barrages of giant projectiles. SHIT!!

Carl gets hit on his vines by the lava setting them on fire and burning his plants

Carl: Fuck!! Carl summons a lion and a few wolves We should get outta here!! There is too many of them!!

Anthony: Nah! We can take them! He then does a back handspring with a large blast of air and then brings up a wall of water, freezes it to ice and shoots super compressed and deadly ice shards at the enemies trying to defend the weapons. He then jumps on the wall and starts punching blasts of air at the same time. Tch... Carl add some shit with your lightning to my air blasts! he keeps punching air blasts.

Carl: I'm not exactly good with my lightning! But I'll try!! Carl holds his hands infront of him, palms inwards, then creates a ball of lightning in his hands. He then throws it at the air blasts and creates a HUGE storm explosion killing many enemies

Carl: Holy shit!! That was epic!!!


The shifter jumps through the smoke and has lightning with earth coming out of his hands and jumps at Anthony. He does an immediate backflip off the wall as the shifter hits his palm on the ice wall, creating a huge explosion knocking back Carl, Anthony and a couple dead bodies.

Anthony: Holy crap dude… We gotta get the weapons… You go under ground and I’ll try to distract them… Anthony then starts to make wood tigers come out his body and make them go attack the shifters still defending the weapons. He then makes a water sprout under his body, so that he’s in the air, and then shoots giant ice shards out of the water sprout to distract them.

Carl: Got it. Carl burrows underground and sprouts out a bullet proof rose near the weapon crates and reaches out to grab them. As his arm reaches out, a big, darkness covered leg kicks him arm and breaks it. Carl screams in pain. A man with dark fire powers grabs the crates and lends them to other Shifters to carry out of sight

Shadow Fire Shifter: Stupid child!!

Carl: FUUUU!!! My arm!!! Carl tries to subdue him with vines but his plants disintegrate at the touch of the fire

Ant is shooting the people with giant ice shards but then his water spout is eliminated by a water user as she snaps her fingers. Ant falls to the ground but uses air to cushion his fall. He then tries to tie up his feet with earth but the water user controls his movements and makes him levitate in the air.


Shadow Water Shifter: Hmpf. You'll learn soon enough... She throws him at Carl on the ground. Ant tries to make a hole in the ground but gets burned by the shadow fire shifter.

Anthony: AGH!... dammit....

Shadow Fire Shifter: You guys are mislead. We're actually doing the right thing. It'll take you guys a while to figure that out. The shadow fire shifter places a ball of shadowy fire in his hand. He places it above his head and strengthens the flame so it grows into a giant ball.

Anthony: Whispering to Carl Dude... I'll use my air to blow him partially away, jump then you use your lightning to stun everyone on the ground... okay? ready?

Carl: He creates some small plants and drugs/medicine on the ground and heals his arm Okay. But here's some water. He creates cacti on the ground containing water Don't drink it though.

Anthony smirks and then blows a giant gust of air from his mouth at the guy making him lose his footing but he regains it.

Shadow Fire Shifter: IDIOT! He begins to swings the fireball at them but then Anthony jumps in the air as he controls the water out the cacti.

Anthony: SHIT!

Carl: Carl puts his hands together then holds them behind his back as if he's holding a bat and about to slam it. His hands become electrified. He "throws" the lightning at the water which shoots lightning everywhere, knocking out the Shadow Fire Shifter but it also shocks Anthony SHIT!! Are you alright?!?

Anthony: GAH. Yea! He uses his metal to attract one of the crates full of weapon and brings it over to them. The crate gets hit by another shifter and the weapons go flying everywhere. Carl! Grab a weapon and run! Anthony scrambles on the ground and grabs a long metal chain that is slightly glowing. *This could help..* Suddenly he wraps it around his wrist similar to Delsin in inFamous: Second Son. He then makes a column of earth launch him in the air away from the incoming powers. AHHHHHHHH!!!! RUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!!

Carl runs and grabs a staff then examines it

Carl: Heh. Cool. Carl starts dodging and blocking the projectiles with the staff

Anthony: WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HEREE!!! He dodges a nature attack and swings the chain from his wrist using his metal shifting to control it slicing powers. It wraps around another shifter's ankles and he swings the person easily. He then wraps it around his wrist again and it becomes invisible. WHAT!?!

Carl: Weird. Carl uses martial arts to subdue shifters taking minimal damage. He spins the staff above him before it glows and desintergrates Shit!! He gets hit in the chest by a fire ball and falls over Let's go!! Carls creates a horse and rides it away HURRY ANTHONY!!!

A bunch of enemies run toward Anthony. He then swings his arm as the enemies all get hit by an invisible force.

Anthony: *The chain is invisible!! Nice!!* He gets controlled and then levitates in the arm as more enemies come but Anthony controls the chain the take her out and lands on the ground. He then uses his wind to push off the ground and glide through the air and he lands farther away from them. He then creates a wooden tiger that starts darting past the trees in great agility and Anthony pulls an earth wall behind them blocking their path.

Back at school Edit

Naya: Hey Angel, what's this? Is this a badge or something? Shows Angel a badge that has a certain symbol on it with the words "Gaizer" on the side.

Angel: I guess it's a badge from Carl's brother's company. Where did you find that?

Naya: By the vault over there. You think this would be useful to try to find who did this? I mean if it's from Carl's brother... Maybe he's a bad guy...

Angel: He sells badges too. Maybe the bad guys bought that badge from a shop they own or something.

Naya: O-Oh... Then that would mean- Suddenly Anthony and Carl come crashing in, riding their animals. Anthony jumps off the wooden tiger and jogs to Naya and picks her up swinging her around.

Anthony: Guys!! Guess what we found!! We found and fought the people that took those weapons... And we got some ourselves. he concentrates and makes the chain appear slightly glowing. LOOK!

