Welcome to the Elemental Shift Role-play series, Balance Academy! This RP will take place at the most prestigious Shifter academy, Balance Academy. This is a private school environment with uniforms, and dormitories. This academy is co-ed, so boys and girls share classes, and if requested, rooms. Don't ask why, I just decided to make it that way. Anyway, here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

The ones currently RPing this is are a few of my friends. Here they are with their OCs you should check out.

So, this roleplay will be done by me and my fellow RPers. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with a power. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. If you want a power combo, please send me the link and I'll approve it. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Remember, some of us have Admin rights and are capable of deleting your character if you are uncooperative with us. Now, let's begin.

 Welcome to Balance Academy! Edit

The story starts with Hunter Kaji, one of our main characters joining the best of the Shifter Academies, Balance academy. He is currently on his way to the academy with several other people via Airships.

Hunter: Well this is boring. Let's see if I can make some friends. Forms a ball of Fire in his hands, then extinguishes it as he walks around trying to make friends when he bumps into another guy by accident Oops, sorry.

Unknown: Hey! Watch it!!!

Hunter: No need to be so mean. Jeez. Walks away and sees a blonde girl *Whoa, she's kinda...* Blushes a little then pulls up his scarf *Cute.* Walks over to the blonde Hi. I'm Hunter:

Blonde: Oh? Turns around and looks at Hunter Oh, hi. I'm Hailey Kano. Holds out her hand for a handshake Nice to meet you.

Hunter: Likewise, Miss Kano. Shakes her hand then pulls his scarf

Another random guy bumps into Hunter

Hunter: Turns around and taps the guy on the shoulder Can I help you with something?

Unknown #2: Yeah, you can suck it! Cracks up as some guys next to him bust out laughing too

Hunter: Well screw you too. His arm begins to form white markings *Crap!* Shakes his arm as he takes a breath and calms himself

Hailey: You okay? Your powers seem a little... uh. uncontrolled.

Hunter: It only happens when someone ticks me off. I probably won't do it near you again.

Hailey: Oh, alright. I'll see ya later, my friends are over there. Bye! Walks over to her group of friends

Hunter: Right. Bye. Continues to walk around until he sees another guy standing alone *Maybe he could be my friend. Time to go.*

An announcement over the speakers begins.

Announcer: Attention all Rank 2 Advanced students, we are approaching Balance Academy. Please procure all luggage, and wait approximately 1 minute before the doors open. Then organize yourselves into an orderly fashion and depart the transport. We thank you for your time aboard Uranus Transports.

Hunter: Oh, okay. Well then. Goes to get his luggage then gets in front of the cargo doors and waits

Everyone line up behind him as the doors open and everyone steps out into a super awesome-looking private school with dorms and everything.

Hunter: Holy crap. This is amazing.

A man dressed in a tuxedo steps out onto a platform

The Man: Hello everyone. I am your principal. My name is Dr. Jackson. Everyone, please go to the sign-in desks and get your room numbers alongside your class schedule and IDs. Enjoy the remainder of your day. Walks back into the Main Office

Everyone signs in and gets their rooms numbers. Hunter getting Room 16. They all then go to their dorms, which are organized into floors with 20 rooms, with 5 floors of 20 altogether. There are 6 dorm buildings, alongside cafeterias. There are 10 more of these set-ups near the Main Office, which includes the Dean's office.

Hunter: Wow. This place is impressive. Walks around when he bumps into someone by accident Oops, sorry.

Kid: My bad bro! He picks up his luggage What's your name?

Hunter: It's cool man. I'm Hunter. Picks up the duffel bag he dropped, then walks away Man, I'm clumsy today. Continues to walk around when he sees a guy that seems about 14 years old Hey kid. I don't think you're supposed to be here. The Rank 1 Advanced class is on that platform. Points to a platform with similar looking Shifters exiting their hovercrafts

14 year old: No, I'm in the right place. I was moved up to rank 2 early because I'm a prodigy. I have special powers and skills. I know, I look young. I'm 14.

Hunter: That makes sense. I'm Hunter. You? Holds out his hand for a handshake

14 year old: Carl Gaizer. He doesn't shake his hand but keeps his hands in his pockets What kind of Shifter are you?

Hunter: How bout I show you? Turns his hand so his palm faces the sky, then forms a White Fireball It's White Fire. What about you?

Carl: Life manipulation. A mix of nature and lightning. he holds his hand out as it sparks up with lightning along with his eyes and a small dog gets created in the spot he points at I can create life.

Hunter: Cool. Extinguishes his White Fireball So... we should go to our rooms. Ya know, to scope things out. Walks away when he sees the same guy he bumped into by accident later Hey dude! Remember me? I bumped into you by accident.

Kid: Huh? Oh yea, what's up bro. I'm Anthony, and you?

Hunter: I think I told you. It's Hunter. Anyway, what room did you get? I got Room 16.

Anthony: Oh, I got Room 11 on the 5th floor. What floor you on?

Hunter: Floor 3. I guess I'll see ya later. Imma check out my room.

Anthony: Alright see ya. He leaves to go check out his room

Hunter goes to check his room, which is a luxurious hotel room with a kitchen, living room with HD Plasma TV, game system, a high-spec computer, and an equally luxurious bathroom with all the things a bathroom would normally have.

Hunter: Cool. This is awesome. TO THE COMPUTER!!!! Goes to the computer and sets it up

Carl goes to his room, 7th on the 2nd floor, and walks in

Carl: Holy crap. This is fucking epic. He creates a few plants to make the place more homely then starts playing the games console

Anthony arrives at his room looking at the structure and then using his earth and water powers to create fountains and waterfalls throughout the place.

Anthony: Ahhhh, already feels like home. He lays on his couch and falls asleep. 

 Later on in the day Edit

The PA system activates.

PA: Attention all students. Please exit your dormitories and approach the Multi-Purpose Room. The principal has asked for a school-wide assembly.

Hunter: Alright then. Puts on his casual clothes, then goes to the MPR

Anthony awakes to this announcement.

Anthony: Wow He rubs his eyes and puts on his regular clothes, combs his mini-afro and leaves with his earphones in his ears and walks to the Multi-Purpose Room.

Carl gets interrupted during his game and rolls his eyes, puts the controller down and exits his room, leaving a Venus-human-trap plant to guard his stuff.

Everyone in the school heads to the MPR and sits down as Dr. Jackson walks out onto a stage

Dr. Jackson: Hello students. Welcome or welcome back to Balance Academy. I hope everyone had an excellent Summer break. Now, Advanced Rank 1 students, I congratulate you all for making it in. I will be explaining the school policies to you all later. As for the other students, you all know what to do. Please try to behave, and show around the Rank 1 students if necessary. Now, all Rank 1s, please head over to the doors to your left. All other students, you may exit on the doors to your right. Enjoy your evening. Rank 1s, the left doors will lead you to a basic coverage of the school and all of its policies. The Vice-principal and I will be with you momentarily.

All Rank 2 and higher students exit to their rights, then proceed to meet up with their friends and hang out with each other.

Hunter: That was a lot less than I expected. Good for us I guess. Begins to free-run around the school out of boredom

Anthony: Ha.. I rather not show these guys around. He uses his wind powers to fly up to the roof of the school and lays down on the edge of the roof, listening to music through his earphones.

Hunter parkours over Anthony without even noticing him.

Anthony: Whoa, hey, Hunter!

Hunter: What? He slows down by using White Fire to thrust himself backwards in the direction he was going Oh, sup?

Anthony: Still laying on his back Nothing bro, where you goin?

Hunter: Nowhere, just free-running around the school. You got any other friends? Sits down next to him

Anthony: Nice, I like free-running, but I hate busting my ass everywhere though... Hehe, anyway, yea, I got a few "friends". I just know most of them like me and kiss up to me because of my sister... You know who she is right?

Hunter: Nope. Not really. Your sister must be really popular.

Anthony: Well, at least someone hasn't heard of her... Her name is Current. He sighs then sits up That's how everyone knows and heard of me, it gets extremely annoying. Teachers are always comparing me. Tch... He gets up Dude you got any siblings?

Hunter: Sits up Nope. Been an only child since I was a little kid. My parents told me that my family helped the First Divine Hero to focus his powers into Omni-Divinity. So that's something. Current huh? Does sound vaguely familiar. What's her real name? And her powers?

Anthony: Becca Pierce. She's Lightning and Water. Her powers are really strong. Especially the water to back up the lightning. And really? That's pretty awesome. Having to meet the First Divine Hero like that.

Hunter: Yeah, so I've been told.

Someone walks up to the roof, Hunter sensing it and turning around quickly, summoning his sword in his hand.

Hunter: Who are you? Holds up the sword in defense

Jake: Why the f*ck are you two up here? You two making out? Forms a shield made from pure shadow

Hunter: In an angry voice You. White markings appear on his right arm and the right side of his face What do you want?!

Jake: Just wanted to see what's up here. You two making out? GAY!!!

Anthony turns around and uses his wind to throw him off the roof but then makes an air sprout to catch him and float him there while spinning around

Anthony: How about you f*ck off kid. I'm pretty sure, Hunter here has a girlfriend and I do too! So f*ck off!!!

Hunter: I'm tempted to cut him apart now. The markings form on the other half of his face and his left arm Nah. It's not worth it. His katana fades into the wind, while the markings disappear Leave him on the roof. Then lock the door. He'll need to use his powers to get down. If he can. Walks to the exit as he throws a light dagger at his shield, breaking it Also, I don't have a girlfriend. I wish though.

Anthony throws the kid off the sprout onto the roof and walks down after Hunter.

Anthony: I don't either, I just tried to support our case. F*ckin' idiots these days. We should've just jumped off the roof haha.

Hunter: Oh, yeah! We coulda parkoured off. Oh well. Imma head back to my room though. We have classes tomorrow. Walks to the bottom floor and walks out the door

Ant exits as well

Hunter: See ya. Free-runs to his dorm, and is just about to open the door when he sees Hailey walks up to him

Hailey: Oh, hey!

Hunter: Hey. Wait, no offense but, why are you here?

Hailey: You don't remember? This school has a room-mate system. I asked to move to your room. Opens the door and walks in

Hunter: I remember... Walks in, closes the door and locks it But I didn't know co-ed room-mates were possible. Goes to the bathroom and gets ready for bed

Hailey: I asked before I transferred. And it apparently is possible. Goes to the kitchen to get a cup of water, then drinks it

Hunter: Finishes up Good for you, I guess. Walks out of the bathroom, then changes into his PJs

Hailey: Yeah, I guess. Walks into the bathroom to get ready for bed

Hunter: I'll take the... Looks to see one, large bed Wait... what the f*ck? Aren't there supposed to be two beds?

