7+1 Souls
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 13
Run time 22-24 minutes

7+1 Souls is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime King of the Red Moon, Arcana Knights, and Level Up!.

The story takes place in modern Tokyo, Japan in a fictional city named Man'nakatsu. The story is about a high school student who one day meets with a little girl and later finds out that he is the only person who could turn her back to normal.


Noah Tsunamoto is a thick-glasses high school student who just transferred to Chuboshi High School in Man'nakatsu, Tokyo from California. On his first day of his new school, he finds out that there is another transfer student that also begins her first day on the same day, and her name is Yoko Ryoutaro. When school began, Noah and Yoko were both surprised to find out that they were in the same classroom and they became friends right away, but when lunch time came and they went to the roof to eat, a monster came out of nowhere and tried to attack Noah. As the monster attacked, Yoko suddenly changed her hair and personality and killed the monster with a slash from a red sword that suddenly just appeared. Later on, Noah's home becomes filled with five girls who all began to live with him while his mother and father completely ignore their stories and just allowed them to live in the same home. Noah eventually learns of Yoko's seven personalities and is given a task to revert her back to normal while having the trouble of just trying to keep the other four girls, Jackie Einschwartz, Makoto Hisashi, Aya Aikawa, and Sakuya Yagyu, from ruining his school life while trying to survive attacks from monsters that keep hunting him.

Soul ColorsEdit

Soul Colors are the categories of human souls split into eight different colors, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, White, and Silver. The color of a human's soul determines their hidden powers, and on rare occasions, their personality. According to Makoto, most humans have either a Black or Green soul, meaning that either they have hidden potential or they have a talent for something. The color that appears the least is White, a soul that gives the human incredible power that could possibly destroy a small country if the human loses control. Silver Souls are the second least Soul Colors but, they are also the most mysterious, their abilities are unknown and they are hunted by monsters known as the Kurogui to be eaten; their reasons to being eaten are also unknown.


Tsunamoto ResidenceEdit

Noah TsunamotoEdit

The main hero. A thick-glasses 15 year-old boy that was raised in the United States but moved to Japan due because of his father's work. Because he was born and raised in the United States, he sometimes has trouble with the Japanese langauge, especially in kanji. After moving to Japan, he was able to see the Kurogui because he was born with a Silver Soul and the Kurogui were only in Japan. He has a crush on Yoko but keeps it a secret. Whenever he is not wearing his glasses, he can barely see anything but sees enough to know where things are, and he is also barely recognizable by anyone, even his parents. He dislikes contacts because it itches his eyes, but he has some in case he loses his glasses. He is voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.

Kyosuke TsunamotoEdit

Noah's father. His occupation is unknown but it often has him coming home late and going to work early, making his appearance in the series rare. He is a over-worried father who tries to act cool and tough in front of his son but is actually a coward who wanted harem when he was younger and often tells his son "Good Job" in English whenever he sees him with a girl. He can barely recognize his son without his glasses and would usually jump back in surprise whenever he sees him saying "My son isn't that handsome!". His soul is Pink. He is voiced by Show Hiyami.

Hanabi TsunamotoEdit

Noah's mother. She is a Yamato Nadeshiko who doesn't seem to notice the big things that happen around her or her son. She, like her husband, supports Noah in getting a lot of girlfriends but thinks that Yoko is the best fit for him. She would often get jealous when her husband is out with another woman or talks about other woman except when he talks to Noah about the girls living in their home. She would always smile but is extremely scary when she is angry. She has the same reaction as her husband when seeing Noah without his glasses. Her soul is Yellow. She is voiced by Rei Igarashi.

Yoko RyoutaroEdit

The main heroine. A short and petite 15 year-old girl who is sometimes mistaken to be an elementary student. She has seven out of the eight Soul Colors, which splits her personality into seven different personas; her normal soul is Black. In her normal soul, she is a shy and clumsy girl who is sometimes childish and often referred to as the "real-life moe" by people who know her. In her Red Soul, she is very boyish and has her hair slicked back with a red strand of hair sticking out, also acting like a typical male delinquent; she is able to summon a sword with this soul. In her Blue Soul, she is a taciturn with sideswiped hair and a blue strand of hair; she is able to summon a gun with this soul. In her Yellow Soul, she becomes incredibly strong and speaks like an old samurai and has a samurai ponytail with a yellow strand of hair; she is able to summon a hammer with this soul. In her Pink Soul, she becomes very seductive with Noah and has her hair in waves with a pink strand; she is able to summon a staff with this soul. In her Green Soul, she becomes an outgoing Yamato Nadeshiko who speaks with a Kansai dialect; she is able to summon a club with this soul. In her White Soul, she becomes berserk and has glowing pure white hair with red eyes; this soul gives her unbelievable strength and only appears when she is in deep despair. She has a crush on Noah but doesn't know she does. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.

Jackie EinschwarzEdit

A 16 year-old half-German and half-British girl who has the body of an adult with a tan and likes to dress in light clothes. She is often thought to be a ganguro girl due to her tanned skin and blonde hair but it is only because she likes beaches and has naturally blonde hair. She is the leader of a small anti-Kurogui group named "Eater Killers" and has ordered her group to protect Noah from being eaten by the Kurogui. Her soul is Blue and she is very skilled in many long-ranged weaponry. She likes Noah because she fell in love with him when she saw him without glasses. She is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi.

Makoto HisashiEdit

A 14 year-old shrine maiden who loves tea and antique things, especially armor of famous warlords. She is knowledgable in many traditional Japanese things but has little knowledge on most modern or western things, due to this, she doesn't know how to put on modern clothing without help. She is an antique otaku and has trouble restraining herself from getting excited over old Japanese things. She also has knowledge on the Kurogui and their types of forms. She began to like Noah after he helped her after she broke her ankle. She speaks in an old traditional dialect. She has a Yellow Soul and uses traditional Japanese weapons when fighting, such as a katana, naginata, or a kusarigama. She is voiced byEmiri Kato.

Aya AikawaEdit

A 15 year-old girl who acts very normal compared to the Jackie, Makoto, and Sakuya. She is an outgoing and talkative girl who also happens to go to the same school as Noah and Yoko. She is a member of the Softball Club and is also the ace. She liked Noah after they had an accidental date once. Her soul is Green and she uses a metal bat as her weapon. She is voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara.

Sakuya YagyuEdit

A tomboyish 15 year-old girl who is famous around the schools of Man'nakatsu as the elite athlete of Tokyo. She is a hot-headed and rowdy girl who is very shameless except when it comes to fears, where she is afraid of bugs, ghosts, and snakes. She began to like Noah after he said he'll protect her when they got lost in an abandoned house. Her soul is Red and she uses a katana as her weapon, but she sometimes uses a shinai instead. She is voiced by Junko Noda.