Carl gets off the tigers and strokes it. He waves at Angel then walks next to them

Carl: My weapon desintergrated. For some bizarre reason... The staff materialises in his hand Woah! It's back! Awesome... So watcha found?

Naya: Looks at Angel Well, we found a badge that has your family name of it in the wreckage of the weapons. Do you know what could've happened?

Anthony: Whoa... He swings the chain around his wrist again. He then takes badge and inspects it What if it related to the people who took the weapons?

Carl: Bullshit. He takes the badge and looks at it Shit... It's from my brother's company. He owns like three but this is from an employee. Maybe one of them works at my bro's company.

Naya: Well I think Hunter and Hailey found a few stuff relating to your brother's company as well.

Anthony: What? really? Why would they be involved in this? Dude Carl, maybe your family is corrupt...

Carl: They aren't! It has nothing to do with my family!! The Gaizer family has been around for centuries! We just want to compete and be the best! Not steal! That's what we are taught in my family! We will never do something this crazy!

Anthony: I don't know dude. This seems pretty sketchy...

Carl: Arg... I should call my brother and ask him.

Naya: Go ahead. And put him on speaker so we can hear what he's saying.

Hunter and Hailey walk, Hailey with a bag of evidence, and Hunter with his flames, and a section of a white face-mask with red markings on it resembling the ones he gets when he experiences a major surge of emotion.

Hailey: We got this bag to put some stuff in. It's a tag with "Gaizer" imprinted in it, and some fabric. It looks like they used some duffel bags to load the weapons, and probably tore off the tag.

Hunter: it's odd. What'd you gals get? And how'd the chase go? Feels around his face, and notices the mask fragment The fuck? Tears the fragment off, causing his flames and the gloves to fade away Weird. That's new though. How many weapons could you get back?

Anthony: Welcome back. Oh and it was pretty awesome. We could only get back 2. I got this metal chain. It seems to work well with me. I'm gonna keep it. And it can go invisible so people won't see it. Extends the chain for his wrist and throws it around not hitting anyone then lands back around his wrist, (Again, similar to Delsin's chain from inFamous: Second Son.)

Carl: Okay, putting him on speaker.

Carl calls his brother Martin Gaizer, owner of three multi-millionaire businesses

Martin: Hello? Carl?

Carl: Hey bro.

Martin: Hey little bro. How's it going?

Carl: Great.

Martin: Listen, I'm in a bit of a hurry, I haven't got time for a chat.

Carl: Yeah but just a quick question. Can you send me a list of your employees names?

Martin: Why?

Carl: I have homework at school. It's to study the employees of a business.

Martin: Oh, okay then. Which business of mine?

Carl: The one where you have the guys who wear badges. Not the patches or uniforms.

Martin: So Gaizer Advanced Protection? The weapons company?

Carl: Yeah that company.

Martin: Alright. Strange. You and dad have shown interest in that company.

Carl: Wait what?

Martin: I just sent it. Gotta go bro. Bye!

He hangs up. Carl received a text of the employee name's and info

Carl: I got info on the employees of my bro's weapons company.

Hunter: So you got a badge, check the name on it and see if it matches with anyone on the list. And your brother was acting suspicious. Why would he rush at a time like this? This incident must be on the news, so why would he rush somewhere? He could move the meeting to his place or reschedule it altogether.

Hailey: Oh, I just remembered something. I need to go back to our room, Hunter. Hold this, I'll be back in a moment. Hands Hunter the bag, who takes it, then rushes back to their room

Hunter: Hmm. I'm not gonna ask. Here. Hands the bag to Angel You should put that badge in here when you're done. Then keep it. We're not done investigating this yet.

Carl: He's probably rushing because he owns three businesses. And why would he reschedule? Because a school was attacked? No, he's far too busy to care about this. What I'm really worried about is that he said my dad was also interested in Gaizer Advanced Protection. Why would my father be interested in the GAP?

Anthony: Don't know what he does for a living so can't really tell ya bro.

Carl: My father doesn't do anything. He's rich as hell. All his goals were to make successful children. Which he did.

Naya: So... maybe he wants to shoot stuff. There's no reason for him to have weapons then. Unless he's trying to make an army, which I highly doubt.

Anthony: True that.

Carl: Well someone on this list is one of the assailants.

Anthony: And how will you find this out my good friend?

Hunter: He could always cross-reference those people with the other evidence we have.

Carl: It has addresses, phone numbers, ages, everything. This one's a Dark Fire Shifter. Age 42. Maybe it was that fire shifter we fought.

Hunter: What Fire Shifter? And what's his name?

Carl: When we were fighting, we fought a dark fire shifter. His name is Matt Asher. He rarely attends work and steals from work. He's due to get fired soon. Got a criminal record. And here's a pic of him. That's definitely him. We saw him.

Anthony: Yup, that's him.

Hunter: Good. Check everyone else on that list. Mark anyone you so much as think you remember, then show me later. It's weird how this happened during our break. Period 3's about to start, see ya at lunch. Walks to his room, gets his backpack, then goes to his science class Hmm. *Odd. So many weird things have been happening. And it's around prom time, too. Maybe there's some hidden conspiracy we don't know about, and it's set to happen at Prom.*

During 3rd Period Edit

Hunter's sitting in science class, taking notes.

Mr. Ackerman: Now, I want everyone to group up into partners and work on a slideshow presentation. At least 10 slides, and you can choose any topic, as long as it's science-related.

Everyone groups up, except Hunter, when two girls approach him. They're named Kenzie and Maddie.

Maddie: Hey, Hunter. Blushes a little bit

Hunter: Hmm? Oh, hey. Sup?

Kenzie: We're wondering, if... you wanted to join us?

Hunter: Oh, sure.

