Welcome to the Elemental Shift Role-play series, Arcadius Academy! This RP will take place at the most prestigious Shifter Academy, Arcadius Academy for Elemental Arts. This is a large private school with dormitories. This academy is co-ed. Students are free to do whatever they want as long as they're old enough, or something. Anyway, here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

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Welcome to the Arcadius Academy! Edit

The story is now starting with one of the main characters, a 16 year old Rita Araújo, about to arrive to the special private academy, Arcadius. She is in a train and it stops at the big academy school of San Marais. She looks out the window of the train and sees light snow falling onto the ground and sees about hundreds of students standing at the huge entrance of the school.

Rita: *So many people...* She gets up as he stuffs her necklace back in her hoodie, and grabs her luggage and bag, heading out of the train. A trail of light stair constructs connect the train all the way down to the ground. The students slowly head down and when they're done, the light absorbs back into the train and it starts up again, leaving the station. She enters the school looking around, feeling very nervous and pulls her stuff close to her, standing in one spot.

Edmond waited until all the students left the train before going out, holding his violin case in a hand and his luggage in the other, their weight encumbering him a bit. He stood a moment to glance at the frozen swamp next to the train station. Emitting a short whistle and the ice-covered pond cracks.

Edmond: *I think I should stop messing around*.

Ryuu arrived at the school from the train system, bags in hand. Looking around and taking note of the hundreds and hundreds of students, Ryuu walked into the school gates and stared at the large Academy grounds in front of him.

Ryuu: *This academy is amazingly large... there's got to be more to this place than what meets the eye...* He adjusts his fedora hat, then walks around out of sheer boredom

Tori Castel arrives on the train, wearing her regular clothing, which help her fit in. She's carrying a single bag with a few of her belongings, which she sorta hides as she steps off the platform

Tori: *Okay, just stay calm. Try and make friends.* She breathes in and out then looks around

Carlo exits the train excitedly pulling his luggage out, which looked EXTREMELY heavy, but he just walked out at average walking speed.

Carlo: *Oh my God, I'm finally in America, goodbye uniforms hello actual use of clothes* Raises his heavy bag in the air HELLO ARCADIUS!

Rita turns around and looks over at the loud kid which is named Carlo.

Rita: *Is everyone here loud or something?...* She grabs her luggage and walks a bit away from the commotion. She heads over the a space where there aren't many students, and a block of concrete raises from the ground to under her. She lightly sits on it while putting her things between her legs and looking at her phone. As she starts to text her parents that she's finally at the school.

Tori: *Looks like I'm not the only new kid.* She looks to her left as she sees Rita sitting down H-hi...

Rita looks to her right and sees Tori. She nervously stutters

Rita: H-Hello.. She grabs her phone tight *Introduce yourself, it's easy...* I-I'm Rita...

Tori: Hello Rita. I am Tori. Is that Earth Shifting I see? It's pretty impressive, my mother says concrete is one of the more "stubborn" types of earth.

Rita: Y-Yes.. It is.. I-I um very good at it.. She looks at Tori and slightly smiles then looks down again

Tori: Oh Smiles By that accent I can tell you're not American, where are you from? Sits next to her

Rita: Oh.. My accent.. I'm from D-Dominican Republic.. What about you? Looks at Tori as she sits next to her

Tori: Cuba. This is my first year here. But I've been put in Advanced Rank 1 because my powers are slightly above average or something.

Rita: I see. I think I've b-been put in Advanced Rank 3... I-I ah.. have Earth and Lightning elements, and I'm alright at them...

Tori: My elements are Water and Wind. But I heard they call it Fluid and Gas here. I'm not very good, they would've put me in Beginner Rank 1 if I couldn't Cyclone Shift. So they bumped me up. I have a friend who goes here. He's also in Advanced Rank 3. I think the trains are empty now.

Rita: Oh, that's cool.. And yea. She waits for the introduction to the school to start

An announcement begins, telling all students to head to the main assembly hall for an introduction to the school. Once all the students have been seated, the principal comes out and begins his speech.

Principal: Students, welcome to Arcadius Academy! This school is one of the most prestigious schools, alongside other schools such as Balance Academy, and Command Academy. Now, all of you here are lucky, very lucky. Among the many, many applications to this academy, you are all here because our faculty believe you all to have something greater among the other Shifters who applied. Some of you may be more talented in your Combo Shifting, others who use their Shifting powers in unique or uncommon ways that stand out from others. For Advanced Rank 2 and higher students, welcome back from vacation. For Advanced Rank 1 students, welcome to your first year at the Academy. We have another lecture after this for you, so be sure to attend that one. It's extremely important that you attend it.

Random Advanced 1 Student: Another one! Several students start laughing at his joke, a grin on his face.

Principal: Yes, indeed. Another one. After this lecture, Advanced Rank 2 and higher students are allowed free time after this, though you all should get your room assignments right after. Just head up to the front office and ask for your room. Then, you can do as you please as long as no school policies are violated. Now then, this assembly is excused, and Advanced 1 students must attend the second introduction assembly.

After Both Assemblies Edit

All the students have gotten their room assignments, and are now on free time.

Ryuu: Adjusts his fedora Now, what should i do...? Lights a flame in his hand and watches the flame dance in his hand before deciding to extinguish it and do some parkour, clipping his hat to his belt and going to the roof of a building to begin free-running across the buildings.

