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Tyrell-Rosen Laboratories


Quantum Occult

History Edit

Shawn Hornbeck was only six years old when the catastrophe happened, with barely any memories of his past life. Much like many other sane Afflicted, he was raised in Tyrell-Rosen laboratories, in a specifically designed test chamber that forbid him from using his Chronokinetic abilities to escape. He was tested in several chambers, usually to "experiment" with his powers, Shawn learned to go forwards, backwards, or pause a certain area in time, he also unlocked other abilities that were deemed too dangerous to be used, but Shawn learned to utilize them nevertheless. He is currently in his final stage in training, and soon will be released to the surface, one of the first 10 Afflicted trained at Tyrell-Rosen.

Appearance Edit

Shawn has dark hair, olive skin, and grey eyes and is said to be over six feet tall by scientists at Tyrell-Rosen. He bear severe burning marks on his face and body, that was caused by the catastrophe seventeen years ago. Though scrawny and not noticeably fit, Shawn proves himself to be quite an experienced fighter. He normally lands roundhouse kicks to his opponents, he has also apparently broken some jaws in the past, something he brushes off as it being years ago. Shawn's default clothes include him always being seen wearing an orange-to-white gradient sleeves, dark blue jacket with a very dull baggy green shirt and white shirt underneath. His pants were a dark gray and noticeably much baggier on him.

Personality Edit

Shawn is usually a calm and caring person. He smiles often and is very kind to others, offering his help in any way he can. He can also stand up for himself and know when to hold his ground when he's being insulted or preyed upon. He isn't afraid about revealing his true feelings and can be straightforward at times, whether he knows the person or not. He's shown to be quite the leader, often suggesting methods to their plans and asking questions as a precaution on whether something will succeed or fail.

Powers Edit

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