Maddie: Thank you so much! Blushes some more

Kenzie: Excuse us, we need to talk a little. Be right back Kenzie guides Maddie to a laptop at a desk away from Hunter So... why ya blushin'?

Maddie: Wai- what? I-I'm not blushing. I don't know what you're talking about.

Kenzie: Yeah, you are. You like Hunter, don'tcha?

Maddie: Maybe a little.

Kenzie: Called it. Signals Hunter to come over

Hunter: So, we ready to start?

Maddie: Y-yeah.

Hunter: What's our topic?

Maddie How 'bout-

Kenzie: Maybe the different types of powers and why they are.

Hunter: Hmm. Seems legit.

Mr. Ackerman walks by.

Mr. Ackerman: So... what's your topic?

Hunter: The types of powers and why they are.

Mr. Ackerman: Alright. Go ahead and get started.

Maddie: Thanks, Mr. A. Gets another computer, signs in, then starts researching the powers

Hunter: So... what do you want me to do?

Kenzie: Just help Maddie with the research.

Hunter: Alright then. Sits down next to Maddie Let's see. Where do you wanna start?

Maddie: How 'bout Fire? It's one of the base powers, and why not?

Hunter: Sure. His gloves form just as he's about to touch the computer Wait, what? The gloves ignite with White Fire, making Hunter pull his hands back What the hell is going on?

Maddie: Ooh. Cool gloves. Can I touch?

Hunter: If you wanna burn your hands, sure.

Maddie: But it's White Fire. It shouldn't hurt.

Hunter: It's still fire.

Maddie touches them anyways, her hands perfectly fine, the fire completely ignoring the fact that she's touching them and allowing her to phase through it.

Hunter: Okay. *How is that possible? I know I'm good, but damn. I didn't think I could control this well enough.*

Maddie: How'd this happen?

Hunter: I really don't know. Can we go back to the research?

Maddie: Oh. Right. Starts researching about Fire, its combos, and its abilities as Hunter helps her, his gloves still there without the fire

Well, well. More Time Passing by to Lunch! Edit

Hunter sits down at a table with Hailey. They're joined by Anthony and Naya, then Carl.

Hunter: Wait, where's Angel?

Carl: She's on a school trip. She said she'll be back by prom.

Anthony: That's cool. Hey, Naya, pass the sour cream. She passes it and Anthony puts all over his salad. He then begins to eat.

Naya: So, how's everybody doing?

Carl: Angel went on a trip to learn more about lightning shifting. To become better at fighting. I wanted to go but they ran out of free spaces. Hey Ant, any progress with your powers? And yours Naya?

Naya: Oh, that's nice! It would be awesome if you could go! But uh, my powers? Looks at Ant then back at Carl Not really... I mean I got better at my individual powers but not Plasma altogether.

Anthony: Gulps Yea, I've been trying to help her progress, but it's extremely hard for her. My abilities... They're cool. This metal chain is really helping me with my metal shifting and I think I'm learning how to make a blizzard.

Carl: Cool. Plasma is almost as hard as life. Well, no-one knows how to use life. Except me. But I'm pretty sure there's some trainer that can teach plasma.

Naya: Yea, I guess so. It isn't as hard, because I'm pretty sure you have to apply for nature than lightning, and with enough skill and imagination you can create an animal body. For plasma you need a large and equal amount of both powers.

Carl: Life requires much more than imagination. It requires control. A lot of it. Even the most powerful nature shifter, who was also a lightning shifter, couldn't use it. I learnt it at the age of four.

Hunter: Life's okay. My power's been spiking out at random. He opens his tray, revealing his sushi and his gloves form without igniting

Carl: Eats his spaghetti So Hunter, you're going to prom with Hailey? And Anthony and Naya?

Anthony: He glances at Naya and sees her looking down blushing Mhm, what about you and Angel?

Carl: Looks down She got asked by some guy in rank 1 and said yes.

Hunter: Damn son. Maybe some other time. Or maybe Prom gets wrecked. Did you get anything on the employees list? Eats the sushi with some chopsticks Why are my gloves on? I should give them a name though. Hmm... Eats another piece of sushi How bout the Tenka Tebukuro? The gloves disappear afterwards Better. Finishes his sushi, then cleans up

PA: Hunter Kaji, please report to the front office. A package has been delivered for you.

Hunter: Hm?

Hailey: You should go, it's pretty rare for packages to be sent to us.

Hunter: Alright then. I'll be back. Goes to the front office to get the package Hi, I'm here for a package delivered to me.

Dr. Jackson walks out with the package.

Dr. Jackson: Here you are. It's from your parents.

Hunter: Interesting. *What's in it?* Takes the package Thank you.

Dr. Jackson: My pleasure. Go ahead, enjoy your lunch break.

Hunter walks to his room, drops off some stuff, grabs something out of the bathroom, then heads back to the lunch table everyone's at with the package.

Hailey: What's in it?

Hunter: Time to find out. Opens the package up to see two cases. One has has custom-made headphones like this with 16 instead of 27 and orange fur to make it resemble a fire, and another has contact lenses Oh, sweet. New contacts. Opens the case of contacts, and replaces the ones he has on now with the new ones, then puts the old ones in their original container. He then takes the headphones out and syncs them wirelessly to his phone Good, I've been needing new contacts for a while.

That's when Joe walks over to the lunch table with Keith.

Joe: Sup you fag?

Anthony: What... do you want?

Joe: Haha, well! I requested a fight with you tonight. Sooooo you'd better be ready. You're going to suffer for everything. Let's go Keith. They both walk away

Anthony: That was random...

Naya: Wait, what's your guy's beef?

