Format Anime series
Created by Manta-bee
No. of episodes 10 (One movie)
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Wendee Lee, Elizabeth McGlynn, Rachael Lillis, Greg Ayers, Christopher Sabat, Kari Wahlgren
First aired February 7, 2008
Last aired May 3, 2008

Baka-Chan (愚かな友人, Stupid Friend) is an anime/manga series by Manta-bee. It follows the adventures of 15-year-old Juno Shikuta and an alien girl named Ku and their very colorful friends.


An alien girl lands on Earth, and makes friends with a human girl. They then meet new interesting friends and have far-fetched adventures.


Raka-kuma-nakimako "Ku" Beeblebrox (Biburuburokusu)- An extraterrestrial from the vicinity of one of the brightest stars of Orion. She is hyperactive, ditzy and often takes things literally. She becomes good friends with Juno Shikuta. She has dirty blonde hair, tanned skin and her first outfit in the series was that of a hula girl's.

It is revealed she budded off the neck of Juno's homeroom teacher, and the fact that she is actually genderless, but called by female pronouns (though in Japanese, she will occasionally refer to herself using male pronouns). The lack of complete hormone flow from her host caused her to have a feminine/androgynous appearance and high voice. She even answered to "Baka" meaning "stupid" because she got on the nerves of some of the other lifeforms. Juno did not want to call her that so she simply called her "Ku".

Juno Shikuta (Tzi-ta Junko) - A 15-year-old purple-haired Earth girl. She makes friends with Ku as soon as she found her on Earth. She comes from a wealthy family, but prefers not to flaunt her wealth, though sometimes she wears a Gothic Lolita outfit. As an only child, her parents don't really pay attention to her much, which left her alone most of the time. She has a middle name in the English dub of the anime, "Irene", which is only mentioned in the first episode, then never mentioned again.

Twitdragon "Twitty" ('Twittu-Dragonu) - A blue female dragon, who has sarcastic wit. Often says "dude". She has the ability to fly and breathe fire or cotton candy. She delights in tormenting the Ratz Girls.

Twitdragon has long blue hair, yellow eyes, and cyan fur. She has wings, two horns on her head and prominent claws.

In her humanoid form when attending the school, she has the appearance of a pale-skinned girl with yellow eyes and blue hair. She keeps her dragon tail and wings (often tucked into her shirt) in this form. It is this form in which she posed as Juno's cousin when she went to her school.

The Ratz Girls (Za Gyarus) - They are four large-headed girls that heavily emphasize on fashion, make-up and putting down anyone who dosen't act, dress or talk exactly like them or live their exact lifestyle. They hate Juno because she dresses "weird" and dosen't have a high-pitched voice with a valley girl accent. In Japanese culture, they are similar to Kogal. When they are angered, they will make faces similar to the angry faces of the One Piece characters. They are made into the butt of many a joke in the show.

  • Zoe (Ichigo) has auburn hair. Very preppy and ditzy. She is the most prominent of the girls. In the Japanese version, she is a Ganjiro.
  • Natasha (Sakura) is dark-skinned. Puts on an "I'm the queen" persona. Bosses her friends and other people around. She says she hates things she can't control. In the Japanese version, she seems to be in the Manba style, although in the English dub, it is implied that she is African-American. In the original she may be actually be Japanese, unless her race (or any other human characters') is never mentioned.

  • Gem (Ayu) is dark-haired.Gem is dark-haired and makes fun of anyone who she considers a "fashion disaster". She is very absent-minded and this puts her in very many dangerous (and humorous) situations. In the Japanese version, she is a Ganjiro, but instead of orange or blonde hair, her hair is a dark indigo color. She says she dislikes people who try to dress like everyone else, yet this is contradicted by the way she and her friends deliberatley dress like each other.
  • Yolanda (Yoriko) is orange-haired and the least prominent of the girls, but promises to be just as airheaded and irritating. In the Japanese version, she is a Ganguro.

Johnny Hoops (Jyanni Hupuso) - A talking basketball hoop, who is very intelligent.

P.A.U.L. (Poru)- He is an android created by Dr. Rutt. He has an exoskin that gives him the outer appearance of a young boy. He is unknowing of the meaning of love and human relationships, but he could get closer, seeing as he's already made friends with Juno and the rest of the group of colorful friends.

