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4Kids TV HD logo.

4Kids TV HD (also known as 4Kids Entertainment HD) is a fictional Dubbing Company which is a revival of 4Kids Entertainment company. The channel consists of the newly dubbed Animes, in High Definition.

List of New Anime Series/TV Shows dubbed by 4Kids TV HDEdit

Bold text is the Dubbed series being redubbed in Japanese.

  • Date A Live
    • Date A Live: THE MOVIE (Compilation Films)
  • Madoka Magica (Magical Molly!)
  • Ultraman Ginga

List of Cartoon/Anime series aired in 4Kids TV HDEdit

Italic texts are Reruns.

(*) - 4:3 Picture format.

  • G.I. Joe Sigma*
  • Transformers Animated
  • D.I.C.E.*
  • Pocket Monsters series
  • Kirby Right at Ya*
  • One Piece*
  • Ultimate Muscle*
  • Fighting Foodons*
  • Mew Mew Power*

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