the 3rd and Final Season of the Adventure in Japan Arc and the 17th Season of Cillian Darcy, this Season Broke in 2 Parts. Barian's Revenge and Quest for the Numeron Dragon, it's the Final Sequel of First Season and Second Season

First Half's Main CharactersEdit

Cillian Darcy: He is the Main Protagonist of the First Half while Being Nash after Woke Up From a Coma after Lorcan's Betrayal. He Ends Up Being Nasch to Betray Lorcan and the Others, After Kotegawa's Reveal Her True Self as the Enemy, He Became the Second Half's Main Protagonist He Transported to the Numeron Dimension to Find the Princess of the Numeron Dimension. After Kotegawa's Defeated, Cillian and Lorcan Returned Home, and Lorcan Lilly Nightmare Darkness and Chaos are Staying for School and Taking Care Of Kino while Cillian's Off on another Adventure.

Deathic Darcy: She is the Youngest Daughter of Boz and Misty And Cillian Lorcan and Lilly's Youngest Sister who Joins Cillian On His Adventure Back to the Cartoon Realm to Discover Number 100.

Boz Darcy: He is the Mayor of Carlow and the Triplets Birth Father and Misty's Husband Who Agrees That Cillian can Travel on his Next Adventure. He Joined Forces with Muska to Defeat the Mastermind to Order to Save His Wife.

Kalin Darcy: Cillian's Cousin and Muska's Twin Brother who's An Commander in the Army.

Colonel Muska Darcy: Cillian's Other Cousin and Kalin's Older Twin Brother who's a Sargent in his Army.

Jessie Darcy: Cillian's Cousin a Scientist who Joins Muska.

Eadaoin Darcy: Jessie's Older Twin Sister who's Joining Muska.

The Regen Twins: Katie and Jodie are Identical Twin Sisters who're Joining Muska to Find an Mastermind.

Barry Regen: a College Student who're The Twins Older Brother.

Kino Darcy: She is Cillian Lorcan and Lilly's True Self and Also Born on 25/9/1996 and Boz Reveals that She's Cillian's Younger Twin Sister and Became their Ally and Start her New School with Lorcan and the Others while Cillian's Off on his Quest.

Second Halfs Main CharactersEdit

Lorcan Darcy: He Is a Pro Duelist and One of the Protagonist Along with Lilly. He's Cillian and Lilly's Brother and the Main Protagonist of the First Half after Cillian's Left the Cartoon Relam. So then In the Second Half, He Betrayed Cillian Nightmare Darkness and Chaos (and Lilly Joins Him) for the Disciplinary Committee but Now He and Lilly Betray The Committee to Re-Join Cillian and the Others to Fight to Save the World.

Lilly Darcy: She is Cillian and Lorcan's Younger Triplet Sister And Yui Kotegawa's Best Friend, She Along with Lorcan Joins the Disciplinary Committee to Help Her to Get to the Real World.

Yui Kotegawa: She is Lorcan and Lilly's Friend and now She uses Lorcan and Lilly to Join the Disciplinary Committee and Then Became Season 17's Main Antagonist By Planning to Use Their Base-Ship to Hunt Down Number 100.

Nightmare and Darkness: Cillian's Cousins and Best Friends and Chaos's Brothers who Also join their Battle. Nightmare is Chaos and Darkness's Older Triplet Brother who is Cool and Funny. and Darkness is a Pro Duelist and the Middle Child of his Triplets. They Teamed Up With Cillian To Stop The Disciplinary Committee.

Chaos Darcy: he's Cillian Lorcan and Lilly's Triplet Cousin and Nightmare and Darkness's Younger Triplet Brother Who Join on Their Mission to Get Home to the Real world.

Ed: Ed is the strong, dimwitted workhorse of the group who has very short hair and poor personal hygiene. He wears a red-and-white striped shirt, a green jacket with two white stripes on each sleeve and purple-blue jeans. His skin is yellow, unlike the other characters, and he is known to laugh a lot and is happy most of the time. He's Teaming with Cillian in the Second Half to Hunt Down Number 100.

Edd: Edd  is the brightest of the Eds and the most mature, good-natured, and friendliest of the three. As a result, the kids are friendlier toward him than Ed and Eddy. Double D has a high IQ and is top of the class in most subjects at school. He is the weakest of the Eds and despises P.E. and other sporting activities. As the most creative of the trio, he is able to construct things like planes, rocket cars, and roller coasters with junk he comes across. He's Teaming with Cillian In the Second Half to Hunt Down Number 100.

Eddy: Eddy is the self-appointed leader of the Eds. He is lazy, laid-back, sarcastic, greedy, selfish, easily frustrated, and sometimes mean. For example, in "Don't Rain on My Ed", Eddy chose jawbreakers rather than helping Double D in a chicken parade. He loves money, jawbreakers (which he likes to spend his ill-earned money on), dirty magazines (as hinted in "Luck of the Ed"), his room, and Chunky Puffs. Eddy ordinarily comes up with the plans for scamming people, but they usually fail (usually because of Ed), much to his dismay. He's Teaming with Cillian In the Second Half to Hunt Down Number 100.

NEO: NEO Is Rei's Older Brother and the Previous Season's Antagonist. He Joins The Heroes to Find Numeron Dragon.

Rei Saiba: Rei is NEO's Younger Sister who Accept to Join The Heroes.