Alce's Wonderverse is anime series.

Story Edit

Set in fictitious world, Neverendia where people separated in Society, a country-like group which led by Chief. Almost all of Society member has unique ability called Verse, it separated. One of famous Society Geese Rhyme. Alce, one of member of the society be dreamed to be manly man.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Alce Wonders

Main Protagonist in this series, he's a prominent member of Geese Rhyme. He's feminine looking boy who has a dream to being treated as a manly man. But his fellow always view him as cute girl that makes him annoyed, yet above all he's caring person, never let his friends. His Verse is Arsenal-type Vorpal Bolt

Prinz Chalis Hart

A princess of Suite Kingdom, later joins Geese Rhyme society. He has a crush towards Alce. Her Verse is Arsenal-type Ace Spear.


Also known as Red Riding Hood is Alce's childhood friend. Humpty, the chief of Geese Rhyme save her from Gmork of Big Bad Wolf Society.

Cheshire O' cat

Mysterious nekomimi girl who can transform to wide grinned cat, she likes something or someone makes her interested (In this case Alce). This motive makes her follow Alce wherever he goes.

Geese Rhyme Society Edit

One of famous Society, it has Ancient Tool, called Orpheus Harp.

Humpty Dumpty

Formerly known as Richard Wolsley is a chief of Geese Rhyme society, he has fatherly nature. In past he lost his lover Mary and his daughter Jill. His Verse is Esper-type, Gaius Wall.


Humpty's son, he's arrogant, consider himself more stronger than his father. It may because he possess Esper-Type Verse Stalk of Life.



Cauldron Society Edit


Morgan LeFay

Baba Yaga


Big Bad Wolf Society Edit






Crooked House Society Edit

Crooked Man



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