Hailey: Hm? Leans out the door brushing her teeth Mmm. Leans back in and finishes up That's odd. I thought there were two beds. Looks at the note left on one of the dressers "This room has been modified for your personal enjoyment. Have fun with this new arrangement." Then there's a smiley face, and a signature from... Throws the note in the trash Dr. Jackson. She gets her PJs and goes to the bathroom to change

Hunter: Great. He's probably laughing his head off.

In Dr. Jackson's office...

Dr. Jackson: Views the Room 16 security cam Hmph. This should be quite an amusing year with these two.

Back in Room 16

Hunter: So... Which side do you want?

Hailey: Walks out of the bathroom in her PJs Hmm... I put my stuff in the left dresser, so I'll take the left side. Goes over to the bed and sits down on her side

Hunter: Fine with me. Sits down on his side, then goes to sleep

Hailey: In a seductive voice Good night. Goes to sleep, then cuddles up to him unconsciously

Over at the school at midnight... Edit

Anthony is walking around the school campus at midnight pondering.

Anthony: *Hmm, I wonder if I should go in the city instead... It's more fun there... Nah, I better stay here.* He decides to walk to the 'Midnight Cafe Lounge' which is in the food court tower, but up 10 floors. He goes up the super fast elevator see the view of the city while relaxing in a bean bag chair. There's a table next to him to put his drink.

A whole group of kids come in the entrance on Anthony's right laughing quietly and sits at the bar-like station to order their food and drinks and laugh.

Anthony: *Tch, a whole bunch of seniors...* He looks to his left to look at the view of New York and instantly relaxes. That's when a girl with brown hair, grey eyes and glasses to match her cute face he's seen in some of his Rank 2 classes walks in with a tank top and sweatpants and goes over to the opposite side of the bar where the seniors are sitting and orders a cup of coffee. *Wow, she's really cute! Okay Ant, go over there...*

Suddenly the group of seniors (which are all male) go over to her and surround her and seems like they are harassing her.

Senior #1: Hahaha! So you're going to come with us?

Senior #2: Quit being a little bitch haha!

As they continue, Anthony gets up quick and walks nervously over there.

Anthony: E-Excuse me? Suddenly all the seniors look at Anthony including the cute girl that looks really sad.

Senior #3: What the f*ck do you want?

Senior #4: Aye Micheal, he's probably come to try to get with her too. He starts to whisper in Anthony's ear. Hey, you wanna join in? We're trying to get her to h- Suddenly he get's punched in the stomach and flipped.

Anthony: You guys are a**holes... He leans forward and grabs the girl's arm and pulls her towards him.

Girl: What the? What are you doing?! You are all creeps! She suddenly electrocutes everyone around her including the adult bartender and runs out the Lounge room. She takes the stairs and speeds herself up with her lightning.

Anthony: S-Shit! Anthony gets kicked in the back and stabbed with a vine-type sword weapon. ARGH!!

Senior #2: Kill this fucker! Everyone gets up and makes construct weapons and try to shoot them and slash at Anthony.

Anthony: T-This is a lounge... He shoots a stream of air through both hands and runs while his wounds are healing. He runs out the room and jumps down the middle of the circular stair case falling down the whole way and using his air to cushion his fall by making air surround the bottom of his feet. He then sees a person running and go into that corner and finds her.

Girl: You sick fu- He covers her mouth and pulls her close to him and puts his back to a corner where the seniors can't see if they came down the staircase.

Anthony: Shush please! I'm trying to protect you from th- He feels them coming down the staircase with his seismic sense and pauses, holding the girl to him with her chest pushing against his chest hard. They wait and as they're holding each other close, he notices her big chest pushing against his and blushes. The seniors suddenly all dash down looking around, but don't look in the corner they're and leave the building to continue searching. They should be gone.. He let's go over but she's still holding onto him and seems to be crying.

Girl: T-Thank you... She looks up at him with teary eyes and smiles.

Anthony: He blushes, but she can't see it with his skin color. No problem... Sorry I suddenly startled you like that...

Girl: No, it's fine. I'm so sorry that I electrocuted you... She lets go and looks away. A-Anyway, what's your name?

Anthony: It's okay! It really is! And uh, my name is Anthony but you can call me Ant... If you want... What about you?

Girl: Name's Naya. Naya Craves... Your last name? I might know you.

Anthony: Uh... I rather not...

Naya: Aww, please?

Anthony: Ugh, okay, it's Anthony Pierce.

Naya: Wait... Like Becca Pierce?? Current?! She's your sister?

Anthony: Sighs and nods Yep...

Naya: W-What, are you not happy she's your sister or something?

Anthony: I don't feel like getting into it right now... Look, I'll talk to you later. What's your number?

Naya: I'm so sorry... And uh... XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Anthony: K, got it. See ya okay?

Naya: I'm sorry... I'll see ya too... Hopefully we have class together.

Anthony: Yea me too He blushes slightly then turns around and leaves out the door.

 Early morning, next day Edit

Carl is walking out the hallway from his room on the second floor towards the elevator and stops outside it, waiting for it to open. It opens and a group of boys and girls looking 16-17 yrs old come rushing out and bump into Carl, making him loose balance then stop next to him watching him

Boy #1: Why the hell is a child here?!?

Girl #1: He's probably lost.

Carl: I'm not, I'm a pro- gets interrupted by being pushed by a boy in the group

Boy #2: Piss off! No-one wants a kid here.

Carl: Don't push me, dick.

Boy #2: Don't call me dick! the boy uses a lava fist to punch Carl to the ground

The group laughs and one kicks him. He gets up angry and tries to walk out the group but gets pushed back in

Girl #2: Hey, this is one of those rich brats from the Gaizer family.

Boy #3: Oh yeah! His dad is one of the richest men in the world.

Girl #3: Lol, let's get some money off him!

Boy #4: Yeah prick! Give me a few million.

Boy #2: And me bitch!

Girl #4: Don't forget me kid!

Carl: I don't give money to baka like you.

Girl #4: Now he's speaking Korean or something!

Carl: Wow, Naze anata wa sono yōna bakadesu ka?

Boy #1: Nah, it's Chinese now.

Carl: Can you fuck off now?

Girl #5: This little shit is disrespecting us now! Johnny! Beat the shit outta him!

Boy #2: Easy babe. He charges his fists with lava and gets ready to punch him. Carl stands with his hands in his pockets while a bunch of vines grab the students arms and legs, bounds them together while strangling them and chocking them. Before they die, he lets the vines go while they struggle to stand up and are coughing. He creates a dog to chase after them while he walks into the elevator, watching them run off screaming away from the dog. The door closes and he heads to the bottom floor as the bell rings for period one

Hunter is walking to class by himself because Hailey left early to meet with her friends when someone purposely bumps into him and blames him.

Unknown: Dude, what's your problem?

Hunter: You bumped into me. You should apologize.

Unknown: Yeah? Well Keith Valor doesn't apologize when he's the victim.

Hunter: Keith Valor, huh? Turns around with his white face markings on his face

Keith: Yeah, most badass Shifter ever! I'm gonna be the Divine Hero someday. And I will make sure you apologize. Do it now, and I'll spare you from any injustice in the future.

Hunter: If you are who you say you are... Forms a ball of White Fire in his hand Show me your power.

Keith: Alright ya Noob. Forms a ball of Pure Shadow in his hand Only very few Shifters have had a power that is either Light or Shadow. Which means I'm gonna be the Divine Hero.

Hunter: Baka. You really do have some dreams, ya know.

Keith: They ain't dreams, they gonna be real one day. You'll see. Now, apologize.

Hunter: Anata seikō.

Keith: Apology accepted. If that's what that meant.

Hunter: The markings fade as he grins Yeah, sure. Walks to his first period the same moment the first bell rings

(This happened at the same time as Carl's predicament. Don't hate, don't judge.)

Carl's elevator opens and he walks out to the door of his first class while he bumps into Hunter who is trying to enter the same room

Carl: Gomen'nasai, you enter first.

As this happens... Edit

Anthony is going to his first period taking the elevator then meets Naya again.

Naya: Hey Anthony!

Anthony: He waves and catches up to her What's goin' on?

Naya: Ah, nothing, just feeling a little sad that's all...

Anthony: Huh? Why??

Naya: I still can't seem to master my plasma powers...It's so difficult! I can see why they call this the hardest power to master. It's like... You have to put a certain ratio of lightning and fire... And its just annoying.

Anthony: Oh.. W-Well maybe I can help you train today or something?

Naya: She slightly blushes then comes to a realization Wait! What are your powers? Do you have anything other than wind? How can you help me train?

Anthony: So you haven't heard, that's good! He laughs a little Well, my powers aaaaare Wind, Earth and Water.

Naya: Whoa what?! You have three powers? That's pretty rare though...

Anthony: Yeaaaap, my mom had water while my dad had earth and I kinda got those already mixed together when I was born, since they were two dominants.

Naya: Wait so what about wind?

Anthony: So get this, both my parents had a natural affinity to wind from their ancestors, since they were apparently really strong wind users. So since wind was my recessive power, I decided to focus on that and bring that up as well as un-mixing my Water and Earth powers. So long story short: I can definitely help you train!

Naya: That's awesome... Thank you so much. Wait, what's your first period?

Anthony: Oh, I got Mr. Burgeron. You?

Naya: Awhh! I got Miss Stoner.

Anthony keeps talking with Naya as he walks her to her class. They finally arrive at Miss Stoner's class.

Naya: Well Anthony I'll see you later after school?

Anthony: Yup! See ya Naya. They hug tightly as she goes into her classroom. Anthony is smiling to himself and turns around to see a senior from last night waking angrily at him. *Wonderful...*

Senior: Hey! He walks up to him and grabs him by the collar.

Anthony: He's pushed against a wall Tch... What do you want... I'm gonna be late for cla- He gets punched hard in his stomach

Senior: Listen kid.. I'll fucking kill you after school for last night... You hear me? You'll pay for what you did... You don't want to get us angry. Suddenly a blast of water hits him sending him flying and surrounds him freezing him in a weird, statue-like way with his body. AGH WHO THE FUCK!?

The senior and Anthony look up to see Miss Stone pointing her hand at the senior.

Miss Stone: Micheal, what did I tell you about cursing and bullying other students?! I'm going to send you to the Dean's now. Come inside my classroom, NOW. the ice melts and the water comes back around Miss Stone. Sorry about that, young man. Micheal here is a bit of a delinquent... you could say. Have a nice day! She goes inside with Micheal

Anthony: Thanks Naya...

Naya: No problem Ant.. It's alright if I call you that right?

Anthony: Hahaaha, it's no problem. He hugs her again and as they separate, their eyes meet each other then they go separate ways.

Anthony walks down the stairs and ends up at his first period class, Mr. Burgeron. Then the first bell rings.

Back to Carl and Hunter Edit

Hunter: Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita. Wait... aren't you Carl? We met yesterday?

Carl: Yeah...Hunter, right?

