Why must I care about this world? This world is don't care about me, anyway

—Asuna Hanazawa

Asuna Hanazawa
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Name Asuna Hanazawa
Kanji 花沢アスナ
Rōmaji Hanazawa Asuna
Nickname Asuna
Gender Female Gender
Age 13
Birthday July, 22
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 153 cm
Weight 44 kg
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Race Human
Status Alive
Occupation S☆NNY member
Classic Musical
Seiyū Haruka Yamazaki
Asuna Hanazawa (花沢アスナ Hanazawa Asuna?) is the girl fan-fiction version of Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪. Her position in the group is as member and song composer.


Asuna is a cold-cool tsundere girl. Her wish is to become a composer, just like Haruka Nanami, the main official character. But because her parents very wanted her to become a doctor and always tell her about how hard to get a job, she hides her wish and pays little attention to everyone.


New Year ArcEdit

Asuna wears a Class-S S.H.U Projex Academy uniform, with her black long hair ponytails.


Main article: Asuna Hanazawa/discography

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