Anthony: Ugh, nothing serious... I'll tell you later. Throws away his lunch I'm gonna go chill till' the battle starts. See ya guys. He leaves

Hunter: I'm gonna see what's up with this new stuff. Goes to an outside practice area, where he puts his headphones and form Tenka Tebukuro, then Keith walks up to him What could you possibly want with me now?

Keith: I'm here to whup yo ass. Rematch. It's been approved. Forms his claymore again Fight me fag.

Hunter: Fine. His contacts display a specially created HUD system, showing Hunter's Elemental Power Reserve, a targeting display, and an X in the corners, with a V below it, then an I underneath, creating the Roman Numeral for 16, with two bars next to them for "Hard" flames and "Soft" flames What? Someone starts talking through the headphones

Someone: Hey Hunter!

Hunter: Alex? What's going on?

Alex: Oh, Auntie T told me to help you out with this. I'm supposed to guide you through all this.

Hunter: Why?

Alex: Reasons. So, cuz, what's up?

Hunter: Gonna fight someone. Shouldn't you be in school? Prepares to fight Keith

Keith: Who the fuck are you talking to? You go insane? Cause your eyes just lit up like you went crazy.

Alex: I leave early. Special permission cause I need to monitor you.

Hunter: To Alex Excuse me. To Keith Shut up. The flame on his forehead appears as his eyes turn into colors resembling a fire, his gloves igniting soon after

Alex: Oh, I should mention Operation 16. Uncle V told me about your family line, so this should work. I'll need you to use one hand to fire off some of those soft flames, the ones on the left side.

Hunter: Okay. Moves himself so he's facing his right, Keith's left, then puts his right arm out, his hand holding onto a ball of fire as it fires out a giant wave of fire that looks as though it's soft

Keith: Weird. Now get wrecked. Charges his sword blade with shadow energy, and prepares to attack Hunter

Alex: Now, Get your left hand ready to do the same thing. I'll tell you when.

Hunter: Okay. Balls up his other hand, then prepares to hold it out as two gauges appear on his HUD, one for the soft flames, the other for hard flames

Alex: Stabilizing... almost there. Good, now do the same thing with your other hand.

Hunter holds out his left hand, which prepares to fire out hard flames.

Keith: Worthless! Shadow Crescent!!!! Swings the blade, launching a wave of shadow energy in the shape of a crescent moon

Alex: Gauge symmetry! Stand by for Operation 16. As she says this, the gauges become symmetrical, and Hunter waits for the attack to launch

Hunter: Inferno-Booster. Hunter fires the hard flames from his left glove, clashing with Keith's shadow crescent, both at a stand still What do I do?! It's not working!

Alex: This might be dangerous, but I'm releasing the inhibitors.

Hunter is blasting Keith's Shadow Crescent with his own Inferno-Booster. It's a stalemate right now. But not for long....

Hunter: Well? The Hard flames begin to rush out as the Soft flames also rush forth to stabilize everything Oh, it worked. The Shadow Crescent begins to be pushed back

Keith: Oh no you don't!!! Launches another Shadow Crescent to balance everything out *Shit, I'm getting tired.*

Hunter: Pointless. Fires out more Hard flames, pushing the Shadow Crescents back, also cracking them a little bit

Alex: Hunter! Stabilize the Inferno-Burner!!

HUD System: Through Hunter's headphones Warning, 5 seconds until automatic inhibitor restoration.

Hunter: Right. Stabilizes the Inferno-Booster, breaking apart the Shadow Crescents and knocking Keith out cold again Oh crap.

HUD System: Automatic inhibitor restoration engaged. The Inferno-Booster deactivates as the HUD disappears, and the flames disappear

Hunter: Alright. Mission accomplished.

Alex: Alrighty then. See ya later cuz!!!

Hunter: Bye Alex. Switches his headphones to his phone, then plays this as he walks back to his dorm:

Later after school at 7:00 PM. Edit

It's a sunset and most of the school gathers up outside where the fight is taking place. Joe requested the EXTRA large court to have the fight with Anthony.

Anthony: Dude, why an extra large arena for this?

Joe: Because I'm a bit stronger, so I don't wanna wreck the little ones.

Anthony: Rolls his eyes

Naya: Walks up to Ant and touches his hand and mouths the words Don't. Get. Hurt.

Anthony: I got this... Joe and Anthony set up their battle stances.

Joe: Sorry I had to end our rivalry this early. He smirks and shakes his head

Anthony: We never HAD a rivalry...

Joe launches at him and Anthony dashes at him also. Right before Joe hits him he turns into ash and disappears. Anthony's momentum makes him go through the ash and when he does it suddenly sets his whole area on fire. The student's gasp, but then Anthony does 5 backflips out of it and lands on his feet.

Anthony: *He's already advanced to do that move...* Anthony's thoughts get interrupted by Joe when he comes up above him and swings a weird looking nature sword at him but he blocks it with his invisible chain.

Joe: *How did he...* He makes plants grow underground to grab Anthony's legs and keep him there.

Anthony: Weak... Anthony tries to manipulate the water in the plants but then as he does this, the plants have shadow coming out of it. *No way...*

Joe: Like my new ability?! Now that I've combined by Shadow and Nature, only I can control my plants with the shadow in them!! He summons a giant plant hand to hit Anthony back far.

Anthony: *Wait, so instead of water being in his plants, it's shadow? I can't really manipulate his plants then... Fuck, where's science when you need it...*

Joe: Come Pierce, I'll end this fight as fast as POSSIBLE!! He shoots out giant shadow fire blasts that disappear and reappear behind Anthony but he swings his chain to counterattack it and make it explode.

Suddenly Anthony's metal chain starts to react to Joe and Anthony feels it.

Anthony: WHOA! What the fuck is this chain doing?! The chain reappears and everyone as it's glowing.

