Bagi, Boss of the Earth

Directed by

Makoto Tezuka

Written by

Hiroshi Ohnogi


地球のボス バギ

Music by

Bill Conti



Running Time

108 Minutes





Bagi, Boss of the Earth is the sequel to Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature done by Osamu Tezuka's son, Makoto. It was made for video.

Taglines: Just when the Cold War was nearing its end...


1988, a Russian spetsnaz team was sent into South America to hunt a mysterious lion. The major of the team, Anatoly Daletski orders a thorough search of the area. He and his team notice a dead hunter with claw marks. Suddenly, the Spetsnaz are attacked by a "demonic cougar". While watching his team being murdered, Anatoly notices that this "cougar" is a feral catwoman with pink fur.

Daletski fled to a town in Monica in which the president was impeached. He goes to a bar and meets 24 year old Japanese hunter Ryosuke Ishigami. He is told that the cat's name is Bagi, who befriended Ryo in Japan.

The two head to revisit the site where Anatoly's men were killed. When Bagi attacks the two, she stops when she recognizes Ryo and regains her intelligence. The Spetsnaz prepares to fire his pistol at the catwoman but is reminded that she is a friend. For abandoning the Russian military, Daletski, Ryo and Bagi are captured and taken to the Svirlag labour camp. After a week in jail, the trio stage an escape alongside other prisoners. During the uprising, one of the prisoners Bagi befriended, Aleksandr Yankov is killed by Kommissar Protazanov.

Protazanov runs a animal collector hunt for Russian zoos in the Middle East. As it turns out, the Russians found a female leopard in Kuwait, and a female lynx in Iraq. Protazanov and his men run them through the same process that Bagi was made through and they begin to develop human intelligence too.

In Iraq, the trio on the run from the Soviet government hear that Protazanov wants to make Iraq a communist country at a summit in the evening. Bagi steals an Iraqi officer's uniform and infiltrates the summit. There were also East German officials there. Just after her cover is blown by officer Kazeem, and old friend of Ryo's named Cemen Bond arrives with Ryo and Anatoly. Bagi's intrusion on the summit gets the Iraqi military to think the Soviets want war.

After escaping the summit, the group meets the lynx (named Hazala) and leopard (named Irino) who were sent to kill Anatoly. After subduing them, at the cost of Cemen's life, Bagi realizes that they were made through the same SuperLife technology by Protazanov.

Bagi, Hazala, Irino, Ryo and Anatoly then head to the Kommissar's manor house in Moscow and kill a number of guards before encountering him in his bedroom. The Russian Kommissar knows that if he has feelings for "animals that can walk and talk" he must die. Protazanov is almost quick with an Iaido sword, but is thrown out the window to his death after an indoor and rooftop battle.

Having cleared their reputation, Ryo brings Bagi, Irino and Hazala with him to Japan so they can live as a family. Anatoly defects to the Americans and finally becomes a capitalist, free of communism.

Voice castEdit

This is a list the Japanese voices and possible English voices. Being multilingual, this also has Russian, German and Arabic voices.

  • Nobutoshi Kanna ... Anatoly Daletski (Japanese)
  • Kazuhiko Inoue ... Ryosuke 'Ryo' Ishigami (Japanese)
  • Saeko Shimazu ... Bagi (Japanese)
  • Tessho Genda ... Kommissar Anton Protazanov (Japanese)
  • Katsuji Mori ... Cemen Bond (Japanese)
  • Shigeru Chiba ... Col. Kazeem (Japanese)
  • Norio Wakamoto ... Lt. Chinov (Japanese)
  • Junko Shimakata ... Hazala (Japanese)
  • Chieko Honda ... Irino (Japanese)
  • Dai Matsumoto ... Aleksandr Yankov (Japanese)
  • Ryoichi Tanaka ... Monica Bar Keeper (Japanese)
  • Keaton Yamada ... Leonid Puskov (Japanese)
  • Masahiro Anzai ... Big Bad Wulf (Japanese)
  • Kong Kuwata ... Iraqi Resistance Leader (Japanese)
  • Grigori Dobrigin ... Anatoly Daletski (Russian)
  • Boris Kievsky ... Kommissar Anton Protazanov, Svirlag Guard (Russian)
  • Dimitri Diatchenko ... Svirlag Intercom (Russian)
  • Alex Veadov ... Yuri (Russian)
  • Nickolai Stoilov ... Stanislav (Russian)
  • Mark Ivanir ... Lt. Chinov (Russian)
  • Edward Shkolnikov ... Manor House Guard (Russian)
  • Kai Wulf, Matt Lindquist, Torsten Voges, Rene Heger ... East German Summit Members and Guards, Hired German Mercenaries (German)
  • Abu Mohamed Kheir Hassoun ... Kazeem's Guard (Arabic)
  • Gabriel Al-Rahji, Hisham Kafarneh, Mansour Salti, Raghda Al-Khatib, Qasim Mlho, Marwan Farahat, Khaldoun Karout ... Iraqi Soldiers, Iraqi Summit Members, Iraqi Resistance (Arabic)

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