Rita gets up waving at Tori, and gets her room number. Rita is getting dorm building 5, floor 4, room 16. The dorms are organized into floors with 20 rooms, with 5 floors of 20 altogether. There are 6 dorm buildings, alongside cafeterias. There are 10 more of these set-ups near the Main Office, which includes the Dean's office. She continues to head to her room and unlocks it to see a luxurious hotel room with a kitchen, living room with HD Plasma TV, game system, a high-spec computer, and an equally luxurious bathroom.

Rita: This is insane... She puts down her stuff down in the bedroom and checks out the room, eventually taking off her hoodie and pants, then putting on sweatpants to sit on the couch and rest.

Ed found his chamber, soundproof as he requested, couldn't risk letting other students hear him playing. The room was rather modest compared to others, a TV and a bed with a desk that had a laptop resting on top of it. Everything else was quiet similar to all other rooms, except for the fact that it was a bit smaller as he isn't going to share it with anyone.

Edmond: Going to be a long year, better get prepared. He proceed to unpack his luggage.

Tori, after half an hour of searching for her room, finally finds room 3, floor 4, building 5.

Tori: Phew. *Guess this is it.* Por fin. Tori looks at the wooden door, holds her keys out, closes her eyes, breathes in, then unlocks the door. The door creaks open.

Random Voice: Victoria?!

Tori opens her eyes suddenly, in shock. She sees a handsome, Hispanic boy with dangling spiky hair, smiling his wide mouth at her. Her expression turns from shock to joy as a smile pops upon her face.

Tori: Dario! She jumps at him hugging him as he hugs her back, then she says ecstatically in Spanish No he visto en seis meses!!

Dario: I know! Usted vino a la Academia?!

Tori: Yes! I got a place because of my Cyclone Shifting.

Dario: That's perfect! Have you got the same room key?

Tori: I guess so. Maybe because we knew each other already, so they made us roommates.

Dario: Ah, that makes sense.

He welcomes Tori in, as she looks astonished, she has never even seen a room as nice as this, or used the technology that was available there. They sit down on a bed, as they talk for a while.

Carlo was lost, still trying to find his room, he was even looking at a map his grandpa made for him, ignoring some red important stuff, all he knows it

Carlo: *Damn it lolo, if your map is completely messed up, I'm gonna bounce on your back so hard you'll fart!* He stops and notices a short haired, skinny student wearing jeans, rubber shoes, a jacket, a white Tee and a baseball cap *Maybe he, or she has directions...* Hey um do you know where room 6 is?

Student: Yeah actually it's beside right beside mine...The student points to the room beside, “his" own.

Carlo: *Oh my God She's so cu---...wait he might be a trap, I'll just assume...* Ah thanks brah, so what's your name?

Student: I'm Alex...

Carlo: Well you're pretty cool Looks in Alex's room Judging by your room, you're both a lightning and nature shifter. *I wonder if I guessed right?*

Alex: Yeah, wait how did you know?

Carlo Shrugs Intuition...

Alex: Well I'm also a great Magnetism user, and Summon shifter...

Carlo: Oh that's awesome, I'm just a Fire, Darkness and Blaze shifter...

Alex: That's pretty awesome, cooler than mine.

Carlo: Talk again some time, bye. Enters his room.

Alex: *I wonder if he knew I'm a girl?* She then removed her cap as she walked into her room.

Carlo entered his room, and saw the requirements, king sized bed, for space, a 70" Plasma screen T.V. with Netflix, internet, a computer with the requested user sites, a bathroom with shower and bathtub, and a large closet, they sound proofed it requested by his grandpa.


A week later... Edit

Rita puts on her T-Shirt with sweatpants, feeling lazy that afternoon and heads out of her room. She locks it with the key and stuffs it in her pocket as she walks down to the stairs. She eventually heads out the building, feeling the warm breeze running through her hair and feels some heat of the sun on her skin. She heads across the campus into the main school building and walks past the crowds of students in the loud hallways and finds her 4th period class. She finished 3rd period 2 hours ago and decided to come home to rest, and came back out. She heads to her 4th period which is training. She is nearly late since the gym class is so far but makes it in time.

Mr. Foomer: Good afternoon everyone. Hope you enjoyed your little break. We will start training in this class today.

The students in the class start to get a bit loud of excitement and talking a bit amongst each other. Mr. Foomer calms them down and continues to tell the students the plan for the day.

Mr. Foomer: Alright, so now we must change into our gym clothes and we'll head outside.

After he releases everyone, all the students begin to change in the locker rooms, then head out to the course that is set up outside. All the students look amazed at the elaborate set-up made by the teacher.

Rita: *Wow... What do we even do here?* Her attention as well as the other student's turn to Mr. Foomer again.

Mr. Foomer: So each of you will take turns heading down this course, using anything, even your powers. For some of you this may be difficult and for some, easy. This is called parkour and is widely popular for transportation. But head down this course as quickly and effectively as possible. Ready? First is... He starts going through kids, which some fail and pass and he finally called Rita's name. She is instantly alerted and heads up. Ready? Set, go!

Rita takes off down the course and jumps over a few barriers easily. Next was barriers to slide under. She speeds up and tries to soften the ground and sit back quickly, but hits her butt roughly on the ground and slides a bit and uses the earth help push her under. After that, she pushes herself, keeping up her pace, slightly limping from the hard landing and then there is a wall in front of her, that she needs to get over, so she uses the earth under her to launch her over. She lands on the ground unevenly and stumbles a bit but keeps going. She turns a corner and stops when she sees 2 walls next to each other and padding on them. In the distance there is a pole and another platform.