Hunter: Yeah. I guess we got a class together. Walks into the class, the teacher and some students already sitting at their desks and the remainder up talking with their friends

Teacher: Ah. Welcome back Hunter. Mr. Gaizer, please come in.

Carl: Hmm... Looks at one of the empty seats at the back and sits there I expected a bigger room. Oh well.

Hunter: Yeah, but ya get used to it. Oh, where's my seat this year, Mr. Ackerman?

Mr. Ackerman: Oh, it's free choice today. Go ahead and sit anywhere. As he says this, Hailey walks in Ah, Ms. Kano. Please, have a seat anywhere you'd like. Today's free choice. While he's talking with Hailey, Hunter sits down near the window at the end of the row

Hailey: Oh, thanks Mr. Ackerman. Sits down in a seat nearby Hunter

Hunter: *What the hell? She sat near me? Okay... awkward.*

Hailey: *Yes, I got a seat near Hunter! This is awesome.*

Carl: Looks at Hunter's eyes *Those two are so in love. I can see it in their eyes haha* He smiles to himself as the teacher begins talking about how a Shifter's powers work

Mr. Ackerman: Now, a Shifter is born with the innate ability to control this power. It's like how we can all move our limbs, or walk and talk. Scientists have analyzed blood samples of Shifter with one of the base abilities. They have concluded that thus far, each Shifter is born with unique genetic sequences that allow for us to command and control the elements like it's nothing. Though it's still undecided as to how each sequence was created, it's still an interesting concept. Now, i am aware that some of us here have more than one element or a Power fusion. Anyone with these powers, raise your hand.

A quarter of the class raises their hands, Carl and Hunter included.

Mr. Ackerman: I see. Now, all of you have been born with a different and specific form of the genetic sequence that allows you to manipulate two or three powers. This means that you all have higher chances of becoming the Divine Hero. It has been stated that out of the 200 Divine Heroes, only 15 have had access to even more power than usual. Archaeologists have created several hypotheses, some stating that those 15 are born with genetic traces of the First Divine Hero's blood, other stating that they simply had better access due to meditation or some form of mental calamity. Many still wonder how and why those 15 gained even better control of Omni-Divinity, the Divine Hero's main power. Although, those 15 had fought off a Corrupt Hero, either of the past or one created from evil feelings taking power and forming a corrupted form of Omni-Divinity. As such, this is how the Corrupt Hero was named. But enough about that. Today, we're doing a reaction time test. Everyone can partner up with anyone else, and groups can be no more than four people. Group up, grab a lab sheet, then head outside for further instructions.

(Clunky exposition is clunky. *Sin count: +1*)

Everyone gets up and partners up together.

Hunter: Hey, Carl. You wanna partner up?

Carl: Sure. You know, my ancestor was the previous Divine Hero. He says that as he gets the sheet

Hunter: The most recent Divine Hero? 'Cause my parents said that my family helped train the First Divine Hero and helped him to focus on creating Omni-Divinity through hard work and meditation. So every day, before I do my homework, I meditate on my bed to calm and collect myself to help focus on my work. Then, I finish that stuff in an hour tops. 30 minutes minimum.

They both walk outside and wait as everyone else follows.

Mr. Ackerman: Well class, looks like everyone is partnered up and we're all good. Now, Carl and Hunter, since you guys got here first, why don't we have you guys demonstrate.

Hunter: Sure, why not? Walks up to Mr. Ackerman

Mr. Ackerman: Excellent. Carl, would you like to take notes on this or help demonstrate? If you want to help, you don't need to fill out the sheet, and I'll give you both an A+ for participating.

Carl: I'll participate. Walks up to Mr. Ackerman So what do we do sir?

Mr. Ackerman: Well, I'll need two more volunteers, so Kenzie and Christina. I'll need you two to fire a projectile at either Hunter or Carl. Choose whomever you want to shoot. Now Hunter and Carl, you two must react in your own different ways. No defensive constructs though, and you may dodge. Whenever you're ready.

Hunter: Ready? Looks to him as his hands catch fire

Carl: Places hands in pockets then nods his head

Kenzie and Christina prepare to fire, then each shoot a stream of lava and water at Hunter and Carl respectively.

Hunter: *Right, Lava comin' at me.* Instinctively dodge rolls to the right, then shoots a White Fire ball at Kenzie

Kenzie: Eek! Forms a lava shield to protect herself

Carl bends himself backwards to the ground to dodge like a limbo then the grass grab him and pull him underground, disappearing beneath the soil. A black human-sized rose grows out the ground behind Christina then the petals spread open, revealing Carl standing in the centre.

Carl: Missed. Vines attach around her legs and arms, subduing her Easy, I was expecting more from the students at this school.

Hunter: That was easy. Do you have a better challenge?

Mr. Ackerman: Well, we could have the rest of the class shoot you.

Hunter: Hmm... Why not? Carl?

Christina: Could you please let me go?

Carl: That would be fun. he forms Wild Force and cuts her free then walks with Wild Force over his shoulder towards Hunter

Meanwhile in Anthony's first period.. Edit

Teacher: Alright class, settle down. My name is Mr. Burgeron and in this class you will learn how to become one with your shifting abilities. As you all know, meditating with your abilities helps hone them and helps you become "one" with your abilities growing stronger and better.

Anthony: Hey Teach, isn't it true that you can gain for abilities too?

Teacher: Yes, Anthony. By growing closer with your powers, you can get more and more access to them. And that's what this class is about. Meditating to grow your abilities.

The class begins to groan of boredom.

Teacher: Haha, now everyone, it's not like your normal meditating class. This will involve some gruesome training as well. Because if you want to get stronger, you have to learn to go through hard times and still be able to concentrate and have the advantage over your enemies. Now, everyone go outside to the gym and wait for instructions.

Everyone gets up laughing and playing around with their friends as Anthony walks outside by himself. Someone bumps into him and turns around to Anthony.

Kid: Pierce..

Anthony: Joe Robs... You're in this class too huh...

Joe: Yep. Didn't know you were in here until you raised your hand to seem smart.

Anthony: I had a question... Get over it...

Joe: Because of your sister, you think you're better than everyone else. Well that's not the case Pierce.

Anthony: Shut up... Fuck my sister, she means nothing to me but a show off. How about when we get to do our assignment, we'll see who's better.

Joe: Heh... Fine... They walk to the gym outside and everyone waits.

Teacher: Okay guys, now this is an activity where you need to attack the person who will be sitting down meditating and using their powers to block attacks. But the trick is to be stationary and not move a muscle while everyone attacks. This IS an advanced meditating class which you guys asked your guidance counselors to pick, so you should have no complaints about this.

(This class is (Advanced Placement Meditation) AP Meditation. A super advanced college type level class which students can pick to hone their skills more before they head out to the open world. These type of classes require lots more training, focus and talent. They test you in these subjects if you pick AP and see if you are qualified.)

Teacher: Now, who wants to go first? If nobody raises their hands, I'm going to go off the roster and pick.

Anthony raises his hand and people begin to make snarky comments under their breath.

Teacher: Good! Now Anthony, sit there he points to a spot on the ground and someone will come here and attack you and you have to defend with your powers without moving. I'm sure you can do it.

Anthony sits on the ground and crosses his legs and closes his eyes and begins to become one with the earth beneath him. He breaths out deeply and his heart rate begins to slow.

Joe: I got this Mr. B. Everyone backs off as Joe steps in front of Anthony. He runs at Anthony and shoots a fire blast from his fist, but as he does that, Anthony turns the earth under him to quicksand and makes him sink missing his fire shot. Joe uses his nature to make vines, to pull himself out and throw him in the air. He then creates vines that come from the ground around Anthony and go towards him at great speeds.

Anthony: ... Anthony breaths out again and then before the vines hit him, they stop.

Everyone is surprised and shocked at the sudden stop of the vines.

Student: Wait, he can't control Nature! How is he? Suddenly Joe lands on the ground also shocked. That's when a huge amount of water comes out the vines and makes 2 streams of water, swirling around each other and hits Joe making him fly back.

Anthony: Haa... He sighs deeply. That's when two more students shoot wind blasts at him but he raises and earth block to block them. Then lightning gets shot from the sky at Anthony and he makes 8 earth boulders come out the ground and at the lightning to make them all explode and stop the lightning.

Teacher: Interesting... *To do all this even while not moving. He's pretty talented...* Everyone stop now.

Everyone is glaring at Anthony as he gets up breathing heavily.

Anthony: *I overdid it...*

Teacher: Okay. Next student!

Back to Carl and Hunter Edit

Mr. Ackerman: Alright class, prepare to fire...

Hunter and Carl prepare to dodge.

Mr. Ackerman: Now!

The rest of the class all shoot their projectiles at Hunter and Carl.

Hunter: *Sh**, that's a lot. Alright, now.* Hunter's marking appear suddenly glowing gold this time, which helps him to focus as he instinctively forms Shinku Ikari to slash apart solid projectiles while dodging the metaphysical ones

Carl: Finally some action. Carl spins around with leaves moving around him like a tornado then he moves like a spinning top and dodges all the projectiles while creating vines to grabs some students

Hunter: Dodges the last projectile aimed at him You don't need to subdue them. Bonus points Mr. Ackerman?

Mr. Ackerman: Sure, why not?

Hunter: Watch out! Jumps in front of Mr. Ackerman, then cuts apart a random projectile Whew, that was close.

Mr. Ackerman: Very. Thank you very much for helping you two.

Hunter: Dōitashimashite. Wasn't a big deal.

Carl stops spinning

Carl: Easy. And that tornado thing is new. I didn't know I could do that.

Hunter: Yeah, that was cool. I didn't know I could react that fast.

Mr. Ackerman: Yes, training will bring out more of your dormant powers. All academies have a sort-of hidden policy that all classes will have some form of physical training to help the Student Shifters draw out more of their dormant powers. Such is the case with Carl's Tornado dodging, and Hunter's rather peculiar facial markings and armband-like tattoos in the gold.

Hunter: Wait, what? The gold markings fade before Hunter could look What do you mean? I don't see anything. As he says that, he lifts his arms up to see the markings Mr. Ackerman mentioned, then rests them as he realizes his sword is still in his hand Oh, crap. The sword fades into the wind

Mr. Ackerman: Well, the bell is about to ring for Period 2, so let's all continue this tomorrow and pack up. Everyone goes back into the class to pack up and wait for the bell

As the day continues, here comes lunch Edit

Anthony goes to lunch with his earphones in and hood on as he sees everyone hugging and talking for seeing each other again for another year.

Anthony: He sighs out of boredom and walks into the line and waits to get his food.

Hunter walks into the cafeteria with a bowl-shaped container, and a brown paper bag, then finds an empty seat and sits down.

