Angel Beats

Everyone from the original cast in everyday clothes

Angel Beats Double!! is Angel Beats! 's second season

which alternates during the episode, the original Angel Beats! characters trying to find the rest of the group.

While, in the Afterlife, a boy (boy from the "Another Epilogue") and a girl form a new SSS, while looking through the previous base, the Principal's office.


There's are two parts, which alternates during the episode.

Original CastEdit

Following the original epilogue, Yuzuru and Kanade meet each other, then they run into Yui and Hinata, then Yuri, but that's just the first episode. The members of SSS they find builds every episode, which ranges from 2-4 (not counting ep. 1, and ends after ep. 6). For the commercial break scene for each ep, it shows the members found so far saying "End!"

New CastEdit

The new cast, which includes Kaito Fujiwara (boy from the "Another Epilogue") and Yuki Yami (resembles Yuri and Kanade combined, dark red, long hair, and short). Kaito choses to go the Principal's office, after Yuki telling him no one dares go in there. But they end up finding stuff left behind from the SSS, including a letter from Yuri, to whoever finds it in that world. Right before the ending, shows the people introduced saying (like from the other one), "End!".


For the Original Cast, they're the same.

New Cast MembersEdit

Kaito FujiwaraEdit

Even though he's known for being quick-tempered, he's nice when he needs to, but a little flirty towards Yuki.

Not much is known about him, besides that he was murdered when alive, and knows a lot about music.

Kaito Fujiwara

Yuki YamiEdit

Yuki is a good person to have when fighting, but to hang out with...depends if you're that kind of person.

Like Yuzuru, she was in a train accident. After hearing GirlDeMo from CDs the SSS left behind, she thinks about having her own band, but knows that she would rather help with the Battlefront.

Opening(s) and Ending(s)Edit

My Soul, Your Beats / GirlDeMo ver. sung by LiSa

Brave Song / GirlDeMo ver. sung by LiSa

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