Rita: *Are you kidding... What is this..* She backs up and tries to run on the wall and wall jump between them, but falls on her face in the ground. She pushes herself up and just earth launches herself at the pole to swing, and when she grabs it, her fingers slip off and she falls onto the mud at the bottom. She gets up and pushes her arms down, all the mud getting off her body in an instant. She feels a bit annoyed at this course and continues to earth launch onto the next platform. Suddenly a rubber trap launches at her from behind and she turns around, electrifying her arm and shooting out lightning, but the lightning just hits the rubber with no effect, and the rubber hits her and wraps around her, making her fly into the back wall with a lot of force.

Rita: Agh! She tries to get up without using her arms and when she manages to, a barrage of wind and water attacks hit her from each side, catching her off guard and whipping her off the building at the ground, but she manages to gather enough sand surrounding the area to soften her fall. She lays on the sand for about 10 seconds before using the sand to pull apart the weak rubber trap. She gets up wordless and looking disappointed. She walks back to the class as Mr. Foomer says that she failed. The rest of the class starts to go as most of the students pass. Rita is sitting looking upset and when Mr. Foomer says to go dress out in their normal clothes, she goes and gets ready for her next class.

During One of the Crime Analysis Classes... Edit

Ryuu is sitting in the back of the class, by himself, while all the other students are partnering up with each other to do the Analysis on a set-up crime scene about a fictional "homicide" case involving a person being beaten to death in the room. Most people avoid Ryuu, and he's fine with that. Once everyone else is grouped up, the teacher marks down the groups.

Teacher: Hm. Mr. Radcliffe, are you sure you want to be alone for this project?

Ryuu: It's fine with me, I don't mind. He says this coolly, adjusting his hat so it doesn't get in the way of his field of vision

Teacher: Very well... Now students, the analysis begins now! Find all the clues, mark them in your notes, and we'll see how you do. As the students walk around the set-up scene, observing all the obvious clues, Ryuu decides to take a more in-depth approach.

Ryuu: *Let's see...* Looks at the outline of the victim's body *Victim was male, approximately 5'8" and a body-builder, judging from the outline.* Takes a look at any nearby items that could be used as weapons *Lots of different ways to kill this guy...* Takes note of the "blood" spatter patterns *Seems like a blunt melee tool was used to finish the poor guy off... That eliminates all the sharp items... No, wait.* Takes a closer look at the patterns *A sharp object was used to stab the guy, but it seems that didn't work. Suspect then decided to cave the victim's skull in. Something solid and sturdy...* Ryuu finds a wooden table leg nearby the outline, and looks closely at it *Hmm... There's blood on here... in the same spatter pattern as the victim. But where would the sharp object be?* Tilts his hat back to keep it from falling off There's more to this, what am I missing...?

One of Ryuu's classmates, a strawberry-blonde-haired girl around the same height as the fictional homicide victim accidentally bumps into Ryuu, causing his hat to slide off, which then falls off.

Ryuu: My hat! Grabs his hat out of the air with extremely quick reflexes Geez... Blows some air on his hand, shakes it, then puts his hat back on

Classmate: I'm sorry! She's holding her notebook close, all the obvious clues written down in it

Ryuu: It's fine, don't worry about it. So... what's your name?

Kiriko: I'm Kiriko Sawagami. Yours?

Ryuu: Radcliffe. Ryuu Radcliffe.

Kiriko: You sounded like James Bond for a moment... She mutters this sentence

Ryuu: Did you say something?

Kiriko: Oh, no. Hey, you think you can help me with these clues? I've got all the obvious ones like, "Victim was beaten to death, blunt melee weapon used, Suspect fled the scene immediately after homicide." I found a knife left out of place in the simulated kitchen area, maybe that has something to do with it... Or maybe we should take a look at the suspect sheet and identify the MO...

Ryuu: A knife? Goes over to where Kiriko found the knife, then notes it down Thanks, now for the MO... The victim's identity would help out... Looks around at the scene, then notices the open wallet lying on the ground displaying the victim's driver's licence Aha! Got it. Crouches over the wallet and writes down the victim's name in his notebook James... Marlowe...

Kiriko: Did you find something, Ryuu? She looks over Ryuu's shoulder, slightly bending over to see his notebook, to which she jots down the victim's name

Ryuu: Of course all the suspects are involved with the victim, but who has enough motivation to kill Mr. Marlowe here...? He puts away his notebook, going up to the suspect board and looking over each profile, taking his notebook back out to jot down all the potential motives and the clues he identified earlier. Kiriko also followed Ryuu to the board to look at the suspects, jotting down notes while walking to the board

Kiriko: You think you have an idea of who the perpetrator is? Ryuu is looking over each suspect profile carefully, noting down which motives would work and which wouldn't work

Ryuu: *Phillip Stark has no good reason to go out and kill a friend, his psychology wouldn't work either. The victim was sadistically and savagely beaten to death after the stabbing failed...* He looks over the next suspect file, the victim's brother Sam Marlowe *Another Marlowe... MO seems about right... Psychology matches up... Sam was into some pretty freaky shit...*

Kiriko: Ryuu? Waves her hands in front of Ryuu's face Ryuu~? Still there?

Ryuu: Huh? The whole time he was deducing the perpetrator's identity, he was spaced out Yeah, I'm fine. Just doing some thinking... He writes down all his notes, then closes his notebook one-handed and walks up to the front of the class by the teacher I think I know the perpetrator's identity.

