Baka-Chan (愚かな友人, Stupid Friend) is a an anime/manga by Manta-bee. Since this is currently a prototype, the title as well as other details are subject to change.


This story features parodies of anime character cliches as well as plots in stories.


  • Otoko Shikuta - The protagonist. He is an ordinary high school boy who sits by the window in his class. He is defined by characteristics such as being a big eater despite being so thin, and not having much of a personality otherwise.
  • Junko Supashi - A classmate of Otoko who has a crush on him, but doesn't want to show it for a myriad of reasons. She has bright orange hair and a fiery temper. She is a stereotypical tsundere.
  • Mashika Haru - A delicate girl and Junko's best friend. She is Junko's polar opposite, being shy, soft-spoken, and sensitive. She usually wanted to try peaceful solutions even in situations that would call for otherwise. She is a stereotype of the helpless and extremely delicate female character.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Otoko's Parents - Unseen, only mentioned. Have not appeared in until the end, where be they have been seen as cat/dragon-like beings.


Please note that the voice actor listings are just ideas by the author


Character Seiyu
Otoko Shikuta Miyu Irino
Junko Supashi Ai Kobayashi
  • Additional


English Edit

Character Voice Actor
Otoko Shikuta Greg Ayers
Junko Supashi Elizabeth McGlynn
Mashika Haru Rachel Lillis


  • Troy Baker
  • Jason Liebricht