The A-Team's base was bulit by thanks to Kai's contacts with Capsule Corp. It not just a base of operation, but their home.


The structure is built into a cliff beside the ocean in Tech CIty so not much is shown execpt an large window which shows the city and ocean 


Main Ops Room

The place where the team spends most of their time. It serves both as a living, dining room and kitchen and includes a TV, couches, tables, and frige.


Not very decorated, there are a few couches, and computer terminals.

Tenja's room

Has a Queen sized bed with red sheets, bookshelf,filing cabinets, private bathroom closet and desk with computer. It also has Japenese weapons on display and has a passageway that lead to Tenja private rooms, has a real zen feel to it

Tenja's private rooms

At least 2 are seen.First one is a trophy room which shows all the relics that Tenja aquired before joining the team and a room that is full of family pictures, japenenes books and albums and two scrolls which contain portraits of his grandparents.

Kai's room

Has a double bed with black sheets, movie posters,a labtop, desk, and a closet with gi's and sport gear has a real jock feel to it

Dash's room

Has a single bed, tv, posters, and lots of junk and trash, VERY messy room

X's room

Lots of tech and computer, bed is a computer table

Sakura's room

Purple sheeted king-sized bed, full of ninja weapons and art

Sailor Moon's room

Pink sheet circular bed, and very clean and girly atomosphere, with mystic artifacts.

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