Hunter: I wonder where everyone is. I know Carl should be part Japanese, considering I could talk with him in Japanese. Ant's probably somewhere right now. Looks up and sees Ant waiting in the lunch-line, then waves at him

Carl sits next to Hunter, surprising him, with a plate of food

Carl: Hey Hunter. Looks at Anthony Who's that?

Anthony: I'm Anthony Pierce. What about you?

Carl: looks into Ant's eyes You're jealous of your sister, aren't you? You hate when people think of her when they see you, don't you? Don't worry, I feel the same when my parents expect more from me because of my siblings. I'm Carl Gaizer.

Anthony: ...Dude... You get me... I can tell we're gonna be best friends. Lightly punches him Nice to meet you bro. He gets out the rice, chicken, salad, beans and sauce and mixes it. He then drizzles sour cream on top then starts to eat.

Carl: What kind of Shifter are you? I'm guessing a powerful one...

Anthony: 3 way shifter. Earth, Water and Wind. You? He says this causally as he takes a forkful of his meal then sips his soda.

Carl: Nature and Lightning. 3 way? Cool.

Hunter: How do you do that? Opens the container, revealing a bowl of ramen, then opens the bag to get his chopsticks, then eats the ramen with the chopsticks

Carl: You can tell a lot from a person's eyes, voice and facial expressions. I also have a strong bond with nature, humans count. But it's really hard to read a humans mind.

Anthony: Hm? So does that mean you can tell when people are lying? Because I can too. Through the vibrations through the earth. I can tell by the slightest change in their physical response, heart rate or breathing.

Carl: Correct. That's pretty interesting too. I can also create animals. If you're wondering why I look young, it's because I'm 14. Ever heard of the Gaizer family? Of course you have.

Hunter: Yeah. The Gaizer family always has a high rank or celebrity status. I guess that's cool. But they expect a lot from you, huh? I bet that little sister of yours doesn't have a Final Form. They have a special class for that here. With special permission, we could all take it. It's for Advanced Rank 3 and 4 Shifters only anyway.

Carl: I could ask my father. He would definitely get us in.

Hunter: Well sure. But I'd rather ask Mr. Ackerman. I was his favorite student last year. He'd be able to get me in.

Anthony: Same, I'll ask Mr. Burgeron... You know what, I'm gonna do it now. he gets up and throws his empty lunch away Cya, guys. Then he walks to Mr. Burgeron's class.

Carl: My father could get us in right now. It'll only take 5 minutes. He has connections.

Hunter: Finishes his ramen, then opens the bag up and takes out a box of sushi Want some?

Carl: Nope. Got my own. gets out his sushi Heh. gets his phone out then texts his father I really like sushi. Almost as much as spaghetti.

Hunter: I don't think your father know my family. Maybe you should try to message him about me. My last name is Kaji. Opens the box of sushi Mmm. Tempura Shrimp rolls. My favorite. Eats the sushi, opens the bag and pulls out a thermos containing iced tea, then pours some into the cap to drink Mm. Iced tea and sushi. Best Asian meal you could get. Aside from an actual, freshly-prepared meal from Asia.

Carl: He replied. He doesn't know your family but he can still get you in. He got me in. He can get you in too.

Hunter: Yeah, sure. It'll be quicker, right? Finishes his sushi and iced tea, then packs up the thermos and chopsticks in the bag

Carl: He got you in. Let's go check it out. The bells about to ring.

Hunter: Right. Thanks. Gets up, then goes to the Final Form training class Just follow me. I know my way around this school. Let's of free-running and Parkour. Walks up to the FF Training, followed by Carl Here we go. Opens the door and walks in

Teacher: Ah, welcome. You must be Hunter Kaji. Now, where's Mr. Gaizer. He should be here.

Carl: Right here sir.

Anthony is sitting in the class with his feet on the chair in front of him.

Anthony: Hey guys.

Carl: So what's this class about?

Teacher: Well then. Class is just about ready. Since you all got here on the first day of class, you've been assigned to my beginning course. This should help out. As he says this, the bell rings and about 20 Advanced Rank 3 students walk through the door Alright class. Welcome. This will be your entry to learning about your Final Form and accessing it. So, I'll need everyone to line up, and we'll get started. The students all line up, Hunter, Ant and Carl at the front Good. Now, I'm sure you've heard that a Final Form takes a while to train and create. So, I will be using my personal method of training. It's short, sweet, and simple. The main part will be summoning your powers in a physical form. By that, I mean you need to bring forth the Spirit of your power. That, will be resolved with this. He pulls out a grey, cardboard cut-out resembling a human This is of my invention. I call it the Urahara Dummy. The Urahara Dummy will summon your Elemental Spirit and materialize it here. There's enough for everyone, so everyone grab one. All the students grab an Urahara Dummy

Hunter: Huh. Now what?

Teacher: Excellent point Mr. Kaji. Now, everyone summon your Elemental Weapons. If you don't have one. Just cover your fist in your element.

Anthony: Hm okay! He makes a small ball of water, a small ball of air and a small ball of earth in one hand.

Hunter: I don't think that's how it works, Ant. But okay. Summons Shinku Ikari sheathed on his back, then draws it

Teacher: Now then. Punch, stab or strike your Dummy with your chosen element, and let the magic happen.

Hunter: Yeah. Stabs the Dummy, then lets go of it as it stands on its own, then takes the shape of Hunter, only it has a pale skin complexion, an inverted version of his school uniform, and inverted eyes, a black sclera and pupils and bright red irises, with the sword sheathed on his right Whoa, okay. The sword then forms a blob of gold energy as it separates itself and forms another humanoid, this time wearing the Wetwork armor from Halo 4 in a red and white color scheme, a molded in trench-coat, and a sleeker, more human-like design Huh. Which one of you is my real power?

Wetwork: Talking in a bold voice I am Akai. I represent your White Fire.

Hunter: Okay. Then what about you?

Inverted Hunter: Talking in a hollow, echoing voice Oh me? Well, what's the name of your sword?

Original Hunter: Shinku Ikari. Why? Unsheathes another Shinku Ikari on his back

Shinku Ikari: Because that's my name.

Hunter: Is this normal?

Teacher: Well... yes and no. It's uncommon to have multiple Elemental Spirits, but it's also a sign that you may be the next Divine Hero.

Hunter: I'm sorry, what?

Teacher: It's possible you are the next Divine Hero.

Anthony: Whoa!! Lemme see if I am! He covers his fist in water then punches the dummy. The dummy turns into Anthony wearing his clothes and a blue dragon wrapped around his body.

Blue Dragon Anthony: In a bold voice. I am Soma. Your water spirit. Suddenly another one breaks off from Soma and turns into Anthony with a brownish/golden snake wrapped around his body

Gold Snake Anthony: In a bold voice. I am Ban. Your earth spirit. That's when another Anthony breaks off from Ban and turns into another Anthony with a grayish/reddish Phoenix on his shoulder and a long tail wrapped around his body.

Grayish Phoenix Anthony: In a bold voice. I am Cain. Your wind spirit.

Anthony: This. Is. AWESOME!! I love how the animals talk instead of my spirit self.

Carl: My turn. He forms his axe and stabs the dummy. The dummy turns into a humanoid swamp/plant monster with green glowing eyes, staring right into Carl's eyes. Carl stands there, he drops his axe and just stares blindly at the monster. Carl's eyes glow the same colour with his mouth open. He gets an angry facial expression.

Hunter: Carl, are you okay? He's about to tap Carl on the shoulder

Teacher: I sense a great power in this one. Taps Carl's spirit on the shoulder But that power has a sense of... anger within. A sense of hoping to become the Divine Hero. Since Carl has Lightning and Nature, he also has a high chance of becoming the Divine Hero. That combo so far has been a rarity, appearing only in Divine Heroes themselves.

The spirit disappears with Carl standing angry with glowing green eyes. He then screams with lightning surrounding him like an aura and plant life growing on the area around him and on his skin.


Hunter: Holy f**k!!! His powers! They're out of control!! We need to do something!

Teacher: Looks like that anger got the best of him. Everyone stand back!! Hunter, see if you can calm him down.

Hunter: Ryokai. Draws Shinku Ikari, which brings his spirits next to him Alright. Shinku Ikari, what can you do?

Shinku Ikari: I can try to calm him down.

Hunter: Alright. Akai, clean the plants after we calm him.

Akai: Very well. Fades into the blade

Hunter: Alright. Didn't want to use this, but I guess I'll have too. Ikari, set yourself to stun and make sure you knock him unconscious. Don't kill him.

Ikari: Very well. Whispering I must become whole. Nothing will work unless I am whole. Make us whole. Make us whole. Fades into the blade after whispering the past three sentences

Hunter: Anata no shinkei o shizumeru!!!! Hunter stabs Carl with his sword, not wounding or hurting Carl in any way, instead forcing him into an unconscious state, while Hunter himself also passes out, dropping the sword and burning away the rogue plant-life Carl created as they both go back to normal. Their Urahara Dummies return to the cardboard states as their weapons fade away

Teacher: Get them to the infirmary. Now! Four students take Hunter and Carl to the school's infirmary, which is a separate building with all the same stuff a hospital would have

Later that day Edit

It's around 8:00PM PST, and Hunter and Carl are laying in the infirmary after the incident earlier, when Hunter wakes up.

Hunter: Ooohhh. My head hurts like crazy. Gets up and puts a hand on his forehead

Carl opens his eyes but they're still glowing. They stop the he gets up, sitting up on his bed

Carl: Wow. What happened?

Doctor: You passed out for over an hour. Your powers went crazy so Hunter had to stop you. You can leave now, you're all healed up.

Carl: Wow. Carl gets up and walks outside the infirmary but he accidentally walks into a cute, white haired girl with blue eyes wearing a polo shirt and school trousers, and trainers

Carl: Sorry, my mistake.

Girl: It's okay. I should've been more careful.

Carl: No it's my fault, I was walking too fast.

Girl: Hey aren't you Carl Gaizer?

Carl: Yeah.

Girl: I've seen you on T.V before.

Carl: Oh, yeah I've been on there a lot before.

Girl: I'm Angel Mari. I'm in rank 1.

Carl: I'm in rank 2.

Angel: But you look 14.

Carl: I am. They moved me up because I'm a Life Shifter.

Angel: A life Shifter?

Carl: A combo of Lightning and Nature. Nature is dominant, Lightning is recessive. What about you?

Angel: I'm a Storm Shifter. A Wind-Lightning combo.

Carl: That's pretty cool.

Angel: Hey I gotta go now but I'll see you later. What floor is your room on?

Carl: 2. Yours?

Angel: 3. Well bye.

Carl: See ya. She walks off *Woah, she was kinda cute...*

Hunter: Well. It hurt having to do all that. Tries to get off the bed but sits back down Ow! The whole body ache is real. Man. Why does it hurt so much?

