Anime Lass: Orgins is an game set to be released by Cannonball Games.


Anime Lass: Origins  takes place two years after the events of the previous game. Annie, now 18 years old, goes to a different high school, due to her permit expiring for her old one, and she is separated from her old friends, by choice, as she doesn't believe she needs them anymore. Annie becomes obsessed with her past, blaming others for her misfortunes, escaping into an anime world. The game unfolds as flashbacks, while being tutored for while staying at home, Annie was able to conquer her doubts, and eventually able to go back to school to earn her final credits to graduate.  She continues to distance herself from and push people away at her new school, but she makes friends with someone else, whose persona is a post-apocalyptic biker. Though she believes herself to have moved on with her life, hallucinations of an anime-ized world continue to appear.

During an walk to the corner store, Annie is struck by a hallucination and believes herself to be in the anime world again. Though initially idyllic, the peaceful land quickly becomes corrupted by a bus that rampages through it, leaving behind a force that attempts to stop Annie. Annie meets with Pakkun, who affirms that it is some outside force, not Annie, that has caused this corruption, and urges her to seek out former friends and foes to discover the source of the bus. Throughout the rest of the game, the player witnesses periods where Annie briefly returns to reality between episodes occurring within the anime world.

Within the corrupted animeverse, Annie attempts to learn more from the various citizens, including Goku, Edward and Alphonse Elric, Sailor Moon, Kenshiro  and Naruto. She is ultimately told that Queen Beryl still lives despite her defeat at Annie's hands before, though in diminished capacity. At the Queen's lair, Alice discovers the Queen has taken on the appearance of her sister, Ophelia. The Queen reveals that an entity called the robo-maniac has taken over the bus and is corrupting the worlds.

In flashbacks, most of her assistants in school were portrayed as servants to the system. But she met them after escaping her underground prison and finding the world's chaotic state she found upon returning to be extremely jarring.

Returning to Granola Hills in a flashback based level, Annie starts to recall her memories of the school she went to, and realizes that her school bus driver, Mr. Castellan was doing things less than wholesome. She realizes he was also a big bully and manipulator. She comes to the conclusion that Mr. Castellan is attempting to erase the memories of the fire from her mind and, as he has done with other children, trying to leave her as a "blank robot" to gain a sort of unpleasant control over them, prefering his victims be malleable and to do everything he says. She finds out he especially enjoyed time touching her and having control over her during the time being. She also realizes she's been kept in control and in a subdued, passive state by pills. Furious, Annie confronts both Mr. Castellan in the real world at the back entrance of the school where the buses met and departed, and his anime-ized villain counterpart, a scary programmer, who turns people into robots, in her fantasy. Mr. Castellan refuses to admit he did anything wrong, insisting it's Annie who treats everyone else poorly, once she refuses his advances. Annie argues about this point, remembering he's reported her and Artistia for no reason, simply because he wanted to keep controlling them. He points out that by wiping out her imaginary world, he will make her forget the events of those days, while he will continue as a respected member of society, while she will be known in the school's history as a trouble maker. Annie defeats the Robot Programmer in the anime-esque world, giving her the strength and confidence in the real world to stand up to Mr. Castellan and chase him into the path of an oncoming bus, severely injuring him. As Annie waits in the office to be picked up by her other sister, refusing to wait for the next bus driver to substitute. While waiting she gives a monologue about the bus driver's injuries, saying that, it being a high school, rumors were bound to spark. One being that Mr. Castellan's legs were mangled up badly, another that some students say they saw her push him into the path of the bus. Then finally states that though the events she went through weren't real, the important thing was that she has uncovered a truth that was worth the pain and suffering to fight for, as well as learning a valuable lesson about leaving things up to herself and not letting others push her around. She also mentions she couldn't return to school unless she got a doctor's note declaring she has a clean bill of mental health. The scene fades as she states she never got that note. As soon as she's picked up, she finds herself in a hybrid vision of Granola Hills mixed with the anime world. As Annie walks with her sister to the car she wanders outside, which blends into the Hidden Leaf Village, as Pakkun congratulates Annie, and notes that their world, though damaged, is safe for the time being. The game ends with Annie and her older sister in her sister's car driving off into a country path ala Spirited Away.


There are three modes, Hero, Neutral and Dark.



Though some tracks were composed for this work, there are times where it will borrow tracks from anime, such as "Lillium" from Elfen Lied for the outro.

Downloadable ContentEdit

Alternate Costumes

There are other outfits that Annie can wear during the gameplay, some match the worlds she visits, others can be equipped through the menu. They usually can be won with points.

  • Village Ninja - Naruto

The power that comes from this outfit is quicker speed and stealth as well as many Jutsus.

  • Lucy - Elfen Lied 

The power that comes from this outfit is ???. Can be obtained in the DLC, perk availible immediatley.

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