Teacher: I see... and who would that be, Mr. Radcliffe?

Ryuu: Clears his throat I believe the victim's brother, Samuel Marlowe, to be the killer.

Teacher: Your evidence?

Ryuu: At first, the brother wanted to off the victim quickly, getting a knife and trying to stab James. When that failed and James had struggled against the stabbing, Samuel pushed James against the table to trip him, breaking a table leg off and beating him savagely and sadistically to his unfortunate death. Of course, he left the table leg behind and quickly went to wash the blood off the knife.

Teacher: That's good, but there's more.

Ryuu: Of course. The knife was left out of place, and the table leg was still bloody. I had noticed the spatter patterns on the victim and nearby the area of death. A stab to the back was what Sam had intended to kill his brother with. When James turned, the knife hit his rib cage, causing some blood to leak out into the carpet. This left a easy to follow pattern that I easily took note of. When James took the knife out, Sam pushed him towards the coffee table, which made it easier to break off a table leg. Sam took the table leg and bashed in James's skull, killing him and also causing an easy to identify spatter pattern to be left all over the wall.

Teacher: You got all the evidence, I'll give you full points on that. Now, what was the motive?

Ryuu: Easy. Sam was jealous. James was the older brother, and when their father died, James inherited the land and gained plenty of money from the will. Sam got half as much money, and was obviously jealous. So Sam murdered James, took all his money and land, and moved on to whatever is left of his life now.

Teacher: Excellent work, Ryuu. That's a new record for solving one of our more difficult Crime Analysis simulations. The previous record spanned two days worth of investigations, but you solved this one in half the class period! I'm impressed, you deserve your A+.

Ryuu: Thank you sir. Tips his hat back, looking back at the suspect board one more time It comes in handy when you were born into the life of a detective, a hard-boiled one at that.

Teacher: Hard-boiled? Like that old genre of books? The teacher chuckles softly I suppose you're going to write a case wrap-up paper to file away for later.

Ryuu: I only do that for official cases that aren't simulations. Anyway, let's continue the class.

Teacher: Of course.

During one of the Sparring Classes... Edit

Carlo was sitting at the bleachers watching many students spar, the creativity, the fighting styles the flow, the coolness of weapons, he might have had a boner from time to time, due to the ladies fighting, but he was up.

Teacher: Alright Mr. Pineda, and Ms. Nikkhos.

Carlo: He stood up and stood at the ring waiting for his partner *Alright, I'm fighting someone, I don't know what's her element, but I'm ready!* Then he saw his partner the red hair, the blue eyes, the perfect frame, the fact she looks a mix of fancy and normal, and fit for battle, but wait her face looked familiar *Okay, harder than I thought, wait, A-Alex?!*

Alex: Make sure to keep your guard up...

Teacher: Alright, BEGIN!

Carlo: He was just standing there, just still processing the fact he thought Alex was a guy *My God, she can work a pony tail...*

Alex: She sets up a Taekwando stance and summons her weapons, which were a pair of armored boots with vine like whips built into them which can retract and extend *Need to be ready, he'n taunting me...*

Carlo: *Oh she looks hot, yet awesome!*

Alex: She jumped in the air and then performed falling kick on him *Time to prove, I'm no normal girl...*

Carlo: He suddenly raises his hand up, then he made his weapon a one edged sword of Darkness, he was able to push her off *Taekwando, Taekwando, you can do it fast or you can do it slow...*

Alex: She spun on the ground reminiscent to break dancing and/or Capoiera, but with a bonus used her whips to start lashing at him, hitting him at multiple places *I need to break his defenses.*

Carlo: He started covering his face with his off hand to avoid damage, parrying, at least attempting to, with his sword, then suddenly he sent a wave of darkness at her, then he removed his arm from his face, revealing a smirk.

Alex: She stopped her assault to avoid the wave, she jumped narrowly missing the wave, but she saw Carlo jump in the air, using some fire he boosted from his feet to just give a bit of a boost, to descend and try to knock her down, she quickly lunged forward avoiding him *My God, he's a genius!*

Carlo: *Oh Shit!* He then got his sword and aimed it at the ground, but due to his momentum the blade started getting ran through the ground, he then jumped off on to his feet.

Alex: *He's actually great.* She then lunged forward, making a straight kick with electricity.

Carlo: He suddenly dashed forward, dissipating into fire and coming up back from behind her, this time not just with his sword, but he had his axe of fire, preparing to slam down on her *Got ‘emmmm....*

Alex: She then quickly does a handstand and bends her leg in a crouching like position, then lunged forward, feet first straight while spinning, with the whips in her boots out, she looked like a spinning octopus, then she engulfed herself with electricity, which extremely impressed the other students watching *Bring it...*

Carlo: He then clashed against her, trying to push her back with a lot of effort, and he was able to clearly see the determination on her face through the whips *Wow, she's just as determined as me, maybe losing one battle isn't enough for her, but if one battle can make some one emo, then sacrifices must be made, but I need to make it look good....*

Alex: She was even using magnetic forces to push her forward, she even just stopped spinning and using the whips to provide more strength *I can't lose...I-I don't want to lose...if I lose he---Cries internally*

Carlo: Suddenly Carlo rolled his eyes, then backed with a foot making him fall and lose his weapons, and he just saw Alex finishing the move and on her feet with her weapons gone.