Doctor: When we took the X-rays, you were fine. No broken or fractured bones. Maybe your muscles are sore from how quickly you responded or how much Elemental energy you infused into Carl to stop him, because we found some traces of your Elemental energy on Carl's clothing.

Hunter: Hm. I'll just suck it up. Takes a deep breath, then gets up, being able to stand up as his golden markings appear *It doesn't hurt as much anymore. It feels like i just bruised my arms.* Wait, can I see the mirror please?

Doctor: Sure, here you go. Hands Hunter a hand mirror

Hunter: What? Holds the mirror up to his face, then sees the gold facial markings Umm. is this normal? Hands the doctor the mirror

Doctor: Those markings were on your face and arms when you got here. They faded away after 16 minutes of recovery.

Hunter: I guess that something is helping me to live. Thanks doc.

Doctor: No problem. And my name is Dr. Shizuka. Trinity Shizuka

Hunter: Right. Thanks. Dr. Shizuka. Walks back to his dorm, with the facial markings disappearing the moment he walked out the infirmary's door, though they still have their healing properties I'm so tired. Imma take a nap when I get to my bed. Opens the door to see Hailey in her underwear doing her homework Umm... Blushes intensely

Hailey: Eep! Falls out of her chair Hunter! I.. uh... I-I can explain. Just close the door!!!

Hunter: Right. Walks in and closes the door quickly So... what the hell happened while I was out?

Hailey: Oh... uh... I got here. But I didn't see you anywhere, so I decided to take my clothes off and.. uh... do my homework like this. She talked real quickly then slowed down, blushing. Both out of embarrassment. Yeah.

Hunter: So you weren't sexually assaulted while I was unconscious?

Hailey: No, why would you think that?!

Hunter: You're in your underwear. I thought someone was gonna do something to you, but you somehow scared them off. Walks over to his bed, then falls on it Man, I'm still tired. Did we have much homework?

Hailey: Uh... nothing in History, and nothing in Math. Why?

Hunter: I don't want to have a late or missing assignment. Checks his school app, which has his grades and all assignments due soon already turned in Let's see. Yeah. no homework for me. What about you? Gets up to change into his PJs, then flops back down on the bed with his markings disappearing while he changed

Hailey: Oh, just doing some last minute studying for my English quiz tomorrow. I'm done anyway. Packs her stuff up for tomorrow

Hunter: Right. Good for you. I'm goin' to sleep. I'm still tired from earlier today.

Hailey: Yeah I heard. Someone's powers went outta control and you stopped them with some chant and your weapon. Did it hurt him?

Hunter: I think he's fine, but I'll ask tomorrow. Night. Falls asleep

Hailey: Yeah, night. Goes over to the bed and falls asleep next to Hunter, unconsciously cuddling with him again

 Over in the training ground... Edit

Anthony: Okay Naya, try again.

Naya: UGH! It's so hard! She puts out both her hands and concentrates an equal ratio of fire and lightning in both hands but it just causes a little spark explosion. Fuck! This is so frustrating Ant.. I can't do this.

Anthony: Listen to me he grabs both her shoulders and looks at her in the eye yes. you. can. I know you can.

Naya: She blushes as he grabbed her shoulders Ugh... Ant... She gets up and gets her stuff I'm going to bed... It's almost time to sleep and I'm tired as fuck. I'll see you tomorrow... She turns around and starts running toward the building and eventually enters.

Anthony: Ugh. He sits on a bench and thinks about her and life. He rests his arms on the top part of the bench and lays his head back on it too to look at the stars.

Carl walks over and sits on the same bench leaning forward with his hand on his head

Carl: Hey Anthony. Looks in his eyes You're stressed because you can't get someone more powerful?

Anthony: Nah man. Just worried for Naya because she's so close but can't seem to access her Plasma power. Plus a little guilty that I made her mad at me. Sigh

Carl: It's the lightning isn't it? That's always a bitch to control. I can't use my lightning much, just electric shocks.

Anthony: I guess. She can't seem to form it too much or if she does, she can't really harness it for too long.

Carl: There are classes specifically for lightning Shifters. I'm taking it. You should get her to join.

Anthony: Alright, get your dad to get her in. She'll most likely wanna take it.

Carl gets his phone out and texts his dad

Carl: Yeah, she starts tomorrow, same class as me.

Anthony: Thanks man. You seriously need to meet a girl your age He chuckles a bit

Carl: I did like 10 minutes ago. I could tell she was interested. She also asked for my room number. Her name is Angel Mari.

Anthony: But you were at the hospital. Why was she there? And she sounds cute... How old is she though? Older than you?

Carl: I walked out the hospital and accidentally bumped into her. She's 14. In rank 1. She's... Cute.

Anthony: Hahaha, Carl's in loooooove! You should go see her tonight. It's only 10:43.

Carl: I'M NOT!! She's probably asleep anyway.

Anthony: ha, whatever kid. You love her. ANYWAY! Wanna have a training sesh?

Carl: Sure. Gets up Let's have a fight!

Anthony: Heh... Gets up and stretches his arms then walks to one side of the training ground. A cold breeze then hits then both and Anthony leans his head back smiling Nature is awesome.

Carl: Obviously. He puts his arms into a fighting stance then pushes his fist forward in a punching style causing vines to sprout out at Anthony

Anthony: Let me do my training as well. Anthony suddenly just falls on his butt and in a criss cross with his legs. He then causes a gust of air to surround his body and the vines follow the current, curving around Anthony. He then combines the air with water and launches the combo attack as it's spinning in a tornado fashion towards Carl.

Carl: Ha!! Carl causes a tree to sprout from beneath him, launching him up then he wraps himself in a ball of vines with thorns and smashes into Anthony

Anthony: Ant is covered with rock skin right before he smashes into him and doesn't move but then controls the water in the vines to throw Carl off of him. *Wow... It's pretty hard to control the water in his vines... He has great control over them...* Then Anthony rises 3 boulders around him, compresses them into really small rocks and sends out really sharp and condensed shrapnel at super high speeds at Carl.

Carl: SHIT!! Carl creates a human sized rose around him and reinforces the petals to block the shrapnels

Anthony: *Way more control than Joe.* That's when a wooden dragon comes out from the tree next to Carl and opens it's mouth and hits the rose breaking it and smashing into Carl with great force. *Dammit, this uses a lot of energy.. I need to keep concentrating in class..*

Carl gets smashed into the wall, hurt. He gets up

Carl: Woah. Not many people could break that rose. Well done. But now... He places his hand out as lightning surrounds and his eyes spark up. A lightning sound is heard and a bear gets created in front of Anthony.


Anthony's 540 Kick

Anthony: Guess, that was my limit! Now I gotta wrestle a bear... Hehe. Anthony throws off his shirt to reveal his toned body and gets ready. He then runs at the bear and slides under it and throws a water whip over it's head turns it into and ice chain that wraps around it's head and jerks on it super hard to make the bear lose it's balance. 

The bear breaks the ice and turns around to Anthony

Carl: Yeah, my bears are a little stronger than normal.

Anthony: How? It was just ice. He turns the ground beneath the bear into quicksand and makes earth chains come in and wrap around the bears body forcibly pulling the bear into the quicksand then stomps his foot onto the ground. As he does this he does a backflip and lands on the ground stompin his left foot making a boulder come up and then turning around while doing a 540 kick chucking the giant rock at Carl.

Carl Gestures him arm to make vines come out the ground and grab the rock, crushing it then he creates a Venus human trap that eats Anthony whole

Carl: SHIT!! Are you still alive in there?

Anthony: The Venus fly trap forcibly opens and Anthony walks out bleeding a little Yea? Why wouldn't I be? Not like it hurt or anything, it's only a plant. He absorbs the water out of the fly trap and makes a water gimbal (two rotating rings of water) around his body and get's ready.

Carl: Yeah but if you would've stayed in there for a few more seconds, the acid would've killed you. You attack first.

Anthony: I was forcing the acid away from my body. The water falls to the ground You're pretty good though, you live up to your rep. He walks to his shirt and picks it up Fight me again sometime dude. He wraps his shirt around his neck Cya man, you helped me get out of the mood. Cya in Final Form class. Anthony runs and uses his air to boost him up past the gardens and gates and to his building where he opens his window to get inside easier.

Carl: Heh..

The next day in FF ClassEdit

Teacher: Welcome back everyone. Hunter, Carl, I sincerely hope you two are okay.

Hunter: I'm fine, sir.

Teacher: Ah, I haven't introduced myself yet, huh? Well my name is Mr. Yeager. Forgot to tell you all yesterday. So, we'll try to get you to up to speed. Class was cancelled yesterday due to the.. uh... incident. So, we'll continue from yesterday. Everyone, go ahead and summon your spirits again. You won't need another dummy. When you manifest the spirit once, you can do it again like it's second nature. Carl, we'll try yours again, Just in case.

Everyone summons their spirits as Carl reattempts to use the Urahara Dummy.

Mr. Yeager: You know what to do Carl. Hunter, you okay kid?

Hunter tries to manifest his spirits, unintentionally forming his markings alongside two Inverted Hunters, one with a red and white claymore sheathed on his back to the right with white clothing, and another with a red and black claymore sheathed to the left with black clothing

Hunter: Wait, what? The black-clothed Hunter fades back to Akai, while the white-clothed Hunter becomes Shinku Ikari again What? The markings fade away

Akai: It's of no concern. Just a... rather odd formation. Anyways, hello again, Hunter.

Ikari: Sup?

Hunter: Man, weird stuff happens around me a lot, huh?

Ikari: Damn right. Akai punches him in the arm What? It's true.

Akai: That's rude, Ikari.

Carl: Okay. Let's do this again with a little more...control. He summons Wild Force then hits the dummy, summoning a humanoid swamp monster

Monster:... The monster just stares with it's glowing green eyes at Carl

Carl: What now?

Anthony: As his three spirits are standing behind him Poke it...

Carl places his hand forward towards the monster but as he touches it, lightning sparks him and he pulls him arm back

Carl: Weird...

Hunter: Wake up! Slaps the monster, causing some plants to form around him, and White and Dark Lightning sparking around him too What the fuck? That's not right. The plants disappear

Anthony: Damn, glad I'm not the one having problems with my spirit. He sits down in his seat with his spirits standing behind his chair.

Carl: So my spirit is pretty creepy. He's just staring at me.

Hunter: That's not right. Forms his sword, then pokes it

The monster grabs Carl with his plant-like arms as vines latch to Carl and it fuses with Carl. Carl has plants growing all over him and he struggles while his eyes glow

Carl: AHH!! What? What did it do?

Hunter: Just calm yourself down!! Maybe it's responding to your emotions!! What is it doing?

Akai: I cannot be sure, but it's possible you are right. It's most likely responding to his emotions, and is trying to force itself onto Carl, and by passing the whole point of Saigo no Yugo training altogether. But that's not how it works. Or maybe... this is Carl's training. Carl... listen to Hunter. calm yourself and listen to your spirit. Maybe it's trying to communicate with you, but you aren't listening to it enough, and you can't hear it. You need to open your mind, and meditate.