Naya: *It's the chain! Wait, but why is it glowing now?*

Joe: Huh... *That's one of them...* SO that's a weapon from the Divine Hero isn't it?

Anthony: I tried to get all the weapons but the guys were too strong. I could only get this... The chain begins to vibrate and glow more. I think it's responding to you. It never reappeared until just now. Maybe it only appears when Corrupt Heroes are around...

Joe: Cut the crap... Joe explodes into ash and makes several clones which start shooting ash at Anthony but he uses his wind to blow away the ash. But then Joe's arm appears in front of Anthony with the weird nature sword and slashes at him

Anthony: AGH!!! He uses air to push himself away from Joe. That's when Anthony gets angry and uses his metal to unwind the chain from his wrist at fast speed and throws it to the ground. It lays there glowing brighter then it starts to grow from around his wrist. *It's growing?!?!*

Joe: Tch. He spawns up many giant flower petals with super hard shell around Anthony and it starts to release it's shadow pollen. That's when suddenly the petals all get cuts throughout them in a speed so fast it happened in an instant. All the flowers get cut into tiny pieces then fall around Anthony as the chain is seen there floating and glowing around Anthony as its a shield.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.17.29 PM

The ground when Ant and Joe clash.

Anthony: Duuuuuude!!

Joe: NO. FUCKING. WAY. I'm done toying with you!

They both dash towards each other with intense speed and the chain wraps around Anthony's arm as he clashes with Joe. Anthony holds Joe's fist in front of him as the chain is glowing completely white around his right arm. Suddenly when Joe starts to use his shadow energy, the ground cracks below them from the pressure of them clashing.

Anthony: RAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Joe: AGGHH!!!!!

The ground starts cracking more as both their energies collide against each other with more pressure. Joe then headbutts Anthony and blasts a huge amount of fire into his stomach sending Anthony flying but instantly recovers landing on the ground hard and making several boulders come up. He then uses earth to send him in the air and does a 540 kick sending all the those boulders at Joe. He then makes a water sprout and begins circling his arm making a giant tornado around him then combines earth to it and pushing it at Joe, leaving the tornado unharmed.

Joe: YOU WON'T BEAT ME AGAIN!!!! He claps his hands making a giant super heatwave push the boulders back, to give him enough time to make many shadow plants counter the combo. It destroys the boulder but the tornado goes through so Joe then buries deep under the ground.

Anthony is still in the water sprout trying to look for him but he doesn't find a trace.

Anthony: Did I kill you?!?! Anthony lands on the ground but as soon as he lands he feels Joe deep in the ground. Suddenly as he's about to make him come out the ground, the air around Anthony explodes with ash and the fire surround Anthony burning him but he jumps out. How... did you.... Joe comes out of the ground.

Joe: HAHahahahahahh! When I buried there were little holes in the ground which I subtly released lots of ash, so when you landed, I made the ash around you explode into fire.... You're not as smart as you think...

Anthony: Dammit.... CHAIN!!!! He makes the chain unwind from his arm and swings it at Joe but he hits it away and appears in front of Anthony once more smirking evilly. He then punches Ant in the face, kicks him in the chin and knees him in the face making him go on his knees. AGHHHH!!! FUUUCK!!! Anthony begins to get up as the chain is glowing white.

Naya: Anthony?! *What's.... what's wrong with him?!*

Anthony punches Joe in the face in such speeds then kicks him in the leg and grabs the collar of his shirt and throws him. Then he makes the chain wrap around Joe and pull him back towards himself. He hurls a huge earth boulder at him then before it hits Joe, it expands into shrapnel and then he makes it go to impale Joe. He tries to breathe ash to deflect it but most of it enters him and he yelps in such pain and falls to the ground.


The air bubble around Joe to kill him.

Anthony: You.. Anthony makes a earth cross that holds Joe in the position like he's about to be crucified. He then forms a water sprout at the same time and rises to Joe's level. You're done for.... He then starts to form an air bubble around Joe's head that starts to take away his oxygen.

Naya: STOP!!!! ANTHONY STOP! DON'T KILL HIM!!! Anthony doesn't listen and continues but then as Joe's face get's red, tears start to come out his eyes and Naya sees this.

Anthony: I'm tired of you... But then a plasma shot hits Anthony in the back making him stop and fall, only saving Joe by a second. Uhhh... What was- Naya comes and smacks him

Naya: Why didn't you listen!!! You could've killed him!!!

Anthony: N-Naya.. I'm sorry... He gets up and looks at Joe on the earth cross. He deserves that... The chain starts to become invisible and wrap around his wrist again. The crowd begins to awe in wonder and also concern but end up clapping.

Naya: Let's go to the room..

Anthony: As they're walking Come to think of it... You used plasma didn't you...

Naya: Looks at the burn on Anthony's back Oh mi gawsh! I'm so sorry!

Anthony: No no! It's fine! I'm actually kinda happy! You finally used plasma, no matter who it was on. Maybe you should use me as target practice all the time heh.

Naya: No! I will never shoot you again...

They eventually leave and go to their dorm together and sleep.

The Night before Prom.... Edit

It is 9:00 and Carl is waiting for Angel to return from her school training trip because she's supposed to return now. He's at the school gates leaning against it as Oliver is outside laughing with a group of friends

Oliver: Ha! That's awesome.

Friend: Yeah, well we gotta go back to the dorms now. Remember that essay we gotta complete?

Oliver: What? When did she give us an essay?!? We just finished one in class today.

Friend: Yeah, that bitch gave us three.

Friend: Let's go do it now.

The group of friends leave and wait for Oliver but he just spotted Carl

Friend: Hey Ollie, you comin'?

Oliver: Nah, I'll come in a bit.

Friends: Alright. See ya. they leave as Oliver walks to Carl leaning on the gate next to him

Carl: What do you want.