Teacher: Alexandra Nikkhos is the winner, but Shifts attention to Carlo who is lying down you Mr. Pineda, your grandfather taught you well, he must be proud.

With that the teacher and the students left, while Carlo was still lying down, pondering, as Alex checked on him.

Alex: You ‘kay?

Carlo: Yeah...He was still on the ground.

Alex: Would you like to get up?

Carlo: Intermediate 5 second pause Yes Gets back up dusting himself off You know, you're pretty good... He then did the You're Pretty good sign, which made her giggle, then he smiled.

Alex: Come on, let's got to my room and play video games.

Carlo nodded, and followed her to her room, so they could play games, have fun and eat some pizza she made, with her Nature shifting.

During E.L.I.E. ClassEdit

Tori, as well as a select few, were in the extracurricular class of Extended Learning for Immoderate Elements. It chooses students with elements and/or abilities too uncontrollable and teaches them more after school. It takes place in a spare storage room besides the Hall. The teacher, Professor Soude, gathered the students around, and stood on a pedestal to talk to them.

Prof. Soude: So, couple new-comers in the class I see? The reason for ELIE classes was explained in the letter that was handed out on the first day back. But to sum it up, you're not here because you're weak or stupid, no, that's for the students taking the E.L.A.D. classes. A few sniggers break out in the class, aimed at Tori mostly, because she takes them. You're here because of a very different reason, half-full view? You're all unique and more powerful than the others. Half-empty view? You're all too dangerous to be with the other kids just yet. But by the end of these classes you'll be ready to graduate to the next rank, I guarantee it! Now, let's get started. I have everyone's names down, but not those who just joined. So everyone just say their name then combo and I will write it down.

Pupil 1: Cole Dunham-Parsley, Blaze.

Pupil 2: Tyler Turnbul, Electron.

Pupil 3: Rashid Aylen, P-Plasma.

Tori: Tori Castel, Cyclone.

Pupil 4: Cameron Sullivan, Drain.

Prof. Soude: Wow, quite a handful, no matter, you'll all do just as well. He sends the students to the side then calls them one by one. Rashid, come up.

Rashid comes up to the Professor

Prof. Soude: Right, now, attack me.

Rashid: What, sir?!

Prof. Soude: Just do it. Try to kill me, if it would help.

Rashid: Sir I don't think-

Prof. Soude: Just do it, Mr. Aylen!

Rashid: OKAY- He flails his arms as a wave of pink plasma slashes outwards towards the teacher. The teachers gets hit by it, but the plasma is rebounded and lessened towards the empty wall. The teacher is just fine, he turned his body to rubber.

Prof. Soude: Intriguing, Rashid! You must learn to direct your plasma into small blasts, that was reckless, you could've killed us all! But no worry, I am a Rubber Shifter, immune you could say, now off to the wall again. He calls the next student.

Tyler: Uhhh, sir? Did you mean to cuff me like this? The teacher placed two rubber arm bands to strap his arms together

Prof. Soude: Yes! It's part of the training. Now blast me.

Tyler: This ain't right. I can't shoot through rubber, it's an insulator.

Prof. Soude: Just shoot! Tyler concentrates, his face turns red as if the rubber is tightening. Then suddenly a flash of red emits from his finger tips. Fantastic!

Tyler: That was barely anything! I could fry the whole school if I wasn't cuffed!

Prof. Soude: That's the point! If you learn to push your electricity between that tight gap, then you could do it without cuffs, therefore reducing the excess amount of lightning you give off. So you don't "fry" a truckload of orphans or something. Keep those on until the end of the lesson. Next, Victoria, or Tori, whatever.

Tori: Sir, I can't create a cyclone unless I'm-

Prof. Soude: Nonsense! Just conjure something from inside. Anything.

Tori: Okay... Tori closes her eyes and forces herself, like she's trying to force herself to throw up. Her stomach boils, she holds her arm out, yet nothing comes out her palm. She opens her eyes to see Prof. Soude's creepy smile bombard her. He nods as she tries again. She stiffens her arm and holds her palm wide. After a few awkward seconds, a small ring of clouds forms in her palm. In the center of the rotating ring, a jet of water blasts out, right at the teacher. He conjures a rubber shield to block it as the water stops shooting. He chuckles as he lowers the ripped shield. He was almost drenched in water.

Prof. Soude: Excellent! Though once the real cyclones develop, then this lesson will have some meaning. Next up, Cameron!

After all the students finish, they exit, the room now covered in charred ash. Tori looks around and sees Rita. She approaches her

Tori: Hey Rita, after school class is over.

Rita is holding her books to her chest and looks over at Tori and smiles a bit.

Rita: Hi Toriii She talks in a soft-spoken voice all the time, unless she's angry. She slows down walking to let Tori catch up and keeps walking. What class did you have?

Tori: Uhh...ELIE. Nothing much, just some inexperienced people and some older kids, who look like they're only here to show off. She speaks in a heavy Spanish accent, as she only learnt English when she met Dario, who taught her I managed to create wind and water at once without getting angry, so that's good.

Rita: Oh nice. I can't really do my combo... I don't know why.. She turned a corner with Tori heading to the exit of the school. I had a training class for my physical abilities and all, but I'm terrible with my agility. She looks a bit upset and shrugs lightly

Carlo, suddenly got in the middle of them.

Carlo: You guys just need to practice, also love your hairs He puts both hands on their respective shoulders And hey I can teach you guys at parts where you have problems...

