Art of War: Operation Ghost
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 13
Run time 23-24 minutes

48 minutes (episode 13)

Art of War: Operation Ghost is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro as a spin-off of Art of War: Full Metal Guardian using a similar plot but different setting, characters, and mecha.

The story is set in modern England in a fictional school called D'Arc Academy, a school where the richest kids in the world go to earn the highest education in the world. The story is about a mercenary soldier who had been assigned to go to D'Arc Academy as a cover for his mission to destroy a hidden organization known as Poltergeist.


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After being sent to D'Arc Academy, a boy under the alias of Shin Asakura was ordered to disguise himself as a student to be able to find the hidden organization, Poltergeist. On his first day of school, Shin accidentally met with a girl named Helena Valkyria who found out his mission and aims to kill her before his mission is over. As Shin continues his mission, he is sidetracked by the school, most of the students, and aiming to kill Helena, but a week later after being found out, he recieves a mission to protect Helena, the girl he was going to kill.


Main ProtagonistsEdit

Shin AsakuraEdit

An undercover mercenary soldier of Ghost Wolf who's real name is unknown. Not much is known about him or his past but he would often have dreams about battles he fought before and usually wake up in fear. He is seen by most of the female students of D'Arc as a cool and stylish gentleman who acts coldly to everyone, but most of the male students just see him as a mean, disgraceful, and quiet loner. He heardly ever talks but will often laugh maniacally when he kills an enemy; though he laughs after he kills someone, this is not his true nature but actually something that his body reacts to when killing to prevent his real emotion which is sadness, but Helena was the first and only person who knows this. He enjoys art and had all of his arts featured as the best in the school's history; besides art, he does greatly in all of his classes and is tied to Helena and Ichigo as one of the school's top students. He is a War Armor pilot who pilots a W.A. named "Ghost", a v3 W.A. with the ability to camouflage and be undetected by radars of any kind. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.

Helena ValkyriaEdit

The heir to the Valkyria family, a super rich corporation that owns many different businesses but mainly works in transportation. She is a very claim and serious but naive girl who believes that she could change the world for the better. She is the most popular girl in the school and also the person who helps fund D'Arc Academy the most. She saw Shin talking about his mission to someone on a communicator before he enrolled in his first day of school and she becomes his first assassination target but was not scared and rather cheered for his success; she does not know of his second mission which was to defend her. She is an ESPer who does not know of her power and never finds out even after using it many times before when she was young; her power is to see the future as if it was a memory. She is voiced by Rie Tanaka.

Main AntagonistEdit

Geist AndersonEdit

A British terrorist who is the founder and leader of the secret organization, Poltergeist. He wears a pitch black mask that covers his entire face for an unknown reason and was never explained why; his mask was never taken off until the last episode but was still concealed. He is an outgoing man who likes to joke around and will sometimes kill someone at random to ease his boredom. He is also a businessman who deals weapons in the black market. He is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka.


Man giving ordersEdit

Shin's superior and the man who gives him the orders from his phone. His face is revealed at the end to be Nomura Hasashi, a major character from Art of War: Full Metal Guardian. He is voiced by Hochu Otsuka.

D'Arc AcademyEdit

Toko Waruo - One of the three only Japanese students in the school and a mischievious student of D'Arc Academy who likes to con people out of their money and also blackmail them. In his first appearance, he is shown trying to con Shin only to fail and be scared for the first time in his life by a glare; later on in the series, he tries to befriend him many times and always ends with the same results, failure. His name is a pun that is meant to say "Waru Otoko" meaning "Evil Man". He is voiced by Atsushi Tamura.
Gilbert Pierre - A party-loving French D'Arc Academy student with a cat-like face who's also the roommate of Shin. He is a naive, gulliable, and very lucky boy who is constantly being conned by Toko, but the things he buys from Toko always end up being great for him despite it usually always being junk for others. Even though he is Shin's roommate, he knows almost nothing about him is also afraid of him whenever he is angered. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.
Ichigo Harumasa - One of the three only Japanese students in D'Arc Academy, the other two being Shin and Toko. She is a prideful and arrogant girl who is always tied with Helena in academics. She is admired by many of the younger students of the school and even has her own fan club that follows her every order. After meeting with Shin, she instantly fell in love and ordered him to be her boyfriend, which he turned down right after she orders him, and eversince, her fan club has tried everything in their power to make him fall in love with her. She is voiced by Miho Yamada.
Aisha Ali - A rich Arabian girl who likes to defy her father's orders for fun and also the chief editor and reporter of the Journalism Team. Not much else is known about her other than she has a crush on Gilbert. She is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto.
Alexis Vladimir - A Russian aristocrat who's father is a high ranked Russian military leader and mother is a member of a royal family. She is very knowledgable about military related things despite not looking like someone who would be very smart with military technology. She is D'Arc Academy's most dangerous student since she would sometimes call for an heavily armed squad whenever she is very angry. She is on of Helena's best friends. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
Ciri Lotta - A beautiful Italian woman and the teacher of Class 2-A (Shin, Helena, Ichigo, Alexis, and Zwei's class). She is the youngest teacher in the Academy and is a prodigy in science, but she has a habit of bursting out her perverted thoughts of boys whenever she is talking about the human body. She was almost fired two times in ther past due to her perverted thought outbursts but she stayed because she was too good of a teacher to be fired. She is voiced by Satomi Arai.
Zwei Einsburg - A German D'Arc Academy student who's real name is Zael Einsburg but prefers to be called "Zwei" which means "Two" because his favorite number is two. He is a math genius who is barely passing in any classes besides math, where he does perfectly. He and Janis stalked Shin once and almost found out his secret but were found by Helena right before they saw it, being sent back without knowing what his secret is and also not knowing that she had saved their lives. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.
Janis Jupiter - An American rich girl and huge anime otaku, and also the president of Ichigo's fan club. She had wanted to make Shin fall in love with Ichigo enough to the point where she stalked him to try to find out his hobbies and make Ichigo's match his'. She asked Zwei to help her stalk Shin because Zwei was the least noticable person she knows and thinks that his unnoticablity would help her in stalking Shin. She is voiced by Asami Shimoda.


  • Like how to school in Art of War: Full Metal Guardian is based on a historical female warrior (Tomoe Gozen), Art of War: Operation Ghost also has a school based on a historical female warrior (Jeanne D'Arc aka Joan of Arc)
  • Even though Jeanne D'Arc is French and the academy is British, according to a quote mentioned by the dean in episode 1, it was named after Jeanne D'Arc because of the founder of the academy was a descendant of her and was a quarter French
  • Even though the name "Geist" is German for "Ghost", Geist Anderson is not German
  • Though it is mentioned that Daishi and Sakura were the youngest and only Japanese members of Ghost Wolf, Operation Ghost actually takes place a year after the events of Full Metal Guardian where the newest member of Ghost Wolf is Shin (real name unknown)