Oliver: The Lightning Shifter Training trip is over and they're coming now. You're waiting for someone from there right?

Carl: Yeah.

Oliver: Girlfriend?

Carl: She's not my girlfriend.

Oliver: What, she dating someone else?

Carl: No.

Oliver: So you just like her?

Carl: That's non of your business.

Oliver: Heh. So I heard you are a Life Shifter. The first one ever.

Carl: Yeah.

Oliver: That's awesome. So how good are you with it?

Carl: What?

Oliver: You're a Gaizer. You should have been trained a lot.

Carl: Yeah but the Gaizers aren't all about fighting. Just good talents.

Oliver: Show me how good of a shifter you are.

Carl: No.

Oliver: Why? Are you weak or just a pussy?

Carl: None.

Oliver: Prove it.

Carl: No, piss off.

Oliver: Ha, just a child. Too scared huh.

Carl: Don't call me a child.

Oliver: Why not kid?

Carl: Piss. Off.

Oliver: Fine. As he slowly walks off Don't need to be a baby about it.

Carl shoots a lightning bolt at him. He stops and slightly turns his head towards Carl and smiles. He turns into a smoke cloud at the cloud hits Carl like a car many times really fast, making him lose balance at each hit

Carl: FUCK!! Carl charges himself with lightning as the smoke hits him, stunning Oliver but the smoke materialises to Oliver, he punches Carl in the face the turns to smoke again and flies behind him and kicks him in the back then turns to smoke again and flies around Carl and re-materialises again and grabs Carl's leg and slams him on the concrete

Oliver: Heh. Weak.

Carl: Picks his face out the ground and suddenly gets really angry Bastard!!! He tries to kick Oliver's leg but Oliver jumps up with smoke to boost him to dodge his leg then turns to smoke and the smoke particles scatter outwards

Carl: *WHAT?!? Where did he go?!?*

A smoke cloud hits Carl, making him fall over

Carl: Arg...WHERE ARE YOU?!?

Oliver is standing on top of the school building

Oliver: Here. At the same time, Carl charges an electrical charge through his hand and holds his hand out as Oliver holds his hand out with smoke coming out as if it's on fire

Carl: You're really good at Smoke Shifting. What's your secret?

Oliver: Intense training.

Carl: Obviously. Carl uses a plant to throw himself at Oliver and prepares to punch him with a reinforced arm but just before he hits, Oliver turns to smoke and Carl lands on the roof and punches it instead, cracking it with the force of his punch Damn.

Oliver re-materialises on the ground watching Carl

Oliver: You missed.

Carl: Shut up. Oliver turns to smoke and dashes at Carl. Carl creates plants to sprout a green poisonous gas. Oliver half-materialises as he dashes forward with his legs in smoke form boosting him but his top half in human form. He grabs Carl and throws him off the roof then turns completely in smoke form and observes him

Carl: Lands on his back OW!! Fuck!!!

The gas hurts Oliver and fuses with him. He flies slowly to the ground while parts of his body such as his arms or legs materialise and de-materialise as he coughs from the gas. He lands in human form on the ground on his knees and arms, coughing like he's dying as smoke comes from his body

Carl: Sits up and holds his head in pain Arg...

Oliver: Crap..

Carl gets up and limps to Oliver. Oliver stops the smoke from coming out of him then stands up

Oliver: I underestimated you. You're twice as weak as I thought.

Carl: Shut. Up.

Oliver explodes into many human shaped smoke clones that surround Carl in a circle

Oliver: The voice comes from the sky making it almost impossible to tell which clone is Oliver Which one am I? Choose the wrong one and they all explode...

Carl: Shit...He looks around at them all, they all look exactly the same *CRAP!! I'm gonna die if they all explode!!* He closes his eyes and breathes in and out a couple times. He opens his eyes and his instincts caused him to reinforce his fist with moss, vines and wood then hit one of the clones, causing that clone to turn into Oliver and fall over as the other clones spread out through the air

Oliver: Good job. *HOW THE HELL?!?* But how did you know?

Carl: I guessed.

Oliver: Stands up Good guess. He holds his right arm out to his side as dust comes into his hand and forms into a wooden staff, the same one Carl stole back from the thugs But let's see you handle this.

Carl: WHAT?!? How did you get that!?

Oliver: You didn't use it much. It isn't yours. The weapon hasn't connected with you so you can no longer summon it.

Carl: I hid that so no-one can steal it again.

Oliver: Yeah, in OUR room.

Carl: How did it summon to you?

Oliver: I went to it when you were out with your mates and I claimed it mine. So it can now fly to me because it's technically mine.

Carl: Put it back.

Oliver: Can't. It's mine till I die.

Carl: That isn't going to be a long time.

They continue to fight, with Oliver winning using the staff. Carl knocks away the staff then jumps at Oliver but he just grabs his head and drags it across the concrete, scratching the skin off his cheek. Oliver walks around laughing and slowly picks up the staff

Oliver: You just don't give up do you?

Carl: Picks his face up as he's bleeding from his cheek and body No! His eyes glow green like before as he starts moaning like he's getting pain around his body. His bones starts moving around, shifting from the inside. His fingers grow claws and his teeth become razor sharp. His body shape changes slightly as his eyes turn into yellow cat eyes. He looks at Oliver

Oliver: Woah, dude?

Carl stares right at Oliver then purrs like a Cheetah does. He runs at him on all fours (his bones rearranged to support this) then pounces at him, then while on top of him, scratches and bites him till he bleeds heavily and screams really loud


A boy walks outside from the school. The same boy that Angel is going to prom with the next day. He came out waiting for Angel. Carl stops biting and looks up at him, recognising him, then jumps at him and bites his arm. Angel's bus just arrived as many students and a teacher come out watching

Angel: OH MY GOD!! Carl?!? STOP!!! Carl sees her and his eyes turn normal and his bones rearrange back to normal as he stands up and his teeth and claws retract

Angel: Runs to Carl What's wrong with you?!? Look at what you did!!

