Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (anime style)
Adventure Time 8

Finn Exval and Jake Damion

Format Anime series
Created by Pendleton Ward, Manta-bee, Meanfang
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Right Stuf Network

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (anime style) is an anime rendition of the show on Cartoon Network.


15-year-old Finn, who was found in the woods as a baby by a dog family, and his best friend and adopted brother Jake, are adventurers living in the Land of Ooo, a setting full of surreal characters, with fantasy and post-apocalyptic elements. The duo's typical adventures involve saving princesses, fighting evil monsters, exploring dungeons, and helping people in need.'


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Finn Omi Minami Sean Schemmel
Jake Koji Yusa Christopher R. Sabat
Princess Bubblegum Aya Hirano Tiffany Vollmer
Lady Rainicorn Yoko Hikasa Monica Rial
Ice King Kappei Yamaguchi Vic Mignogna
Marceline the Vampire Queen Saeko Chiba Luci Christian, Katie Griffin (singing)
Lumpy Space Princess Junichi Kanemaru Sonny Strait
Penny Yui Horie Hilary Haag
Flame Princess Kana Hanazawa Tiffany Grant
Fionna Maaya Sakamoto Cynthia Cranz
Cake the Cat Kaori Asoh Meredith McCoy
Lumpy Space Prince Junko Takeuchi Colleen Clinkenbeard
Ice Queen Aya Hisakawa Linda Young
Marshal Lee the Vampire King Miyu Irino Chuck Huber, Jerry Jewell (singing)
Prince Gumball Tetsuya Kakihara Scott Menville
Lord Monocromicorn Toshiyuki Morikawa N/A
Flame Prince Yusuke Tezuka Greg Ayres
Adventure Time D by NitemareKnight



Episodes exclusive to the animeEdit

  • Crossover Time - Crossover with Regular Show
  • The Chubby-Cheeked Nuisance - A squirrel crashes at Finn and Jake's place, but not soon after overstays its welcome and takes advantage of the duo.