In the original concept, P.A.U.L. was meant to be a girl, but was changed to a boy to expand the cast's amount of male characters.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Juno's Parents - Unseen, only mentioned. Have not appeared in the series, but have been seen in the movie as cat/dragon-like beings.
  • Symola - An agent working for an intergalactic agency. She would usually be annoyed by Ku's antics, and dropped her off at an arcade, where she was found by Juno. When her associates, Tammer and Imball told her Ku contained an element crucial to their project, she seeks out Ku to capture her once more.
  • Tammer - Another agent working for an intergalactic agency. He is insecure about his short height, and will get angry if anyone makes fun of it or even comments on it.
  • Imball - He appears to be the commander. And ordered Tammer and Symola to capture Ku. He then poses as a worker at the local bowling alley's concession stand and offers Juno a potion, disguised as a soft drink, that dumbs her down, so she'd be helpless trying to keep Ku from them.
  • Mali the Catgirl - A catgirl from a planet that resembles a yarn ball. She may seem emotional and like a downer, possibly even a bit snobbish. She is captured along with the gang for an intergalactic circus. During the rescue, she reveals that she just wants to be a normal human, due to all the Earth stereotypes of her kind, and hates her tail, ears and catlike abilities. She makes her second appearance in The Spongehead Lives, where the gang must save her.
  • Alicia the Squirrel - A talking red (not orange) squirrel. She is a slightly goofy talking squirrel. Alicia has developed a friendship with Juno and with the extraterrestrial Ku, as well as a strong bond with Twitdragon, regardless of size differences. She first met Paul when she tries to help him understand living creatures. She is generally hated by the Ratz Girls. Their first encounter included Alicia jumping on Zoe's hair and ruining it as she tried to run and jumped off of her blonde head. Zoe then yelled about how a rat ruined her hair. Alicia has also bitten Gem for sitting on her and almost squashing her.
  • Mervins - A round boy who is a first year student at the high school. He can get loud, violent and gets upset when his desires are not fulfilled, usually throwing fits. His behavior is to the point where it is too close for comfort, figuratively and literally. He seeks out Marcelline and basically demands that she be his girlfriend. When she rejects him, he stalks her and pretends he forgot that she said no (despite him saying it was over between them), asking constantly if she's his girlfriend. His feelings for her seem to be predominantly lust-based, and possibly just to look cool and more mature to his peers by having a girlfriend. In his mind, he is as handsome as any celebrity.

Juno's human friendsEdit

A few kids seen at Juno's school, some of them are still unnamed, except for:

  • Timmy Harris (Tembo) - Juno's best male friend. He may or may not take a romantic interest in her.
  • Hilda (Haru) - A girl with black hair that has long bangs resembling a bob in front, and a long ponytail in the back. she is one of Juno's best female friends.
  • Marcelline (Mashika) - She is shy and somewhat nervous and has trouble mustering up confidence. In the Japanese version of the show, she is a character whose friends have to defend her from bullies and lecherous teenage boys (or even men) and is a frequent victim of sexual harassment due to her submissive personality (although it is toned down in the Canadian airings). In the English Dub in the United States, she simply gets flirted with, which makes her sweat and blush and she loses her ability to speak.


  • Chrysta - is a small girl who attended junior high. She rode the same bus as the kids from the high school. She seemed like a neutral character, until she showed she was a bully obsessed with what and who was "cool", and attempted to harass Marcelline by saying she was uncool and had no friends. Chrysta also attempted to hurt Twitty, and Juno as well as Marcelline by saying Timmy was "much cooler" than them (possibly to get him to her side in hopes he would help her torment the girls, as pointed out by Johnny Hoops later that day). Timmy, of course, paid no attention. Ironically, Marcelline was clearly friends with Timmy and the two girls Chrysta also teased.
  • Mr. Bus Driver - A creepy bus driver that seems to have an unnatural fixation with Marcelline. He is presumably killed when Twitdragon stands up for Marcelline when she is mistreated by him and melts the bus he is in when he drives away. It is revealed in the movie that due to the reality-bending nature of Twitdragon's breath, he is sent to a weird dimension where he is constantly annoyed by tentacle creatures.
  • Mr. Beeblebrox - A balloon-headed teacher that is obsessed with unnatural politeness. In the movie, it is revealed Ku budded off of him, and was his second head for a while. It was also revealed he was the president of another planet, but lost his memory, and dropped his brutish ways to become a schoolteacher.


  • "Dribblehead" - A mopey alien with a tear-drop shaped head. He is the youngest of his two older, more aggressive brothers.
  • The Spongehead - A guy with a large afro who plays pranks that include altering the fabric of reality. He tends to shout randomly in the middle of his sentences.


