Avenger of Blood Anime

Avenger of Blood was a short-lived anime based on the manga of the same name. During it's limited time it gained some popularity.


It is the Industrial Revolution, a time of crime, hate, and destruction. On the lonely streets of Minkin Capital, only one man stands between the citizens and utter chaos. By day he is Craig Shatou, bartender. By the noon he tries to find information about the Yakuza. By night... he is there to help. He is the Avenger of Blood.

Season 1- Yakuza ChronicleEdit

Episode Number Titlecard Title Summary
Avenger of Blood Ep1
Into the Streets Craig rescues a young girl's cat, while a American buisnessman tracks him down. A group of assassins practices on several young woman, and when word reaches the streets, Craig becomes the Avenger to hunt them down.
Avenger of Blood Ep2



The Avenger spots one of the assassins, and follows him back to the area. The American buisnessman, Daniel, aquaints himself with a young women named Dawn, who seems to know Craig...
Avenger of Blood Ep3
Woods of Terror The Avenger enters the clearing where the young woman where sent, and avoids several assassins, taking down two, killing one and questioning the other. Dawn reveals to Daniel that she knows Craig personally.
Avenger of Blood Ep4
Trap of the Assassin The Avenger learns the assassins work for the Yakuza, then executes the remaining. Dawn and Daniel discuss Craig's odd habits, while Craig returns home.
Avenger of Blood Ep5
Call of the State Craig confronts Daniel and Dawn. Dawn disappears, while Daniel announces that the Yakuza has begun to expand into the United States, and wants Craig's help, revealing he knows of Craig's alter ego.

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