Angelic Academy is a academic,training school in Dreamland for guardian angels in training from Heaven and Earth. The principal is God,the Creator of Heaven and Earth (and also Noonbory's father),and not only does he watch the mortals on Earth,but he also watches the students in every class,hallway or in the lunchroom. It's school rival is Devilish Academy.

Classes Edit

  • Love-ology
  • Friendship-ology
  • Courage-ology
  • Happiness-ology
  • Hope-ology
  • Healing-ology
  • Music-ology
  • Light-ology (Crystal Energizing Class)
  • Grace-ology
  • Physical Angel-cation
  • Fantasy-ology
  • Dove and Magical Animal Training and Care
  • Humor-ology
  • Guide-ology
  • Protect-ology
  • Prayer Answering Class
  • Truth-ology
  • Angelic Arts & Catholic Crafts
  • Sincere-ology
  • Peace-ology
  • Dream-ology
  • Pure-ology
  • Kind-ology
  • Calm-ology
  • Magic-ology
  • Compassion-ology
  • Teamwork-ology
  • Luck-ology
  • Miracle Making Class
  • History of the Seven Heavenly Virtues
  • Legends of the Four Seasons Class
  • Bible Stories History Class
  • Heaven-onomics
  • Words of Wisdom Class
  • Elemental Magic Class
  • Holy Chemistry
  • Anger Management Class

Professors Edit

Professor Loveheart-Teaches Love-ology

Professor Locket-Teaches Friendship-ology

Professor Bravesword- Teaches Courage-ology

Professor Smiley-Teaches Happiness-ology

Professor Goldhands-Teaches Hope-ology

Professor Potion-Teaches Healing-ology

Professor Treble Clef-Teaches Music-ology

Professor Opalescence-Teaches Light-ology (Crystal Energizing Class)

Professor Twinkle Toes-Teaches Grace-ology

Coach St.Michael-Teaches Physical Angel-cation

Professor Enchantment-Teaches Fantasy-ology

Professor Whitewood-Teaches Dove and Magical Animal Training and Care Class

Professor Snickers-Teaches Humor-ology

Professor Guidetheway-Teaches Guide-ology

Professor Stoneshield-Teaches Protect-ology

Professor Listener-Teaches Prayer Answering Class

Professor Wisemouth-Teaches Truth-ology

Professor Palette-Teaches Angelic Arts and Catholic Crafts

Professor Queenling-Teaches Sincere-ology

Professor Springflower-Teaches Peace-ology

Professor Nights-Teaches Dream-ology

Professor Freshwater-Teaches Pure-ology

Professor Bigheart-Teaches Kind-ology

Professor Ocean-Teaches Calm-ology

Professor Sparkles-Teaches Magic-ology

Professor Comfort-Teaches Compassion-ology

Professor Helping Hand-Teaches Teamwork-ology

Professor Shammrock-Teaches Luck-ology

Professor Rainbow-Teaches Miracle Making Class

Professor Purity-Teaches History of the Seven Heavenly Virtues

Professor Breeze-Teaches Legends of the Four Seasons Class

Professor Dovehaven-Teaches Heaven-onomics

Professor Bookworm-Teaches Words of Wisdom Class

Professor Wind Dancer- Teaches Elemental Magic Class

Professor Misty- Teaches Holy Chemistry

Principals Edit

Principal God,the Creator of Heaven and Earth

Vice Principal Jesus Christ

Secretary Love

Treasurer Generosity

Cafeteria's Food Edit

Breakfast: Frosty Frosted Flakes, Purity Pancakes, Wonderful Waffles, Egg Omelette of Knowledge, Dream Oatmeal, Godly Bacon and Godly Eggs, Merciful Breakfast Muffins

Lunch: Sincerity Steak, Religious Rice, Cloud 9 Cheesesteak Heroes, Peaceful Pretzels, Holy Hamburgers, Pizza of Purity, Happiness Ham, Merciful Macaroni and Catholic Cheese, Catholic Special, Holy Tuna Fish Sandwich, Holy Ham and Christian Cheese Sandwich

Dinner: Peaceful Pasta, Sacred Spagetthi, Saint Soup, White Roasted Chicken, Cloud 9 Nuggets, Hope Ham, Turkey of Trust, Sense Sauce, Pasta of Peace, Catholic Casserole, Roasted Kabobs of Kindness

Dessert: Heaven Honeybuns, Christian Carrotcake, Cloud 9 Cookies, Courage Cupcakes, Peace Pastries, Chocolate Christian Cake, Jesus Jello, Purity Parfaits, Love Cakes, Sincerity Ice Cream, Friendship Cookies, Holy Brownies, Catholic Cheesecake with Sacred Strawberry Sauce

Sides: Holy Bread, Christian Potatoe Chips, Pure Popcorn, Kindness Mini Cookies, Carrots of Sight, Miracle Marshmallows, Cinnamon Adventure Apple Slices, Strength Broccoli, God's Garlic Bread, Golden Apples, Golden Applesauce

Drinks: Holy Bottled Water, Catholic Apple Cider, Godly Grape Juice, Saint Soda, Christian Carrot Juice, Pure Water from Earth, Holy Non-Alcoholic Wine, Sparkle Juice, Heavenly Orange Juice, Jesus Juice, God's Energy Drinks, Merciful Milkshakes, Hot Chocolate of Warm Wishes

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