Rita jerked from his touch fast and turned around to look at him.

Rita: Her mouth opens, as a single peep comes out then she closes her mouth, looking down, her face feeling hot of embarrassment.

Tori swipes his hand off then looks weirded out

Tori: Umm what? Who are you?

Carlo: Well my name is Carlo Pineda and you two are?

Tori: You don't need to know. Come on, lets go. She is about to walk away with Rita

Carlo: Wait! Holds on to her shoulder to stop her

Tori: Seriously, what do you want?!

Rita out of defense, uses her palm to push Carlo's arm off of Tori, then quickly uses her other hand to launch of lower punch right into his jaw, making him stumble back. She seems alert.

Rita: W-Was he trying to hurt you Tori?

Carlo: Was on the ground with some blood coming from his lower lip Seriously this the help when I always try to help someone?!

Tori: You call that helping? Listening in on our conversation then grabbing us?

Carlo: Hey I just put my hand on your shoulder, you're the one who assaulted me!

Ryuu walks up to Carlo and helps him up.

Ryuu: From what I saw, the other girl over there... Points to Rita is the one who performed self-defense. For all they know, you could have been trying to sexually harass them. Dusts off Carlo a little bit, then pats him on the back There ya go. Anyways. Word of advice, try not to sneak up on ladies. It's rude and makes the whole situation awkward. Maybe if you take a moment to explain to each other what's going on, you can get this cleared up. I believe my work here is done. Walks away, taking his hat off and clipping it to his belt as he walks to his dorm room

Carlo then put a grumpy, but guilty and ashamed look on his face, while still holding his lower jaw from pain.

Rita then walks away with Tori. They each head to their separate dorms as they wait for the next day.

The Next Day, Afternoon Sparring Classes: Edit

Students have signed up for the afternoon sparring classes. These classes are usually during the student's lunch break, after they've eaten their meals. The rules are simple: Use any and all non-lethal methods of defeating opponents; first Shifter to have their entire body hit the ground loses. A few of the matches have already gone by, and now Ryuu is up.

Sparring Administrator: Next up, Ryuu Radcliffe versus Albert Newton. Both students step up to the large training space, made specifically for the sparring classes. Newton, ready?!

Albert: Generates a ball of highly-condensed Fluid in his hand, throwing it up in the air and having it self-detonate Ready!

Sparring Admin: Radcliffe, ready?!

Ryuu: One second. Sets his hat down on where he was sitting before stepping up to the arena, then forms a fireball in his hand *Flames seem non-lethal.* Ready.

Admin: Fighters ready! Set! Both of the fighters get in fighting stances Begin!!

Albert immediately generates his weapon, a short sword and small buckler shield made of fluid, then charges at Ryuu, shield forward and sword ready to attack.

Ryuu: *He has a short sword and buckler... his sword training must be pretty good... direct sword combat should suffice for now...* Shapes the fireball in his hand into a single-edged longsword, a flame pattern running up the blade The flinch in your eye calls your bluff.

Albert has no idea what Ryuu means, but Ryuu had noticed that Albert's eye had flinched. So when he goes to use the shield as a distraction and attack with his blade, Ryuu has already used light energy to boost his jump just over Albert, both spinning around just in time for both blades to clash against one another and cause sparks to fly.

Albert: How did you know?! Struggles in the blade lock

Ryuu: I told you. That flinch in your eye called your bluff. He summons a small dagger of fire in his left hand and stabs with it at Albert's rib cage. Albert just barely has time to block, pushing Ryuu back with his blade and blocking with his buckler. The knife dissipates upon impact, and Ryuu looks calmly at Albert, both of them breathing heavily from adrenaline rush.

Albert: You've got some unnerving stares there... Breathes heavily as the two stare each other down, taking a moment to catch their breaths.

Ryuu: *I have a slight edge here. If I can read his body language, I can predict his moves. But the advantage to those small weapons is a better speed. He'll want to attack too fast for me to counter properly. Perhaps, I should use it...* A small wave of photons gather around his left hand, forming the outline of a gauntlet before fading

Albert: We gonna fight or what?! C'mon loser! Charges again, shield first like the other time

Ryuu: Make you move, make your stand. Make the win. Ha, like you can. Places his sword against his back, allowing it to stay suspended there as he prepares an uppercut. As he stands there, his fist begins to glow with light, a gauntlet construct appearing on his arm

Albert: Your taunts are fruitless! I will win! He prepares to bash Ryuu with his Fluid shield, and manages to get in the prime range for his attack. Unfortunately, it's also the prime range for Ryuu's attack.

Ryuu: Your time's done when you begin. The shine of his gauntlet construct reaches its maximum brightness and just as it shines the brightest, Ryuu uppercuts Albert, the force of the Photons boosting the power behind the punch. Albert's shield-bash move was bypassed, and the force of the punch broke through the shield and launched Albert high into the air.

Albert: What?! HOW?! Tch... He uses the Fluid energy in his sword to create a Fluid grenade like he did earlier, throwing it at Ryuu, who was breathing heavily after charging such a powerful uppercut Take this!!

Ryuu: Shit! He doesn't have enough energy to dodge the entire force of the grenade, causing him to be blown back by the force, skidding to a stop in a kneeling position. Various bruises, minor burns and cuts cover his face from the explosion *That was a good idea, Albert. Taking that window to attack me in my weakened state. Not bad, not bad... This means I ought to use it then...* He gets up just as Albert lands back on the ground, having used a water slide to ease his fall

Albert: Now I know. Whenever you charge an attack, I just need to dodge the attack and hit you in that weakened state!