Carl: OKAY!! He closes his eyes as the plants on him disappear. He then opens his eyes and they are glowing green He's...talking to me...he wants to become one with and...Divine? I don't know...He's saying random words now...

Hunter: I think he wants you to... wait. Do you want to be the Divine Hero?

Carl: I am the Divine Hero. I'm related to the previous one.

Anthony: Doesn't mean you are one. You said it your grandfather or something was one. But it doesn't appear for another 16 generations in a family. For a rich kid you're pretty naïve. He says this without looking at him and while going through his Instagram feed.

Carl: Maybe if you weren't such a dumbass you would know I said ancestor. 16 generations have passed. I am the next Divine Hero!

Anthony: And how do you know that? Please sir, get out the calculator and your family tree so we can really figure this out.

Carl: I've studied my families past from the very beginning!! I am the next one!!! his anger rises. A student grabs his arm

Student: Dude, calm down.

Carl: Don't. Touch. Me. A vine strangles the student and tosses him into a wall

Anthony: Anyway it's apparent you aren't one because you don't even have marks like Hunter. Just give it up kid.

Carl: Hunter is a weakling. He can't do anything. I am a stronger being!!! And don't call me kid!!! I am a godly being!!! He turns his hand into a green plant-like claw and scratches Anthony

Anthony: Heh... I guess you wanna finish our fight from last night... He grabs Carl by the throat and choke slams him.

Mr. Yeagar: Hey! Stop right now or I'm calling Dr. Jackson!

Carl jumps up and turns his leg into a tree like wooden vine leg and kicks Anthony to a wall then puts a vine around Mr. Yeager's mouth

Carl: Shut up.

Anthony: You... idiot... He takes control of Carl's wooden leg and throws him out the window onto a court. HEY CARL DID YOU REALLY FORGET MY POWERS?! He jumps after Carl onto the court

Carl spins like a tornado with a bunch of leaves around him and then gets covered by many petals and plants like a huge fortress. Then a huge plants sproats around the whole thing and uses a vine the grab Anthony.

Tumblr n728j3dAZ51rc611go3 500

Anthony's Ice Shard Attack, but more deadly.

Anthony makes earth shrapnel come from the ground and sever the vine then he breaks out and then starts to spin his hands around his body making the wind from his tornado come around him. All the leaves come around Anthony then he shoots his hand forward at Carl with a super swirling large gust of wind to hit Carl into the next court past the trees. Anthony then uses his wind to jump after him. 

Carl: RAAAAAA!!!! He creates huge plant arms and slams them into Anthony sending him flying then uses a vine to grab him mid-air and pull him towards himself and then kick him away

Anthony: RGH! He coughs blood and falls to the ground and then uses his wind to get back up limping then makes a giant wave come up behind him, freezes it then launches ice shards at Carl

Carl creates a tough, natural armor made from different petals and alters their toughness to create a huge shield that shatters the shards as soon as they collide

Anthony then runs at the shield at covers his fist in earth and punches it a few times to break though it and tackle Carl

Carl spins on the floor and tackles Anthony then slices him with Wild Force, creating a large cut

Anthony: AGH!!! He puts his hand on his face and smashes it into the ground and runs out the shield bleeding. *Fuck fuck fuck!*

Naya: Anthony!!!!! She screams as her and most of the school are coming to the court to watch and stop the sudden fight the the Principal has been called to.

Anthony: NAYA!! STAY AWAY!! I'm gonna do something... He concentrates while still bleeding on the ground then suddenly his 3 spirits come out of the FF room and fly toward him and surround him and enter his body. Ahhh... Shit!!! This feels weird... His injuries start to heal

Student: Whoa! Did he just fuse with 3 of his final forms??!

Student #2: It looks like the other guy did too!

Student: What grade's he in? That's super rare!!

Anthony: Carl...

Carl grows vines out his back and uses two to stand up high as extra legs and arms (like doctor octopus) then lifts up a huge plant arm and is about to hit him. Angel runs in-between them

Angel: STOP CARL!!!

Carl accidentally hits her instead. His eyes turn normal and his plants retract. He runs up to her

Carl: Shit!! Angel!! I'm sorry!! What's wrong with me?!??

Angel: Ow... It's okay. Why were you fighting? I heard you attacked a teacher!

Carl: I don't know! I couldn't control myself... I still can't... He screams as his eyes switch between green and normal and he holds his head and falls to the ground. He moves like he's being possessed and is struggling

Anthony: Whoa Carl! Are you- AHHH!!! Anthony falls to the ground and begins to struggle in the same way as Carl.

Carl: As he struggles No!! Leave me alone... You won't control me... Yes I will!!!... His eyes glow Permanently as Angel runs to him

Angel: What's happening?!?

Carl: BACK OFF...ARRR!!! My nature.. Is controlling me!!!

Random plants grow in the area as Carl struggles more, loosing control

Angel: Carl...please stop this... You have to fight it...

Carl: AHHHHH!!!!

Angel: looks at her own hand as some lightning forms in it. She looks at Carl's hand and moves her hand in closer. She holds Carl's hand which causes him to come to a sudden stop. His glowing eyes fade into his normal, dark green eyes. The plants stop growing and his eyes then spark with lightning along with his whole body and also Angel's. He sits up looking right into Angel's lightning white eyes. She hugs him slowly while he blushes

Carl: An-Angel... He hugs her back and closes his eyes as both their lightning stop

Anthony: G-GREAT FOR YOU C-CORAL. MY SPIRITS!! THEY WANNA- AHHH!! It's okay Anthony, just give yourself to us... N-NO!! Anthony manages to pull up a block wall and runs into it AH! What are you doing you imbecile?! T-Trying to get m-my body back... He runs into the wall again STOP! He falls to his knees as wind water and earth start to circle around him in a tornado fashion.

Anthony gets in his meditation stance and as this is all happening and after 10 seconds, the storm around him dies down.

Anthony: He breaths out My God... These spirits are relentless... He falls to his back as Naya runs to him

Naya: In tears Anthony! What happened?!

Anthony: U-Uh... A little spirit stuff... That's all...

Dr. Jackson: So, what DID happen Mr. Pierce? I don't think your family would be happy to see all the havoc and damage you caused. And as for you, Mr. Gaizer, I don't think your parents would be happy to hear this either.

Anthony: Look...

Hunter: I can explain, sir.

Dr. Jackson: I knew I shouldn't have moved Carl to this class. He's too young to handle the strain Didn’t want to upset his father though.

Hunter: Sir, listen to me! We were trying to summon our Spirits, but Carl’s was unresponsive. I- sorry, WE tried to help, but it possessed him and made him go on a rampage. Anthony tried to help as well, but was wounded, then fused with his spirits. It worked to try to calm Carl down, but they both ended up being overpowered by their capabilities. It’s not their fault. I swear it.

Dr. Jackson: You are friends with them, correct?

Hunter: Yes sir.

Mr. Yeager: I can vouch for him, and his story.

Dr. Jackson: I’ll let them go, but you need to make sure you get this under control. I'll need to repair this place. It'll cost me a few thousand to fix this.

Hunter: Ryokai. Maybe I could help.

Dr. Jackson: What do you mean?

Hunter: I can help repair. When I tried to get Carl's spirit to respond, White and Black Lightning sparked around me as some plants grew by my feet.

Dr. Jackson: Odd. But it's a lot to repair.

Hunter: Trust me. I can do this.

Dr. Jackson: I'll have some Earth students help you for extra credit. And you realize that you're taking their punishment for them, right?

Hunter: They're my friends sir. I'll help them through thick and thin.

Dr. Jackson: So be it. Report back here tomorrow after classes. Mr. Yeager, you'll need to move class to another room for the next two weeks.

Mr. Yeager: Where though?

Dr. Jackson: There is a spare class room further down the hall. Use that one until it's been fixed. And have some of your students help Hunter fix this mess. The Earth Shifters. That'll save money and resources. It's not a complicated build, just put up the blueprints and replicate it. Tell them it's for extra credit, and they'll most likely help out.

Anthony: Uh... Anthony then slams his fist on the ground and instantly the ground from both places him and Carl where fighting shift and everything is repaired. Easy, Dr. Jackson... He lays back on the ground

Naya: Hey... You need to rest...

Anthony: Y-Yea... Sorry... Naya helps Anthony up as they go leave and she helps him go to her dorm room to stay for the rest of the day as she continues school.

Angel: Stops hugging him Come on, you should rest for the day.

Carl: Alright. She takes him to his room then continues school

After SchoolEdit

The school bell just rang five minutes ago and Carl/Anthony are still resting from their fight at period one. Angel just entered Carl's room to check up on him

Carl: Opens eyes to the sound of Angel entering the room Angel?

Angel: Hey Carl. How are you feeling? Sits down on his bed looking at him while he's still lying down

Carl: My brain hurts...major headache.

Angel: That's good. Before you were screaming from your headache but it seems to be better now.

Carl: When was that?

Angel: Lunch time. I checked on you in between periods.

Carl: Thanks... How did you get in here?

Angel: Dr. Jackson gave me a key. At first I took your key but he gave me a spare one during period 4. Everyone is talking about what happened. Even the first ranks, graduates, teachers... People outside the school have heard about this since this had only happened a couple times but nowhere near this deadly. Mr. Yeager decided to forgive you for telling him to shut up. But that boy you threw shattered his shoulder.

Carl: Aw crap. And my parents...?

Angel: You don't want to know...

Carl: They got really mad didn't they?

Angel: She nods her head

Carl: Lucky I'm not there this time... And Anthony?

Angel: Ummm... I don't know. Naya said he's fine.

Carl: Good.

Over at Anthony's room

Anthony wakes up and get up in his bed and groans loudly.

Anthony: Fuuck man... Why did this have to happen to meeeee.

From the kitchen Naya speaks

Naya: Anthony?? You awake now?

Anthony: !! Naya!! He covers his chest with his cover as his shirt was taken off What are you doing here??

Naya: She comes out of the kitchen and comes into his room with an apron on and he starts to smell food Sorry... I was just cooking some food for you since you were sick and all... You want me to leave don't you?

Anthony: What? No. Stay... Please... He puts down the cover while blushing heavily

Naya: Looks away blushing I'll call you when the food is ready. Or you can come whenever you're ready! She leaves the room in a hurry

Anthony: Wow... She looked really cute in that apron... He gets up to see sweatpants on him and puts on Nike T-Shirt. He then goes to the kitchen and sits in a chair So what happened after I passed out?

Naya: Oh nothing, Dr. Jackson called off the earth shifters after you fixed it. Oh and LOTS of people were talking about what happened. Literally, that was the topic at lunch. Even my last period teacher was talking about how incredible it was to have tamed your spirits on the second day of school.

