Amazing Journey, or Mysterious Journey as it is called in Europe and Mystic Journey as it is called in North America, is a video game for the PS3, XBOX 360 and the PC. The main characters are a girl named Dana, whose name was originally Madison in pre-production, and a boy named Duncan, who, from the artwork, is shown to look similar to Jake Long, from American Dragon: Jake Long.

The ESRB has recently issued a T rating for the game as of February 1.

Plot Edit

TBA Edit

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: Closer to the Flame Edit

Dana, tired of the monotony of living in her mansion with her family, runs away. Donning peasant clothing, Dana walks around town, finding the peasant folk rather strange. She overhears of a plot by the town's Mayor, who then catches her when she falls from a platform, and orders his corrupt assistants to seize her. Dana runs away from them into a forest, that starts blending into a wintry scene, which she finds the snowy mountains.

Chapter 2: Winter of Discontent Edit

This level takes place in a snowy wasteland, where she meets a rather abrasive snow leopard. After Dana is rescued at the end of the level, she is most ungrateful to her rescuers. Dana meets Duncan before starting the next chapter.

Chapter 3: The Great Defrost Edit

Heading back to town by cart, that's wheel breaks when hitting a pothole in the cobble, the driver takes it to a mechanic and Dana offers to help pay. The mechanic, a young, strapping man, thinks the cart is Dana's, but she tells him it's not. The mechanic, introduces himself as Duncan, is captivated by Dana, thinking he's seen her somewhere. Dana tells him she's been pursued by criminals during her travels, and Duncan offers to come with her, which she initially refuses. After meeting Mademoiselle Fraise, another person who's wagon breaks down, berates Dana for getting in trouble with the criminals, as well and Dana develops a dislike for her, while Duncan tries to calm Dana down. While Fraise and Duncan converse, with a sour Dana listening in, thinking the two have become friends and are talking about her, Duncan finally fixes the cart. With Duncan telling Mademoiselle Fraise she'll need to wait a while for her repair. When Dana finally pays and leaves, Duncan follows her and asks her "Why the Rush?" Dana tells him that he and his "friend" don't need her to stick around. Duncan explains they weren't talking badly about her. And Dana says it's common snooty behavior from upper aristocrats like her. When Dana goes back inside and once again speaks with Fraise, who mocks her again. Dana tells her about her stuck up behavior, Fraise says it's what she loves about her town, contrasting it with the traveling circus clowns who aren't funny to her, just stupid. Dana is finally willing to let the ordeal go and admits she overreacted. Mademoiselle Fraise accepts this offer and gives Dana her black pearl necklace.

Chapter 4: Ghost WorldEdit

Dana is captured for being accused of stealing jewelry from Mademoiselle Fraise, despite having them given to her. Duncan tries to come to her defense, only to receive a heavier sentence than her. Dana is imprisoned, and sure that Duncan is as good as dead. She wants to go with him if he ends up that way. She manages to escape, only to be crushed by a chandelier in the hall. Her spirit ends up in a realm populated by ghost children, who tell her what she had in her living state is no longer of value. One of the ghost children is Emily, who died under circumstances that involved jealousy and neglect, making her form able to turn monstrous when angered. Emily is only able to eat paper and leaves as a result.

Chapter 5: Land of the Dragons Edit

Dana meets Nadine the Dragon Princess in a patch of wild land i , who's land is in danger. It is at this point, Dana feels confident that she can do more than she initially felt she could, and could even be a hero.

They discover the dragons' land is in danger, and take it up with the residents who's workers were tearing through it, and they meet a snotty teenage Indian princess, who mocks Dana for her determination to be a hero, saying she hasn't the heart.

The dragons, not knowing human standards, don't see why Dana can't be a hero.

Chapter 6: The Path Back Edit

Dana and Duncan return home on a boat of Vikings, who they convince to let them stay until they reach their destination. Dana's family reunites with her, their worries now calmed. Dana seems to have remembered the dragons' words, but Duncan says she shouldn't listen to them, that she can't be what she wants without judgement. Noting that a villager had said something about her previously. Dana takes offense, and says that Duncan is just trying to bring her down. This disagreement leads to their separation, and Dana plans to set out to sea on a raft she made.


  • Dana D'arcy - A young woman who comes from a wealthy family with a widowed mother and three siblings. She ran away to finally see the outside world she's never gotten to before.
  • Duncan Forgeron - A mechanic that joins Dana on her quest.



  • Theme/Intro
    • (Intro/Title screen) Above The Clouds
    • Numb (Dana D'Arcy)
  • Town
    • Opening Song - Closer to the Flame (Dana D'Arcy)
  • Winter of Discontent
  • Defrosting
    • ???
  • Ghost World
    • Don't Fear the Reaper (Dana D'Arcy)
    • The Beautiful People (Ghost Children)
    • Breath of Darkness
  • Land of the Dragons
    • Princess Madhu
    • All Apologies (Dana and Duncan)
  • The Path Back

Alternate outfitsEdit

Alternate outfits that can be unlocked in the game include:

  • Dana
    • Lady's Dress
    • Peasant
    • Winter
    • Black Pearl - Outfit Abilities: Sonic Wave Note; Enables Dana to sing a note that can destroy weak walls and subdue enemies.
    • Bunny Dress (Unlockable through preorder and on the XBox Live store) - Outfit Abilities: Speed and agility.
    • Here, Kitty, Kitty (Unlockable through preorder and on the XBox Live store)
    • Lethal Yandere (Unlockable through preorder and on the XBox Live store)
    • Knight's Armor - Outfit Abilities: Fire resistant
  • Duncan
    • Mechanic
    • Sun Flare - (Unlockable through preorder and on the XBox Live store) Outfit Abilities: Enables Duncan to shoot out a flare beam through his glove.
    • Dragon Costume - Outfit Abilities: Fire and lava resistant.


  • Dana
    • Machine gun violin
    • Sword
    • Hedgeclippers/Giant Scissors - (Unlockable through preorder and on the XBox Live store)
  • Duncan
    • Wrench
    • Energy beam generator


A manga has been in print since a week before the game's release. As of recently, the manga had taken a hiatus at chapter 5, then started up again.

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