Carl looks at Oliver in a pile of blood, getting helped by the teacher and then looks at Angel's prom date, with a bitten arm and a scared face

Carl: I-I-I-

Angel: You're a monster!! She helps the boy up as the teacher takes them to the infirmary. The students walk past Carl as Carl's head is down, they all look at him as they walk past. Carl is in shock and can only hear Angel calling him a monster

Now it's Prom Night! Edit

Anthony and Naya walk in holding hands and blushing, looking at everyone. Everyone turns around and starts to talk behind their backs about Anthony almost becoming a murderer.

Anthony: Ah, everyone is completely ignoring me...

Naya: Yea... You DID almost kill him...

Anthony: Ugh, whatever. They go to sit down somewhere in another room with pineapple juice, alone.

Angel and her prom date spot them and sit down next to them

Angel: Hey guys!! Her prom date has a cast on his arm from the bite from Carl

Naya: Hey Angel! So this is your prom date?

Angel: Yeah, Brian.

Brian: Hey.

Angel: Have you guys seen Carl? I haven't since what he did last night.

Anthony: I heard. Pretty dick move, but maybe it was for a good reason... Was he out of control or something?

Angel: I came back from the trip and saw him biting Brian. I saw his eyes. He didn't look human. That boy Oliver was nearly dead on the floor. He's in the infirmary now. All the kids on the school trip saw. Everyone is talking about it.

Brian: He's crazy as fuck. Bite me. Who bites someone?!?

Hunter and Hailey walk in, then go to where Ant and Naya are.

Hunter: What'd I miss?

Hailey: Anthony, you need to chill. It was a good fight, but you went outta conttol.

Keith walks in, and about 34% of the girls there swoon.

Keith: That's right everyone, Keith Valor is here. His prom date walks up to him

Hunter: Good God, the prick is here.

Joe then walks in behind him with his date. Anthony then gets up from his seat and walks in front of him and stares at him eye to eye. There is a strong tension as they stare at each other.

Naya: Ant... Stop, get away from him, it's over. You beat him so you have no business with him.

Anthony doesn't listen and continues to stare down Joe. Naya gets up and walks to Anthony and lightly grabs his hand, making Anthony snap out of it.

Anthony: Fine... They give each other a final stare and Anthony goes to sit back down and picks up his juice to drink more in silence. What is he doing here. I hope he learned his lesson...

Carl walks through the doors. Everyone is in silence looking at him. He walks to the group and sits down next to Anthony with his hands on his face. He's wearing his normal clothes instead of new, prom clothes

Carl: Hey.

Hunter: I'm keeping this ready. Hunter gets out his headphones and gets them ready, then forms Shinku Ikari in his hand

Naya: Places her hand on the sword. Put that away. What are you doing? Are you trying to start something? What's with you guys? And hey Carl. You okay?

Anthony: Sup Carl.

Carl slightly looks at Brian, then his arm, then Angel, then looks back down

Angel: Carl...

Hunter: Fine, geez. Allow Ikari to fade away As for them... Points to Carl's situation From what I heard, bad things happened.

Brian: That bastard bit me.

Angel: I don't know why he did it.

Anthony: What happened dude... Why'd you do it?

Carl: I-I...I got mad at Oliver, my roomate... My bones just...they moved from inside...without me touching them...My body changed shape...I got claws and sharp teeth... I ran on all fours like an animal and I...I...I bit him, clawed him...he was screaming for help...then Brain came...I attacked him like some stray animal...I couldn't control myself...

Hunter: Hmm... that's interesting. He must have had some reason. No. I know all too well what happened. His rage overtook him. Anger from his roommate, and at... you, Angel. He must have been sad and angry at you for this. I know how, it's the same with me and these markings. His markings appear randomly Every fucking time I'm near Prick-head over there... Points to Keith I have to hold back the urge to brutally murder him. These markings just happen because of that. It sucks.

Angel: Sad and angry over me for what?

Suddenly they are interrupted by to arms slaming into the table near Carl, with smoke coming from them. It was Oliver with bandages on him, a lot of them

Oliver: Hey prick, you think I'm just gonna forget what happened yesterday? Huh? Well I didn't. You put me in hospital!

Carl: Piss off.

Oliver: Nah, you want to play like that? Wanna try to kill me? Well stand up now! You V me now!

Anthony: Whoa! Chill out! Stands in front of Oliver There isn't going to be any fighting here. Not as long as I'm around. The chain becomes visible around his wrist then turns invisible again. Me and Naya want a perfect night in prom and I don't want anyone to mess it up. Now go back to the fucking hospital or take this outside.

Oliver: His staff forms in his hand from dust then he taps the bottom of it on the ground which makes the lights flicker and the music stop Look at who you're talking to. I could kill you right now without even trying. But I won't. he taps it again which starts the music up again Carl, whatever you did yesterday, that was some new shit that no-one has ever seen. I believe that was some life shifting. It was amazing, so powerful. I must say I wasn't expecting that. But I promise, the next time we fight, I will be prepared...and so should you.

Carl: Okay Oliver. You are a really strong opponent. Your smoke shifting skills are like nothing I've seen before.

Oliver: Thanks, you need to train your lightning more, I barely felt your shocks. Well I gotta go, see ya Carl.

Carl: Bye. Oliver walks to his date

Hunter: What was that about?

Carl: I have no idea. He started off pissed then calmed down...

Hunter: Cool th-

On the outside of the wall, some people in military equipment place some bombs to the wall, back up, then detonate them. This causes the wall to explode, interrupting everyone. They all have enhanced power, great enough to rival a weakened Divine Hero.