Anthony: Heh... I am pretty awesome aren't I? He does a dorky smirk and Naya starts to giggle at him. Wait... What about my parents?

Naya: Oh, they were mad until they heard you had tamed your spirits in under 2 minutes. Even your sister heard about that! Apparently she's coming to visit soon. She places the plate on Ant's table

Anthony: Meh... At least they aren't mad. And my sister?! She's coming? Shit... Thanks for the food Naya. Stay to eat with me on the couch or something. I wanna watch TV. Can't believe my sister is coming...

Naya: Ah, well, okay... They go to the living room and both sit on the couch and turn on the TV I mean, your sister can't be that bad...

Anthony: She's gonna EMBARRASS ME. This is gonna be a nightmare... OH! How's Carl? Did you hear from anyone how he's doing?

Naya: I think his girlfriend Angel told me that he's good. Just occasionally feeling the after effects.

Anthony: Damn... They continue to eat their dinner together while watching TV.

Hunter knocks on his door.

Hunter: Ant? You there?

Hunter hears footsteps then Ant opens the door

Anthony: Oh wassup man? He licks his fingers a few times

Hunter: You okay? 'Cause there's a girl that just got here. Says she's Current, your sister. She's been poking around, then asked me to go tell you she's here. I told her no, then she tried to slap me. For some reason, I somehow caught her hand before she could make contact. When I did, Lightning and Water started appearing around my hand. Some weird shit's happening to me. When I tried talking to Akai about it, another inverted me showed up, wearing black versions of my casual clothes. Said his name was Vengeance, and that he'll be talking more with me soon.

Anthony: Fuck... Bec is here?! No!!

Naya comes from the living room to the door

Naya: Oh hey! And Ant, my friends just texted me that the "famous Current" is at the school and everyone is trying to get her autograph and take pictures with her or something. But she's trying to find Anthony Pierce.

Anthony: ...fine... I'm going to meet up with her... And Hunter, you need to check that out bro, those powers are doing some weird shit to you. Thanks for lookin' out. Hey, where you headed to next?

Hunter: Nowhere in particular. And no prob. Maybe I'll meet your sister more thoroughly and get a bit of a better read on her. Let's go. Oh, just in case. Shinku Ikari appears sheathed on Hunter's back

Naya: I wanna come too!

Anthony: Of course you're coming hahah. Alright let's get ready. Anthony and Naya get ready and they all head out to the giant food court where Current is.

At the food court Edit

Current (Becca Pierce): Alright guys! Settle down! I don't have enough time to take pictures for everyone! That's when as she's talking and laughing she senses Anthony. *He's here? I sense a strong water spirit that seems to belong to him. Hey Erina, is that really Ant's water spirit?*

Erina (Becca's Water Spirit): *Yes. I sense it is a powerful, powerful spirit among him. Soma's finally been awakened.*

Current: *Awesome...* Suddenly Current teleports into electricity and appears in front of Anthony, Naya and Hunter Hey little bro!!

Anthony: Flushed Hey sis... Current goes to hug him tightly and let's go

Current: Who are your friends? Did they want something from me too? Autograph? Picture?

Naya: Oh! No! I'm Naya Craves! Anthony's- She gets cut off

Current: Boyfriend?! O-M-G! I'm so happy for you Ant!

Anthony: Blushes and says in low voice She's not my girlfriend... As he says this Naya notices him blushing and smiles to herself

Current: Hehe, and you are? Looks at Hunter Oh wait, we met before, didn't we? Sorry about trying to slap you earlier! Was kinda frustrated....

Hunter: Sore wa I no yo. It's okay. I'm Hunter. Good to meet you.

Hailey runs up to Hunter.

Hailey: Hey, Hunter. Turns and sees Becca Eeeeh!!! It's Current!!! Can I get your autograph?!?! Holds out a piece of paper and a pen

Hunter: I get you're famous and all, but I don't exactly see why. I hadn't even heard of you til I met Ant. His hands start sparking with White, Black and regular Lightning as Pure, Corrupt, and regular Water float around him, the water forming more than the Lightning Huh? What? Holds up his hands as his arm markings appear in white, outlined in black What the hell? Ikari! The sword on Hunter's back floats off and transforms into Ikari What the hell is this?!

Ikari: Oh. OH. Your powers, they're finally awakening. I just need to become whole, and you'll realize who it is you truly are. It's slowly being undone. Soon. Very soon. You'll realize your potential. It's only a matter of time. Very soon.

Hunter: I knew you were insane.

Ikari: No. Driven mad by being split. Akai knows. He's the one who split. I will become whole. I will, and I must! Soon, Hunter. Very soon. Fades back into his sword form, then sheathes itself on Hunter's back

Hunter: I swear, all the weird shit happens around me.

Carl walks in with Angel

Carl: Hey Anthony. Is that your sister? Current, or Becca Pierce, we haven't met but you have met my father, Henry Gaizer. I'm Carl Gaizer, his son.

Angel: IT'S CURRENT!! Holy crap!!

Hunter: Hey Carl. Heh, young love. Good to see you have some form of girlfriend. Maybe you're dating, maybe you're really close. But eventually, your love for one another will bloom. Everything in life is like a flower, waiting for the right time to bloom.

Carl: We aren't dating...

Hailey: I didn't know you could be so philosophical. It's still pretty cool.

Hunter: Yeah. I guess.

Current then gives Hailey her autograph in lightning speed. She then runs in front of the group and makes a lightning strike against the building to make all the riling fans stop and give her their attention.

Current: Alright guys! I need to talk to my brother, so if you want all your requests then leave please! Everyone leaves in a hurry and Current sits at another cafe with her legs crossed in a fancy way. Come on everybody. Let's all talk, eeeeeven though I just wanted to talk to my brother, but you seem alright.

Anthony and Naya sit at the table Current is at, Anthony sitting next to Naya. And the rest come and sit.

Current: Okay, to answer your thoughts Hunter, I'm famous because of my power as a hero.

Anthony: Yea man, she's pretty strong, one of the strongest Conduction Shifters in a loooooong time. One of the BEST shifters out today.

Naya: She's also notorious for taking out the most enemies in a single minute. She took on an entire army by herself and defeated them ALL somehow. She got lots of rep after that.

Current: Yup! Anyway, let's see. Carl, is it? I have met your father. He's a very nice man! Really strong shifter as well. I worked with him for a while also. Hope that answers your question hehe. Oh and Angel do you need a picture with me? She takes a picture with Angel. Hope you like it! Smiles cutely

Naya: O-Oh. Um Current? Could you help me practice my Fire-Lightning combo? I really still can't get it...

Current: Ah... I would, trust me I would, but I can't stay for long. Sorry.

Naya: I-It's alright...

Current: You can come see me after this is over though, I'll try to do a little something for you. She smirks

Naya: Awh! Thank you!

Current: Now, Hunter... Those powers... I've noticed somethings going on with them. Do you know what's happening? Your powers are starting to awaken. Take that into consideration and be watchful of your powers. You have potential, kid. K. Now Anthony. I've heard that you've tamed your spirits already, is that right?

Anthony: Yep. I mean, it's whatever.

Current: No. You don't understand. You and Carl. Do you know how special you must be to be able to do tame your spirits at such an age? With such inexperience? You guys have tamed your spirits in such a short time compared to the years it takes some professional Shifters today. You're extraordinary.

Anthony: Is it really that rare?

Current: Are you stupid little bro? You've been in class for TWO days! And mastered your spirits without having any prior training. Seems like you guys are pretty special to me. Are you guys Points to Ant, Hunter and Carl All buddies?

Anthony: Yep, met them on the first day of school, then we met these ladies.

Current: She smiles Hm, you guys are gonna be a special team. I can tell you that right now. Same thing happened to me when I was your age. Formed a strong friendship and bond with a couple friends and we made it work She smiles at herself, then frowns while staring off

Anthony: Uh, sis? he snaps his fingers at her and she snaps back to earth.

Current: Sorry, just thought of... Nevermind... But what I wanted to tell you, was to be. careful. You keep getting hurt like that, there will be some injures you just can't heal from. Please Ant...

Anthony: K sis. I got it He smiles a little awkwardly and suddenly his sister grabs both his hands and has a sad look Huh?

Current: Please Ant. Stay safe. Looks at Naya Keep him safe, if he's ever doing something stupid, slap him for me.

Naya: O-Okay I will! And uh, Current can you stay for a little longer?

Current: I mean... I'm tight on time, but if you want I could hang out with you girls for a little bit, have a little separate talk... How does that sound?

Naya: Awesome!

Current: Okay! You guys should leave... And it's pretty fun actually!

Anthony: Fine... Ant gets up and walks with Hunter and Carl to a pretzel stand. Sorry if my sister is a little weird guys...

Carl: She has a fun, jumpy personality. Really reflects her fighting style.

Hunter: Nah man, she seems pretty legit. She's probably annoying to you at home, or something. I'm gonna talk with Akai later. Orders a cinnamon-glazed pretzel But I have had this weird sensation ever since I met that Keith Valor guy. Every time I see him, he has this dark, corrupted aura like an evil Divine Hero. It's weird.

Carl: Strange. Maybe it's his power? A unique Shifter.

Hunter: No. His power is Shadow. Pure Shadow. He says that Shifters like him are pretty rare, and that he'll be the Divine Hero. But I don't sense anything Divine about him. He seems like he's more of a Corrupt Hero than anything.

Carl: Shadow Shifter? Just shadow? Weird.

Hunter: I know. He bumped into me, showed me his power, then made me apologize for him bumping into me. What a prick, huh?

Anthony: As guy tries to give Hunter his pretzel, Ant takes it and bites it looking at Hunter with a smirking face. Yea, I seen him around, he's always bragging about his power and showing it to people. Annoying kid.

Hunter: Dammit Ant. Never mind. I'll just get a hot dog later.

As Anthony was talking, Keith walks up.

Keith: So... I heard you guys talking, then I heard my name. You talking about my awesomeness?

Ant rolls his eyes when Keith walks up and starts talking.

Anthony: Dude... You're annoying as fuck... That's what we're talking about. Alright? Geez... Takes another bite then goes to sit down.

Carl: So you're Keith? Please explain to me on your power. I'm interested.

Keith: My powers are beast. I was born with Shadow, and it's been that way. Why? Cause Imma beast! Flex his muscles

Carl: Anata wa tsuneni kono meiwakuna n ka?

Anthony: Wow, anybody can beat you bro. Even Hunter can probably beat you with his sword only, and I haven't even seen him fight.

Hunter: Kono otoko wa bakadesu. I could take him hand to hand. No other weapons. Maybe.

Keith: Stop speaking German or whatever you're saying.