Ryuu: Don't get too cocky. We're both hurt and weak, so don't count on being able to do that again... A brief shine appears around him, but it fades away shortly From what I can see, we're both on low energy, and we've got all sorts of bruises and cuts. I got a few burns from that grenade of yours...

Albert: Closes his eyes for a moment, then remembers something Oh yeah, I forgot I've been training my stamina! I've got plenty of energy to use! Opens his eyes and generates another Fluid grenade and prepares it You can take this! Throws the grenade at Ryuu, causing an explosion of pressurized Fluid energy that leaves behind a cloud of dust and debris *That's gotta be the end. There's no way he can withstand that in his current condition.* Victory is mi-! Albert is randomly kicked in the face, knocking him completely to the ground and giving Ryuu the win What?! Who did that?!?!?

Ryuu: Who else? Ryuu appears seemingly out of thin air, fading in as photons briefly flash around him

Albert: B-but... HOW?!?!?

Ryuu: Simple. Light Shifting. He cracks his knuckles, and more photons briefly appear around his hands I've honed my Fire Shifting technique as my primary offensive power. Light Shifting is my secondary power. Due to the nature of Light Shifting, I've been able to train it and use it as an illusionary power. This includes reflecting Photons and tricking people.

Albert: Then... I didn't actually hit you with that last grenade?

Ryuu: Not at all. Think of it as light being reflected off a mirror. I made you see a light-based reflection of myself, while the real me got in position for the next attack.

Albert: How come I didn't see two of you?

Ryuu: I looked for an opportunity to sneak away. That moment when you closed your eyes was perfect. I used a reflection to appear in one place and snuck away and prepared a flying side kick. Then, I bent the photons around me and became invisible. I had planned and calculated my angle and the reflection's angle earlier.

Admin: Very good use of your Light Shifting, Ryuu. It's a very unorthodox method few people would use.

Ryuu: Thank you, teacher.

Albert: Huh... So then...

Ryuu: Your arrogance was your downfall. You left too many openings for me to exploit. I'm a bit tired out right now, so I'll just observe the next few matches. Goes to his seat and picks up his hat, putting it on his head before sitting down

Admin: Of course, this match goes to Ryuu Radcliffe! Next up is...

Edmond: Edmond, Edmond Meirion, madame.

Admin: Well, it is not your turn but your enthusiasm is exciting, okay then, you will go against Naomi Gossamer. Show us that your excitement is genuine, Edmond.

Edmond stood before Naomi in the wide arena while other students are watching, he felt nervous, but he had to show his worth to win a few friends, this was his chance. He drops the violin case and retrieved the instrument from inside it, pressing it against his neck.

Naomi: Are you using a violin? Are you sure it won't break? I mean... I don't want to pay for it or anything if it does...

Edmond: Don't worry, it will not.

Naomi: Okay then Her right hand turns into a solid glass blade, while the other forms a shield-like barrier around it Come at me.

Edmond: If you wish Edmond strokes the violin bow against the instrument, causing a loud shrieking noise that made all the students stick their fingers in their ears. Naomi, having her hands busy, couldn't shield against it. The next stroke followed with a sonic boom, everyone this time is protecting their eyes from the flying debris, when he noticed a vulnerability in Naomi's defense, he formed six ice shards and sent them flying at her with another stroke of his violin.

Naomi: AHHHHH! Naomi was furious, tanking the incoming shards and charging at Edmond in great speed, replacing her morals with anger she started slicing at him with her sword-like arm, although he managed to protect himself by playing the instrument, forming an invisible barrier of sound, he had to steadily play Bach's Chaconne to maintain his defense, which was quiet difficult.

Edmond: Calm down please.

Naomi: Not after what you've done to my eardrums you halfwit!

Edmond breaks his defense by playing a little bit louder, pushing Naomi away a few feet and continue the same piece steadily again, possibly preparing for an attack.

Naomi: I have to admit you are talented, never seen someone using the violin as a weapon, gotta give you that.

Edmond: Thanks?

Naomi: Enough with the compliments, we are fighting remember? She dons a complete armor made of glass in seconds, Edmond subconsciously takes a step back both in fear and in self-preservation, preparing for whatever she is going to do, gazing at the eight feet glass giant before him.

Edmond: *Oh lord...* He halts a second to wait for her attack, he has a risky plan, but it could work.

Her giant form grows more disturbing, with spikes protruding from it's back. Naomi never knew her limits, or the limits of others, she always just gave her best, even if her best could mean killing a classmate in a friendly battle. Again she prepares to charge at Edmond, and so she does.


Edmond: *Think, think!* At a split second he starts playing faster and faster forming a hurricane of sonic vibrations around himself, keeping Naomi's hulking form at pay the moment she clashes against his ward of sound, but she just won't give in, he knew that stopping at this moment could mean serious injury or... he just simply didn't stop, and gave it his best, the faster he plays the further she is pushed away, the more that armor of glass shattered, that's it.

Without even stopping for a breath he made every second count, Edmond released cold air toward Naomi to assist in her stop, as the gigantic armor was pushed away by the wind, so did it freeze, until it can no longer move. He finished the musical piece and took a long breath.

Edmond: Did I win? He noticed the frozen armor before him with Naomi barely visible through the transparent glass.

Admin: I guess you did, but apparently Ms. Gossamer would need to be melted out of that cocoon you trapped her in.

