Artian Kuino


14 (21 in series 2)










Miro Kuino (uncle), Chiya Kuino (aunt), Unnamed parents (only seen in series 2), Rohan Kuino, (cousin), Bobbu Kuino (cousin), Kirsten Kebu (cousin)


Rohan Kuino Series

Artian Kuino is a character from the Mari Akane and Rohan Kuino Series by Manta-bee. He is the friend of Mari, and the cousin of Rohan Kuino.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Arian loves reading, as shown in the first episodes. In some of the stories, Artian is jealous of Rohan because he gets a lot of attention. There is only one story that is written in Arian's point of view. Artian can be stubborn, and spends a lot of time worrying about his reputation. Artian can be a little rude towards not only Rohan, but to his aunt and uncle as well.

In some stories, Artian gets along with Rohan very well. Sometimes, Artian doesn't. When he reaches his teen years, he sheds his "schoolboy" image for a more rebellious one. He attends to have a little crush on Rini Kito. Artian makes his first appearance in the Mari series and continues to appear Rohan series. Artian has a new baby cousin named Bobbu in later episodes of Series 1.


  • Artian attended Nopporo Wakaba Elementary with Rohan at the start of the series, then graduated to Moiwa Junior High. His high school is unknown, but assumed to be the same one Rohan attends in series 2.
  • Artian has been to Camp Kanazawa, which has been shown on a t-shirt handed down from him to his cousin.

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