Hunter: NANI?!?!?! WATASHI WA ANATA NI IKITE NENSHO SHIMASU!!!!!!!! Forms Shinku Ikari in his hand as he walks towards Keith, the blade on fire

Keith: Thanks for the compliment. If you wanna fight me, meet me after-school, at the gym. I'll teach ya who's boss.

Hunter: Wrong. I will hurt you.

Keith: Good luck. Walks away like he's awesome

Hunter: What a scrub. I'm gonna get a hot dog real quick. Goes to the hot dog stand, orders a bacon cheese dog, a medium soda, and some chili cheese fries. He then waits as they make the food while he fills the soda with root beer, then picks the food up and walks back to Carl and Anthony So, what now? Eats the food before Ant can touch it

Anthony: Well, I was thinking maybe that my si- Suddenly he hears his sister

Current: Hey guys! Come over here!!

Anthony: What Bec?!

Current: I'm about to leeeeeave!

Anthony: Let's go guys. Anthony walks to the girls.

Hunter: Fine. Finishes his food, cleans up, then follows Anthony

Carl walks to Current

Current: Hey bro!

Anthony: Hey sis... He looks at the girls and they're blushing heavily. U-Uh... Bec.. what'd you say to them?

Current: She smirks and giggles Oh nothing, just a little talk... You know they're in highschool right? They just should know about... you boys... Hehe

Anthony: Blushes and catches eyes with Naya blushing heavily as well Oh no... Bec...

Carl: What...? He looks around at them like a confused duck

Angel looks at him, blushes, then looks away while smiling

Hunter: Watashi wa kore ni tsuite warui kanji o motte iru. What did you tell them Ms. Pierce?

Hailey looks at him, blushing heavily, then looks away, still blushing and smiling.

Hunter: Looks at Current What did you tell them?

Hailey: Chuckles a little bit Oh, you'll see.

Current: Hehehe! Y'all are so cute! Anyway, Ant, I gotta go. Business somewhere. Look. Ant. Don't be hard on your friends here, you got real good and strong friends. Don't ever leave you know who. Points her eyes at Naya and smirks, but then get's serious. Don't ever forget what I told you when we were little okay? Kisses his forehead If you EVER need anything, just ask 'kay? Love ya. Bye guys! Current disappears in a lightning flash with a coffee in her hand.

Anthony: Yup, see ya... A little tear comes in his eye but he wipes it before anyone notices and turns around S-So guys! What do y'all want to do now? It's getting pretty late. He puts his hands in his pocket and walks next to Naya

Hunter: I'm gonna ask my teacher if I can fight Keith tomorrow. I'll be back. Goes to his PE Teacher to ask permission to fight Keith

Teacher: Sure. Why not? You'll get some battle experience. Be sure he doesn't die.

Hunter: Right. Goes back to Carl and Anthony Mission accomplished. Keith can get wrecked, and the school is fine with it.

Carl: Well guys, I'm gonna go. See ya. He puts his hands on their backs as he walks away. He leaves to his room. He opens the door as a bunch of smoke comes out, making him cough as he walks in. He sees a boy laying down on his bed with his shoes on and his hand on fire, looking at the smoke.

Carl: Who are you?

Boy: Your new roommate.

Carl: But they said I'm not allowed a roommate because I'm not 15+.

Boy: New rules. Deal with it.

Carl: You're on my bed.

Boy: Get a new one.

Carl: I won't get a new one till a whole month because this room is designed for a single bed. The new beds are coming in a month.

Boy: Then sleep on the floor.

Carl: The floor? The floor is freaking hard and there's no extra blankets.

Boy: Deal with it.

Carl: But I was here first.

Boy: DEAL WITH IT!! Fucking hell you're annoying...

Carl: Looks at the camera in the corner of the room. He causes a vine to wrap around it, covering it while looking evil. The vine crushes the camera like a snake does then he looks at the boy

Boy: Turns the T.V on with a remote Kid, move, you're in the way.

Carl stands in the way then clenches his fists

Boy: Sits up Dude, move the fuck out the way!!

Back at the Food Court Edit

Anthony: Welp, I'm gone too. Bye Hunter and Hailey. Hey Naya, you want me to walk you to your apartment? Or nah?

Naya: U-Um. Yes, yes I do. She gets up, hugs Hailey and heads out with Ant Bye guys!

Anthony and Naya are walking to the the dorm building and enter. They go upstairs to the 5th floor.

Anthony: Well, it was a loooong day Naya.

Naya: Yea it was... Pretty fun as well hehe..

Anthony: Heh yea! That dinner you made was BOMB by the way!

Naya: Haha yup! You said that for the 7th time?

Anthony: Nah, gotta be 8th. Haha, but anyway, thanks Naya... For being by my side... I really appreciate that about you.

Naya: *Oh my God...* Blushes It wasn't anything... I mean, I really did wanna stay by you.. Ya know? They arrive at her room.

Anthony: Welp, see you tomorrow Naya.

Naya: ...Uh... Ant? Would you like to stay here the night? I-I think Becca told me something about your spirit going crazy tonight... *Please don't tell that I'm lying...* I wanna see if you're alright...

Anthony: *No. Way.* O-Of course! I mean... Yep.

Naya: She opens her door and goes inside her room with Anthony.

Anthony: As he's looking around Wow, only the second day and your room is packed with stuff.
File:Tumblr lk6o0qp74z1qbqu46o1 1280.jpg
Naya: Yup! You should see my bedroom! But uh, you want something to eat or drink?

Anthony: Nah, today got me REALLY tired. You got another bed or something?

Naya: *Oh my..* Oh, no. I gave it away because I didn't know I would have a... visitor.... Blushes

Anthony: Well, I can't sleep on the floor... Lemme see your bedroom... He goes to her bedroom and looks around Wow this is pretty small... But this will have to do...

Naya: So you staying on that little couch over there?

Anthony: Nah, your bed.

Naya: Wait WHA?!?! N-NO!!

Anthony: I'm tiredddd. He takes off his clothes to be in only his boxers and t-shirt. I wish I had my PJs but I didn't go to my room.

Naya: ...U-Uh... I'll get it... She gets his key and goes to get his stuff Hurry and change...

Anthony changes and gets in the bed.

Anthony: Nice laptop! Welp, I'm going to sleep. Night Nayaa! He turns off the light and goes to sleep as she goes to watch TV. As she's watching TV she hears him groaning and shifting around and she goes to look.

When she looks she sees Anthony cringing and muttering things like he had a bad dream.

Naya: Ant... Ant! Wake up! You're going crazy! ANT! She jumps in the bed as well and holds him and he stops. *Great! Now we're sleeping together... Well, not really... But maybe I should stay with him until it's over...* She gets into her PJs and slowly goes in bed with him as she's extremely nervous. She cuddles up next to him as he sleeps safe and sound but eventually falls asleep by accident.

Back at Carl's room

Boy: Alright kid. You wanna play like that? He get's up and pushes Carl on the floor as Carl quickly stands up

Carl: Don't touch me baka.

Boy: Heh. Pretty brave ain't you kid? What's your name kid?

Carl: Carl Gaizer.

Boy: Alright. A Gaizer kid. I'm Oliver James. I'm 17. And you?

Carl: 14.

Oliver: 14?!? I thought you were just short as fuck!

Carl: Whatever. I'm going to sleep. He creates a huge leaf as a bed and connects it to the ceiling using two vines then lays on it and closes his eyes. Oliver lays on Carl's old bed and falls asleep

Hunter and Hailey both left to their room as Carl left, both falling asleep shortly after finishing their homework.

The next day after lessons are overEdit

Keith and Hunter meet in the gym, with all the Advanced Rank 2 Shifters gathered around to watch them fight. Ant, Carl, their respective love interests, and Hailey are watching too.

Keith: I hope you're ready for the infirmary after I beat your ass.

Hunter: Funny, I was about to tell you the same thing.

Keith: Like you'd have a chance to even stand against me. You're bold for challenging me. Forms a shadow shield in his left hand, and a longsword in his right

Hunter: Baka. Forms Shinku Ikari on his back, then gets in a fighting stance

Keith: I'd draw your sword if I were you.

Hunter: But I'm not you, and you're not me. So fuck you.

Random AR2 student: Ooooh. Burn!!

Keith: Shut up! Prepares to fight

Hunter: Hmm. HAJIMETE!!!!!!!

Keith: Your loss. Charges Hunter, shield first, aiming to hit him with the shield, using the sword as a distraction

Hunter: Baka. Waits for Keith to attack, then dodges BOTH attacks with a roll, then a sweep kick

Keith: Not that stupid!! Uses his shield to regain his balance, then fuses his sword and shield to create a sword as big as him resembling Cross of Scaffold from Bleach with a shadow-like coloring Alternate Weapon: Claymore of the Shadows.

Hunter: Huh. *Now he's ripping off Soul Reaper. Damn.* And you just ripped off one of my favorite manga series'. You'll pay for that.

Keith: The hell is a "manga"?

Hunter: Oriental thing. Colorless comic book series. Now get wrecked! Charges at Keith, unarmed, as fire appears on his forehead, then his hands ignite as red gloves made from light appear, his eyes also shifting to light red irises and dark red pupils, resembling a fire

Keith: Worthless!! Slashes at Hunter, who dodges by stopping, then jumping back a little bit *Chump* The blade of his sword creates a black hole-like object around where the blade and the extended handle meet, causing the blade to extend further

Hunter: *Shit!* Rolls to the side, then uses the fire in his gloves to boost himself towards Keith, moving at a speed faster than Keith could perceive, making Hunter look like he teleported

Keith: What?!?! Where'd he go?!?!

Hunter: Appears behind Keith I'm right behind you. He says that calmly, then punches Keith in the back, sending him flying

Keith: Nope!!! Creates a shadow path beneath him, using that to stop him from flying any further

Some of the crow gasps.

Hailey: Whoa. He got a hit on Keith. *And people even say that Keith is gonna be the next Divine Hero.* Go Hunter!!!

Hunter: Hm? Turns and sees Hailey cheering him on *That's nice, should help out a lot.* Turns back around and sees Keith's sword blade about to impale him Nope. Uses the fire to boost out of the way, then boost up to Keith's sword where the black hole is, then unsheathes his sword and cuts off the blade just below it

Keith: Oh SH-!!! The sword explodes as Hunter boosts away from the explosion, reappearing on the ground as the explosion settles, leaving a huge cloud of smoke

Hailey: C'mon Hunter, where are you?

Hunter: Let's get rid of this smoke. Cuts apart the smoke cloud, sending it all out the open windows as Keith is revealed to be laying down, unconscious from the fight I win. Ha.

Carl: That fight was boring. Well, every fight that doesn't involve mass violence is boring to me. But anyway Hunter, good job.

Anthony: Nice one. Thought you lost for a sec.

Hunter: I wouldn't lose to that baka. Some people take Keith away to the infirmary So... His sword fades into his gloves

To Be Continued in Chapter 2 Edit


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