Ash Ketchum and Serena Tsukino
Format Anime, Animated
Created by Meanfang
No. of episodes TBA
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Jay Shannon Weaver, Kelly Sheridan, Colleen Clinkenbeard
First aired February 5, 2010

Ash Ketchum and Serena Tsukino is an anime series coming to Right Stuf Network. It follows the new adventures of now adult Serena Tsukino and Ash Ketchum.


The series is mainly a crossover between the lead characters of Pokemon and Sailor Moon.




  1. When Ash Met Serena

Fictuous Voice ListEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Ash Ketchum ??? J Shannon Weaver
Serena Tsukino Kotono Mitsuishi Kelly Sheridan
Delia Ketchum Masami Toyoshima Luci Christian
Ilene Tsukino ??? Willow Johnson
Giovanni Kenta Miyake Reuben Langdon
Ken Tsukino ??? Crispin Freeman
Sammy Tsukino ??? Samuel Vincent
Mr.Mime ??? Richard Ian Cox
Pikachu Ikue Otani Colleen Clinkenbeard
Luna The Cat ??? Cynthia Cranz