Edmond: I'm sorry, she got overzealous and I had to protect myself.

Admin: Both of you would get detention, in time.

Edmond: *Great.*

More fights go on before the Class ends and the students have to go back to their assigned classes.

The Next Day Edit

The next day is a free day, where classes are suspended to allow students to have free time. This free time can be used in anyway the students wish so long as no illegal activities are committed. Ryuu is spending his time in his room, Dorm 2, Floor 2, Room 16. The room has the basic necessities, king-sized bed, plasma-screen TV, high-tech computer, video game set-up, and standard bathroom. His room, however, has soundproofed walls, a bookshelf full of detective novels, and a hook for his multiple hats. He's currently on his computer, playing video games while listening to a video series on this universe's counterpart to YouTube.

Ryuu: God, I'm bored... I could visit the town itself and see what it has to offer, but it'd be weird to just go alone... He hears a knock on his door and pauses his game and videos to check who's at the door. When he opens the door, he sees Kiriko.

Kiriko: Hello, Ryuu!

Ryuu: Hello, Kiriko.

Kiriko: Do you wanna head out to the town today? I mean, you're free, right?

Ryuu: I suppose. He remembers he's still in his pajamas Give me a second to change, alright?

Kiriko: Sure! She patiently waits outside Ryuu's door as he puts on his normal "going-out" clothes

Ryuu: *Which hat should I wear...?* He looks over his hat rack, then pick his black fedora It'll do. He puts the hat on and walks out his door Alright, let's go.

Kiriko: Okay! Follow me! She locks her arm with Ryuu's, making them look like they're dating, then pulls him out of the dorm and into the town outside Arcadius. They first arrive at a local shop selling pastries, sweets, and other snacks and go inside

Ryuu: Why are our arms together like this?

Kiriko: So we don't lose each other. Duh! She looks over the different pastries displayed, wearing a face of pure glee So, which one do you want?

Ryuu: Let's see... He picks up a menu off the counter and looks through it. He decides on a type of bread filled with custard and topped with a caramel drizzle Hm, I think I'll get this one.

Kiriko: Oooh, that looks good. Let's get in line and order. They both get in line, eventually getting to the front and ordering their pastries and snacks, then get their snacks and leave

Ryuu: I amazed at how low those prices are.

Kiriko: Mhm! They were really affordable! She gets out a small maple bread loaf, opens the packaging, and takes a bite. These are really good too!!!

Ryuu: Are they? He gets out his custard bread, opens the packaging, and takes a bite of it *She's right, they're really good.* I could use some coffee with this.

Kiriko: There's a coffee shop across the street! Let's go! She practically drags Ryuu to the coffee shop

Ryuu: Sighs while eating his custard bread *This is gonna be my whole day, isn't it...?*

After waiting to order, the two order their drinks and leave the shop, sitting down outside to eat their snacks.

Kiriko: This is nice, isn't it? Happily consumes her snacks while drinking her latte

Ryuu: It's not too bad. Takes a sip of his cappuccino while eating his snack

Kiriko: So... what do you do in your spare time?

Ryuu: Not much. Either read, listen to music, draw, or play video games. Watch anime or TV every now and then. Takes another sip of his drink

Kiriko: You seem pretty laid back for a "hard-boiled" detective. Finishes one of her snacks, then takes another sip of her drink

Ryuu: Well, I've been fully trained by my parents. They said I could relax a little at the Academy, so it's not like it matters.

Kiriko: I see... So what do you think about relationships?

Ryuu: Depends on what kind of relationships you're talking about.

Kiriko: I mean the ones like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ryuu: Hmm... Drinks his cappuccino If you two really love each other, stay committed, and take the relationship seriously, then it's acceptable. If you don't, then you really shouldn't be together.

Kiriko: Alright... and what about love in general?

Ryuu: Love is really something that can be described. It's just... there. You'll know whether or not you love someone.

Kiriko: Right... She's blushing slightly because she thinks Ryuu is talking about her

Ryuu: You alright? Your face is a little flushed.

Kiriko: Huh?! She quickly gulps down the rest of her drink before opening up another one of her snacks and eating it quickly *Ugh, I'm acting like a dunce...*

Ryuu: *Odd...* Calmly drinks his cappuccino I think I'm gonna head back to the school now.

Kiriko: It's still a little early for that, don't you think?

Ryuu: There's not much else to do, is there?

Kiriko: We could go shopping!

Ryuu: No thank you...

Kiriko: Um... there's an amusement park near by. Wanna visit it?

Ryuu: Not really...

Kiriko: Do you ever have fun?

Ryuu: No, not really. I find amusement in the internet, and watching videos.

Kiriko: Like...?

Ryuu: Video games, anime, stuff like that

Kiriko: What about... the bad stuff?

Ryuu: Huh? What bad stuff?

Kiriko: Do you know what I mean...?

Ryuu: Not in the slightest... Finishes his drink

Kiriko: Well that's good... *At least he doesn't watch that crap.*

Ryuu: Welp, I'm gonna head back now.

Kiriko: Nothing else seems to interest you, huh?

Ryuu: Mhm. You comin'?

Kiriko: Yeah, let's go. And so the two head back to the academy, the time being around noon when they get back You wanna get lunch together later?

Ryuu: Why not? By the way, I'd prefer to eat in my room.

Kiriko: Alright, I'll see ya later!

Quick-Edit (For PC) Edit

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