Ai Tsukino

Appears in:

Survive Phantasy: Another

Created by:

Akira Jotaro

Voiced by:

Chinatsu Akasaki (Japanese)




Kosaki Tsukino (Mother)

Shin Tsukino (Father)



Ai Tsukino (月野 あい Tsukino Ai) also known as Luna (ルナ) is the main protagonist of the animated movie, Survive Phantasy: Another by Akira Jotaro. Ai is a 16 year-old high school student who is a fan and player of the popular Virtual Reality MMORPG, Survive Phantasy, but was murdered by an escaped criminal only to later be revealed to be mentally alive inside the game.


Ai as a normal person is a teenaged girl usually seen dressed in her school uniform, a navy-collared serafuku with a red tie. She has pale skin, long straight black hair, brown eyes, a little mole under her right eye, and a-cup breasts. She is fairly short at the average height of 5'2 (158cm) and has a slim feminine figure.

Ai as Luna in Survive Phantasy has a similar figure and face as her real life self. Luna has a pink tomboyish medium-cut hairstyle, slightly darker skin, a blue triangular tattoo underneath her right eye, and a blue dashed line tattoos around her thighs and biceps. She dresses in a red plate that covers her chest, silver guantlets, a red tasset with black shorts underneath, and silver greaves. She also carries with her a great sword on her back. Luna laters changes her armor and weapon some time in the movie to similar, but more detailed armor.

Concept and CreationEdit

Ai was intended to be an overall normal looking person with not very much uniqueness in her design. This was to show that she was a normal human being, not an anime character despite being one. Ai was originally a male by the name of Hiro as a reference to the original anime series' main character, but was later changed to be a female because Akira Jotaro thought it would look better and add more story with a female protagonist. Ai was given the same personality as the original concept protagonist, being an excitable and adventure-loving person who is very optimistic. In the story, she was not originally meant to die, but due to lack of ideas of how she can be trapped inside the game, an escaped criminal was added to kill her while she was still inside Survive Phantasy.

Luna's design was meant to be generic such as most low to mid-leveled characters in MMORPGs, but later becomes more dynamic and unique as she levels up. As the original anime intended, the characters in the game, Survive Phantasy, have their faces scanned and copied into the game, thus, Luna's face looks the same as Ai's with exception of skin color and small details such as Luna's tattoo. Luna's main color scheme is red, but she was originally supposed to be a dark pink color, as this conflicted with her character, so her color was changed to blue and rechanged to red to match her hair color. Luna's final design, her weapon, was originally intended to be a spear, but it was unfitting of her design so she was given a great sword.


Luna is a Knight class player who specializes in strength as she uses a great sword as her main weapon of choice. Her class gives her powerful defensive abilities and makes her a tank player, but while using a great sword, some of her defensive skills are turned into attack skills, thus, her role as a tank is harder to play. After obtaining her second armor set in the movie, she was given a unique ability which she uses as a finisher. Her signature moves include:

Defense Blade - A defensive move that uses the great sword as a shield. Though it is helpful, it does not replace a shield and it makes the sword lose durability quickly.
Sword Sketch - A projectile attack that is done by slashing and making a mark in the air that is shot like a blade of wind.
Sword Art - The more powerful version of Sword Sketch. It drains 4x more energy than the weaker version, but it can also cause poison damage.
Hero Edge - Luna's unique ability. An attack that causes her sword to shine in a bright blue light that then transforms the blade into a beam that can either be shot as a powerful projectile or used as the new blade.


  • Ai's original design was supposed to be based on the original protagonist, but it was scrapped.
  • Luna's appearance was slightly based off of Mimiru from .hack//Sign.
  • Luna's attack, Sword Sketch, was based off of Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach, while Hero Edge was based off of Saber's Excalibur from the Fate/ series.

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