Please note that the voice actor listings are just ideas by the author


Character Seiyu
Ku Aoi Tada
Junko Ai Kobayashi
Twitdragon Mayumi Iizuka
Johhny Hoops Nobutoshi Kanna
P.A.U.L. Akira Ishida
Aricia the Squirrel, Kammy, Mali Ryō Hirohashi
Zoe Sayaka Aoki
Gem, Tembo Mayumi Tanaka
Yolanda Akemi Okamura
Natasha Urara Takano
Haru Akemi Okamura
Dribblehead Sayaka Aoki
  • Additional


English (Right Stuf Dub)Edit

Character Voice Actor
Ku Wendee Lee
Juno, Mali Elizabeth McGlynn
Twitdragon Rachel Lillis
Johhny Hoops Christopher R. Sabat
P.A.U.L. Gregg Ayers
Alicia the Squirrel Kari Wahlgren
Zoe Tiffany Vollmer
Gem Kate Oxley
Yolanda Luci Christian
Natasha, Hilda Allison Sumrall
Timmy Sean Schemmel
Kammy Laura Bailey
Dribblehead Colleen Clinkebeard


  • Troy Baker
  • Jason Liebricht

English (Teletoon At Night [Formerly Detour] Dubbing)Edit

Character Voice Actor
Ku Melissa Bardin Galsky
Juno Kim Manning
Twitdragon, Zoe, Gem Ashley Shecter
Johhny Hoops Carey Means
P.A.U.L. H. Jon Benjamin
Alicia the Squirrel Alicia Schmundt
Yolanda, Natasha, Dribblehead Manta-bee
Timmy Brendon Small
Hilda (Haru)/Kammy Monica Stori
Mali Janyse Jaud


This is a list of episodes of Baka-Chan.

Episode number Episode name Airdate  Synopsis
1 The Tomfoolery Begins May 3, 2005 (Japan)

February 7, 2008

Juno finds an extraterrestrial named Ku.
2 The Ratz Splat February 15, 2008 Ku goes to Juno's school, posing as a student. The Ratz meet her and take an immediate liking to her, due to her tan skin tone and blonde hair. They immediatley make her their new friend, which miffs Juno.
3 Moby Twit February 21, 2008 While pondering Ku's situation, Juno and Ku meet Twitdragon.
4 New Android on the Block February 28, 2008 The gang meet a new student, Paul, but he is really an android, who lacks common knowledge of humans, who is enrolled in the school system by his programmer Dr. Rutt. The crazy balloon-headed teacher is introduced and when trying to do a school project, the gang gets drifted along a water-less creek where their raft gets ambushed by gummy bear pirates.
5 Johnny B. Gewd March 12, 2008 At a school dance, Juno, Ku and Twitty meet Johnny, a talking basketball hoop. They seem to be the only ones who can hear it talk, as the other people didn't notice. They then try and get him to Juno's house. Meanwhile, Marcie gets flustered by a creepy bus driver.
6 Frantic Fashion Victims  March 19, 2008 The Ratz find new clothing that makes them all-powerful and they go mad with power. Marcie gets unwanted flirting from a first-year student, who tenaciously pursues her, much to her dismay.
7 Jerkus Circus March 26, 2008 While on a trip to another planet the gang meets Molly the Mutant. But a ringmaster from another planet who captures creatures from other planets and plans to use them in his intergalactic circus abducts the gang and Molly and they hatch a plan to escape from him.
8 The Spongehead Lives April 1, 2008 A guy with an afro plays pranks on everyone. One of his pranks includes sending the gang into an mirror universe where their opposite counterparts reside. But with the help of the mirror-Ratz and unwittingly of their counterparts, they pull the ultimate prank on the guy
9 Stuff It April 8, 2008 Juno and Ku rapidly gain weight from eating some strange cookies.
10 The Baka Races May 3, 2008 The day after a track meet, the Ratz are bored so they tease Ku. Ku takes their remark about the sky falling literally and thinks the sky is actually falling.

When Twitdragon assures Ku the sky can't fall, and Juno shows her for a fact, they head off to the go kart races, only for the sky to fall anyway.

Episode number Episode name Airdate Synopsis
(11) The Baka-Chan movie May 15, 2011 The movie that closes the series. The plot involves intergalactic Interpol being after Ku, so her friends must try to protect her. It is also this movie that ties up the loose ends left in the show and explains Ku's origins.

Video GameEdit

A video game for the show was published by Cannonball Games.