This is a fictitious filmography of the voice actress. For the real information, click here.

Anime RolesEdit

  • The Monstarz (Anime Series) - Nala, Chloe, Additional Voices
  • Beast Hero Grand Theft Duel - Tanzama, additional voices
  • Mermaid Melody (Dannix Dub) - Lucy Nantuckett
  • According To Veronica (Anime Series) - Taylor Wagstaff, additional voices
  • Sonic Zeta Force - Cosmo, Charmy Bee
  • Ri-O-Yu (Anime Series) - Mother Bea/ Beatricia', 'Amelia, 'Kylie,' Rinn, additional voices
  • Yugioh The Pharaoh's Return Series - Tea Gardner (Anzu Mizaki) , Queen Teanna (Queen Teana), Queen Elizabeth/Mystia, additional voices
  • Rohan Kuino Series - Dani Yungo
  • The Tale of Desperaux (anime style) - The Queen, Miggery Sow
  • Sanami Magical - Katie Lolumiya
  • Ushinawareta ningyo - Midori (Edit)

Misc./ Non - Anime RolesEdit

  • Chip, Klick, and the Crashers - Chip Klackington, Riley Bass, additional Voices
  • Samurai High - May Lu, Rose Blush, Kenningston, Additional Voices
  • The Fearless Archer - Tibblet (Lord Paramount's Son), Rose Buddington
  • Return 2 The Fifth Dimension- (Live Action) - Detective Dawson


Solo Albums:

  • Kingdom Come
  • Feels Like Forever
  • Horizon...Meaningless
  • Untitled 4th album (Coming Soon)


  • Paris Dance


  • Additional songs on various "Popstarz" and Dannix mania Albums
  • Additional singing vocals as Nala in The Monstarz (Anime Series)
  • Singing vocals as Chip in "Chip, Klick and the Crashers"
  • Additional singing vocals as Tea/ Queen Teanna in Yugioh the Pharaoh's Return

More to Come

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