this is the First Episode's of Season 16 and a Cliffhanger of the Adventure in Japan Transcript

Act IEdit

After the Fifteen Season Cliffhanger, Cillian had Died Thanks to Lorcan and Lilly. First Episode Begins at the Labotory, Lorcan and Lilly and the Society of Light.

Lorcan: Hello Cillian, Long Time No See, We inject you with a neuro-acid which will put you in a permanent... coma. A simple and elegant way to put an end to our... agreement, We Won't Let You Go... I'm Gonna Kill You... I Guess this is the End of Our Relationship.... Goodbye Cillian... Forever *Evil Laugh* 

10 hours later Cillian Woke Up in Pain and Saw a Man who's Arrived to His Room.

Man: Hello... You're Look into my Eyes after you're Sick, I'm Friendly Person, Trust Me, Im Going to Face the Light With my Power.

Cillian: What... What are you Talking About?

Man: The Red Kings Swordsmen. I Need Your Help to Defeat. I'll Get Your Cousins to Help You and We'll Duel their Rivals and you Must Run.

Cillian: Okay...

a Man unstripped with him to Escaped.

Man: Meet me at the River!

Cillian: Okay!

Guard #1: Hey!!

Man: Run Kid!

Cillian Runs away towards the Exit of the Lab.

Nightmare: Cillian!! You Must go Back to Your Room! you Can't Escape! the Swordsmen are Battling Me.

Cillian Runs to the Exit and Flee towards the Bridge and Saw a Man with a Tax who Use Number 32: Shark Drake, and the Same Man who Release Him.

Man: Run!!

Cillian ran to the Bridge with the 2 Men.

Man #2: It's Okay. We're Finally Win Against those Assassins.

Cillian: Thanks for Saving my Life...

Man: No Problem, So Happy Birthday.

Cillian: My Birthday Eve?

Man: Yes It's Tomorrow.

Cillian: Man, My Birthday is in 2 Days.

Man: So I'm Nanao Hasebe and This is Kotori Takanashi.

Kotori: Hey there.

Cillian: Hi Guys... I'm Cillian Darcy.

Nanao: Happy Birthday Cillian, It's Nice to Meet You. For Now On, You're Living at My Home Building, My Mom is an Owner of the Building, She's Nice and Friendly. I Have a Nice Sister, Maybe you can Date Her.

Cillian: I Can?

Nanao: Oh Yeah!  For Now On, You're Now her Boyfriend.

Cillian: I Hope She's Terrible.

Kotori: You'll See.

While at the White Apartment. a Women Named Mrs. Hasebe saw Nanao and Kotori arrived home with Cillian

Mrs. Hasebe: Nanao! Kotori! Thank God You're Alright!

Nanao: Mission Completed for the day, 5 Swordsmens Assassins and 5 Society of Light Members Defeated.

Mrs. Hasebe: Good Work. You Bought a Son of my Former Friend. Happy Birthday.

Cillian: He's a Lifesaver.

Mrs. Hasebe: Well You're Now Living this Place. I Got you an Apartment and you can Heal Up.

Cillian: Thanks.

Nanao: Mom, I Guess we Can Get our Doctor to Heal Him Up.

Mrs. Hasebe: Sure. Go Get Her.

Cillian: Nanao Wants me to Date Your Daughter.

Mrs. Hasebe: Oh my Only Favorite Daughter. There were 8 of Kids, 3 of them Died and Along with my Husband. I Didn't Catch Your Name.

Cillian: I'm Cillian... Cillian Darcy.

Mrs. Hasebe: Nice to Meet You Cillian, I'm Emily Hasebe. I Heard your Birthday's in 2 Days.

Doctor: Okay Let's See Your Body. *Bandaging his Body*

30 Minutes Later, Cillian Body is Patched

Doctor: The Boy's Will be Heal in the Morning and then He Can Sleep.

Emily: Thanks.

Nanao Walked Outside to Talk to Her.

Nanao: Hey Mom, Tomorrow, We can Go to the Remote Control Girls Prison to Release the Prisoners.

Emily: Because of His Cousins Disappearances, Good Idea.

While in his New Apartment, Emily shows Him his Apartment.

Cillian: Thanks

Emily: I Want you to Battle in our First Match.

Cillian: Sure. Goodnight.

Cillian start Falling Asleep and Dreams that Lorcan and Lilly's Betrayal.

Act IIEdit

In the Morning He Woke up and saw a Pretty Girl sleeping Near Him..

Girl: Morning Birthday Boy, Get Up.

Cillian: *Yawn* Woah! a  Pretty Girl.

Girl: Wow! Nanao's Right, I Hope This Boy can Sleep with me.

Cillian: Tomorrow's My Birthday. Name's Cillian. Cillian Darcy.

Girl: Hi Cillian, I'm Yae.

Emily: Yae Sweetheart, Time for School

Yae: My Mom is an Owner of this Building, I'm Happy that You're my Love Life.

Cillian: Wow, You're the Eighth Child?

Yae: Yep, I'm Enjoying Nature.

Cillian: Wow.

Yae: On the Street is, You're Going to your First Battle.

Cillian: Yep at the Remote Control Prison.

Yae: Well I Believe this is Our Chance to Win this Thing.

Cillian: That's Right Yae.

Yae: Well You're One of us?

Cillian: Of Course.

Yae: Good, Welcome to Your New Place. Hey Ty, Lo, George. This is a New Kid. I'm Going Mom! See Ya Cillian.

Yae kissed Cillian and Left for School

Ty: Hi, You Must Be Cillian.

Cillian: Yep. I Heard You're Dad Owns a Resort back in America.

Ty: You Know?

Cillian: I'm an Adventurer, I Love Traveling.

Ty: Cool.

Nanao: We Better Get Going to the Girls Prison.                                                                                       

Cillian: Nanao, Your Mom wants me to Join You.

Nanao: Sure, Okay.

Man: Hold On, You're Not Serious that Bringing him with Us Right?

Nanao: Get use to It, Andrew.

Andrew: Fine!

And then The Heroes are off on their Journey to the Remote Control Girls Prison.

Nanao: Okay... Here's the Plan Duel the Guards, Find the Self Destruct Button, Release the Girls Prisoners and Get outta Here.

Cillian: Okay, Man! My First Battle of this First Round.

Kotori: Dont Worry, I Hope You Enjoyed it.

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