New Anti-Venom also known as Anti-Venom Brave is one of the Main Protagnoists in Soul Eater vs Marvel

Anti-Venom(Soul Eater vs Marvel)


Hiro Brave


roughly around 17 or 16


Student of Death Academy


Death Academy,Avengers,Anti-Venom Mini(parasite and partner) Ruen Balot(Hiro's Love Intrest)


cure,immunity to poison,stretching limbs, strength

Sworn Enemies

Demon Venom(Counterpart,Sworn Rival), Horde of Hell


After Eddie Brock gave up his powers as Anti-Venom to stop a vile threat. The new antibody-symbiotic hybrid creature crawlled off to find a new host. Its or "His" basic form is a small round white ball with black web patterns and small set of yellow eyes, this form is known as "Anti-Venom Mini" which has the ability to talk and has taken bits of Eddie's personality which later evolves into his own. When he is found at Death Academy, Stein captures him in a test tube, and keeps him in his classroom. It is only after when Hiro sneaks in to reclaim his forgotten backpack Anti-Venom Mini calls to him asking him to let him out. Hiro remebering the bizzare monster movie "Brain Damage" he thinks that he is just getting set up. But when Anti-Venom senses that Venom has merged with the Little Demon who has captured Soul and Maka, The alien parasite insists to let him out and join with him. Hiro still nervous refuses but the small talking blob asks Hiro to just trust him. Hearing Maka and Soul's screams for help from the distance Hiro breaks the beaker and Anti-Venom begins to merge with Hiro. Lord Death hears a strange alien roar and looks out the window to see a strange white and black bulkish figure leaping from building to building. Anti-Venom with his new host has been reborn as Anti-Venom Brave.


Rune Balot-Hiro has seem be very sympathetic of Rune after hearing about her tragic past of abuse from thugs. He latter began to grow feelings for her as she did the same. Hiro and Rune grow closer and closer together and by the end they end up together. Anti-Venom mini loves to tease Hiro about his girlfriend some appropriate jokes and not-so-appropriate jokes.


Change state of matter: Anti-Venom Brave like his fellow symbyotes can turn from liquid to solid

Flexiblity: Anti-Venom Brave and change the size and leangth of his limbs

Cure: Anti-Venom craves for viruses and therefor can cure anyone who suffers from any illness this also protects himself from poison and harmful chemicals giving him his namesake

Web:Like Venom and Carnage and Spider-Man, Anti-Venom can spin a web and swing from it

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