Assailant #1: EVERYONE ON THE GROUND NOW!!!!!!!!

One of them walks in with special armor resembling Ultron from Avengers: AOU.

Special armored Assailant: Well now, where's that Valor kid? And his friends?

Assailant #2: Nothing to report, sir. Those three kids are somewhere here though.

SA Assailant: Good. Find them, we'll need them later.

Assailant #2: Yes sir. Salutes him, then goes back to his post, restraining the students there

Hunter: Crap. What do we do?

Anthony: Uhhhh.... Should we fight them?

Naya: NO. I don't want you guys to get hurt... We gotta go... Everyone is already restrained...

Carl: I'm calling my father. When he tries to call his father, a lightning shifter causes an EMP to disable his phone Shit!

Suddenly Anthony's chain around his wrist starts to glow.

Anthony: T-There are alot of corrupt shifters here. My chain... Okay, I'm gonna go out there and try to subdue everyone with the chain. You guys are going to either run or help me subdue them. But it gives you guys time to escape. I've been kinda training with my chain the past week to make it have some special properties.

Carl: Angel, are you alright?

Angel: Yeah.

Carl: Ant, me and you should distract them, Angel, you leave with Hailey, Hunter and Naya.

Hunter: I'll help you guys. Hailey, get out with them. Now. Pulls out his headphones and puts them on, activating his contacts' targeting system as he forms his gloves, igniting them with his sword appearing on his back

Hailey: Alright then.

Anthony: Fine... Ready guys... Set... Anthony dashes out there in his tuxedo and swings his chain off his wrist around at the enemies taken down some. Some duck or jumps and shoot at Ant but he uses his metal to stop bullets and shoot them back at the enemies.

Carl: Can't anything normal happen in our lives for once? Carl creates a flower to produce gas but it's blown away by a wind shifter Crap.

Hunter: Nope. I doubt it. Uses the gloves to propel himself in front of someone, then hits him on the head with the blunt end of sword, knocking him unconscious as he uses his "soft" flames to make someone pass out from the heat, then using them to propel himself above a person and kicking him unconscious Who's next?

Assailant Leader: Hmm. Tough buggers. Raises his hand as everyone aims at Carl, Ant, and Hunter Kill them. I have more important matters to attend too. Find my two contacts here. I need to talk with them. Rests his hand as everyone attacks the three^ as he walks away to find Joe and Keith with some of his men escorting him as a personal guard of sorts

(This guy here ^ is the one wearing the Ultron-like armor.)

Carl: SHIT!! Carl creates bullet proof petals to on his arms to act as shields similar to Captain America's Arrrr!!!!! A thunder sound is heard and a lightning bolt slams the floor and three full grown lions appear and attack the guards HELL YEAH!!! WILD FORCE!! His axe appears in his hand and he throws it at some guards, then he uses lightning to magnetically pull it towards him which, on the way, hits more guards then lands back in hand

Hunter: Nope!! Creates shields, not from light, but with PURE ICE What??? That's not right. Throws the shields at some soldiers, freezing them all in Pure Ice Hmm. Odd. Creates boots from hard light to function like the Iron Man suit, flying at the assailants and shooting them with soft flames and hard light, knocking them all unconscious Take it!!

Anthony: Yo Hunter! He makes water and spins around into a quick tornado, slicing at everyone around him. Was that ice?? Suddenly a few fire grenades get thrown at him and he doesn't have time to react when they all explode and hit Anthony creating a huge fire and all the students scream.

Assailant #7: Target down sir. We're proceeding to the other rebellious ones. They see the girls escaping in the other room and begin to run to try to catch them but Anthony jumps out of the fire with his tuxedo half burned off and ripped and lands in front of them. He smiles in a murderous way.

Anthony: You know you guys messed up right? He spins left and swings his left foot releasing a heavy air swipe at them pushing them so hard they fly out the building. Little did he know when they did that, there were A BUNCH of them outside and they started to flood in. They begin shooting at Ant as he tries to make an ice shield but their guns penetrate and hit Anthony and someone comes from the roof and electrocutes Ant with a huge amount of lightning as he gets covered in water.

As Carl is fighting, his petal shield flies out of hand because he was shot in the wrist

Carl: OWWW!!! Crap!! He's about to throw Wild Force but he freezes mid-swing. His eyes glow green. His spirit attempts to take over him again. He drops Wild Force and starts acting dead.

Carl: M-wh-f-f I-o... What? AHH!! FFFF!!!! NO! You cannot control me!! Carl holds his head like he has a headache then his eyes light up to blue-ish white as electricity starts zapping out his body onto the walls, floor and ceiling. He starts flying a few inches off the ground and moving his body around struggling. A blue lightning circle spreads out from him like an explosion of lightning, frying all the guards and knocking them out, leaving Anthony and Hunter and all the students in the room with minor electric shocks. He drops to the floor, weak

Carl: Ow...

Hunter: What the hell was that? The electric burns start sparking as he heals somewhat as they become minor bruises Seriously? What the hell was that?

Carl: My Spirit wanted control. Angel taught me if my nature goes crazy, use lightning. I feel weak. Before he gets up, a boulder smashes into him, knocking him into a wall. Many more guards come running in wearing armor

Anthony: Damn dude... he gets up and many more guards come in shooting high gusts of air pushing Anthony back then dark fire burns him again throwing him into a wall. AGH!!

Some men come and beat the living shit out of Hunter with jagged boulder arms

In Another place at the school Edit

Assailant Leader: Well?

Keith: Everything's as planned. Hunter's losing his cool, and everything should work

Leader: Good.

Keith: What's your name?

Leader: You may call me... Ultimax.

Keith: Cool.

To Be Continued in Chapter 3 Edit


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